Is Badminton Better Than Tennis? The Major Differences Between Them

Tennis and Badminton share several similarities, including how both games are played.

Both sports are played on a court divided by a net, and the players move around the court using rackets to move around.

However, the two sports differ in several important ways, and understanding the differences can help you determine which of the two sports is best suited to you.

Although both games require rackets, tennis uses a fuzzy yellow-green ball as its primary object, while Badminton utilizes a shuttlecock as the primary object.

As part of this post, we will compare Badminton and tennis to see if tennis is more challenging to play and point out the similarities and differences between these two games.

Scoring System in Tennis

Tennis has a unique scoring system. To win a game, you must score at least four points.

Scoring System in Tennis

On a scale from zero to three, the number of points is ‘love,’ ’15’, ’30’, and ’40’.

Each player in a game wins three points, so the score is 40-40, but this is what is called a ‘deuce.’ Either player needs to win two consecutive points to win the game.

Scoring System in Badminton

In Badminton, you score a point if the shuttlecock lands on the court on the opponent’s side, assuming your shot cleared the net.

You lose a point if the shuttlecock lands outside of the court or touches the net.

Scoring System in Badminton

A player continues to serve until they lose a point and the serve is broken.

During the game, either player can score points, and the game continues until the first player reaches 21 points.

In addition, the winner must also win by two points. Usually, a match consists of three games.

Can Anyone Play Tennis and Badminton?

Both tennis and Badminton are sports that are equally accessible to anyone who can move around a court and hold a racket.

Because of this, they are ideal for people at home. The terms of tennis and Badminton, there are limits to who can compete competitively in these sports.

In Badminton, you can only compete in five categories. In contrast, there are many more in tennis, including many categories for players in wheelchairs and three categories for teams of three players.

Pros & Cons of Playing Tennis

Tennis has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages, and the following are some of them.


  • Tennis is a popular sport mainly because it does not require players to invest in lots and lots of expensive equipment to play it. Tennis players need only a racket, a ball, and comfortable shoes they can run in while the match is underway to play.
  • There are so many tennis courts in many communities that it is not difficult to find a free court for tennis players to play on.
  • The game of tennis is a social activity that allows players to spend time on the court with their friends and loved ones. Playing tennis keeps players fit and encourages them to keep an active social life.
  • There are many physical and mental benefits of playing tennis.


  • Tennis can be a very physically demanding game, which can pose a challenge to some players. Especially if the athletes are not in great shape, it is straightforward for them to suffer injuries while playing the game. You have to keep fit to play tennis as you get older.
  • Although tennis equipment is rather basic and not that expensive, players may run into financial difficulties as their game improves and they want better equipment.
  • In addition, it takes some time for beginners until they understand how to strike the ball properly and have an effective rally.

Pros & Cons of Playing Badminton

Playing Badminton has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • The game of Badminton is a perfect physical activity that has the same social benefits as the game of tennis.
  • Furthermore, it reduces stress and anxiety and increases spatial awareness as well. Players need only rackets and shuttlecocks to play the game, and nets can be easily set up in backyards.
  • There are fewer badminton courts to use since they are always indoors, but players can still play Badminton nearly anywhere since nets can be set up almost anywhere. There is no need to worry about bounce when playing Badminton on any relatively flat piece of land.
  • As well as having a relatively easy to learn the game, Badminton can also be played well at the most basic level, where two players can have a good rally.


  • There are some disadvantages to playing Badminton. In Badminton, people are likely to suffer from several injuries, including shoulder pain, knee injuries, sprained ankles, and tendinitis.
  • There is a significant risk involved in playing on an uneven surface, so many badminton players choose to play on professional courts, even though they may be more challenging to get to.

Differences Between Tennis and Badminton

  • There are shuttlecocks used in Badminton, and it is not allowed for the shuttlecock to touch the floor before it is returned to the other side of the net. Tennis uses a ball that can bounce once on either side of the court during a rally.
  • The Badminton net is much higher than the net in tennis (1.55m).
  • It is possible to play Badminton on nearly any surface since the bounce does not need to be controlled or managed.
  • Even so, Badminton is generally played indoors due to the light shuttlecock, which can be significantly affected by even the slightest breeze, even though it is the most popular sport in the country.
  • Tennis players serve overarm. In badminton, players serve underarm.
  • In terms of size and width, tennis courts are roughly twice as long and twice as wide as badminton courts.
  • To hit a shot in Badminton, you need to use a lot more of your wrist to do it. In tennis, you use your whole arm, whereas, in Badminton, you use your wrist more.
  • The weight of the rackets used in Badminton is usually between 70 and 95 grams, which is much lighter than that of the rackets used in tennis.
  • There are two chances for a tennis server to place their serve in the opponent’s service box. A badminton player only has one chance.

Is It Possible for Tennis Players to Play Badminton?

The fact is that Badminton is an excellent sport for tennis players, especially when it comes to improving their overhead shots and feeling at the net.

On the other hand, Tennis players hit shots differently than badminton players. There are many more wrist movements involved in Badminton than tennis.

Playing different sports at different times of the year is probably better than doing them all at once, for instance, playing tennis in the summer and Badminton in the winter. In this way, you are less likely to get injured.

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