Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet | Comprehensive Review In 2022

Wilson is a tennis equipment manufacturer that has been around for over 100 years. Their products are always of excellent quality and are the official supplier of the US Open.

Tennis players who want to play like a professional will enjoy the new Wilson Tennis Racquet. This Racquet has some incredible features, from the string bed to the head shape.

This article explains why the Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet is one of the best-selling Racquets on Amazon right now. If you are interested in learning more about it or purchasing one yourself, keep reading.

Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet review

Features And Specifications

1. Skill Level

Wilson Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet is the ideal entry-level model for new tennis players. It has an oversize head to generate impressive power without compromising its maneuverability.

Lightweight Material tennis

2. Lightweight Material

The Racquet is lightweight at 326 grams made of aluminum which is perfect for beginners who need to generate some power quickly while also maintaining control of their shots.

3. Volcanic Frame

The Wilson Federer Stringed Racquet features patented Volcanic Frame Technology for maximum stability.

In an interview, Dr. Richard Sears, who worked on the Tennis Racquet’s design, said that the racquet-stringing system is like a suspension bridge.

If it’s solid and well-supported in only two places (the handle and the throat), all your weight is concentrated at these points when you play with it.

Volcanic Frame Tennis

So, there is no give in the string webbing when you accelerate from one side to another. That’s what will cause a breakdown.

So, the Wilson Federer Stringed Racquet had more than twice as many strings wound tightly together for greater support.

4. Racquet Length

The Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet is perfect for players with a lot of arm reach and can provide power in all types of shots.

The Racquet features 30″ string lengths (compared to 27″ in standard strung Racquets) and can help beginners who want the best Racquet suited to their size.

Additionally, with this extra length, you’ll be able to reach past your opponents without having them get in your way when playing at the net.

In addition, you can add some more topspin when hitting balls out wide on both off- and backhands if you’re looking for that extra edge on the court.

5 Power Strings

The Racquet has power strings that help you strike the ball with more power when hitting the ball over to your opponent.

So, the result is a more fulfilling playing experience, whether you’re playing for fun or if you’re playing professionally.

6. A Grip That Fits All Hand Sizes

With this Racquet by your side, you’ll have more control over your shots without sacrificing power or feeling through your grip, thanks to its headlight balance that’s suited for attacking play.

A Grip That Fits All Hand Sizes For Tennis

Furthermore, the state-of-the-art equipment comes complete with grip size L2 (circumference 106-108 mm), making this Racquet appropriate for small-handed players as well as those who require a larger shoe size.

7. Head Size

The Racquet’s head size is 710 square centimeters, which helps you win more points during tennis matches.

Obviously, the head size of Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet is perfect for beginners and Intermediate Tennis Players who want to improve their game.

8. Color

Don’t worry about how it looks. With its radiant red/black color scheme, your opponents will know that they’re going against a power machine.

9. Downsides

The first thing to know is that it’s a Racquet for intermediate and novice players. In terms of weight, it’s heavy to deal with the long games and practices.

If you would like a Racquet that can withstand heavy practice and eventual heaviness during professional matches, then this is the Racquet you should buy.

Technical Details

Head Size710 sq. cm
ColorRed / Black
Item Weight0.31 Kilograms
Skill LevelIntermediate
Grip SizeL2 (4 1/4 Inch)
Weight326 g (with strings)


This Wilson tennis Racquet is providing features for beginners to help them feel more comfortable and improve your game quicker than other basic Racquets would allow while still offering great performance with mid-range shots!

This is an excellent idea because beginners using this product will most likely do better than someone who started playing with the low-quality gear, like what might be found at your local sporting goods store or even online for low prices.

All in all, this Racquet has been designed to provide the feel and performance of a professional-grade Tennis Racquet.

Final Words

Wilson Federer Strung Tennis Racquet is perfect for intermediate players looking to improve their game without breaking the bank.

Lastly, the Racquet has an excellent balance between power and control, making it great for beginners and experienced players. If you’re in need of new gear or just want to try something new, this Racquet will not disappoint.

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