Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet Review | Updated In 2022


Tennis is an excellent lifetime game that you will love to play and enjoy. In this article, I Review Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet, I will answer the following most asked questions.

Are Wilson’s tennis rackets good? What pros use Wilson tennis racquets? And What is the best-selling tennis racquet?

When buying a tennis racket, the best racket must meet the following conditions according to your requirement:

  • Appropriate size
  • durable
  • Lightweight
  • Pre-string
  • Affordable
Wilson US Open Junior
Wilson US Open Junior

If you combine the attributes mentioned above with a racket, You will feel excited to play your game will fun for you.

To keep things simple, I will guide you about only one product that meets the above criteria.

You have to read the full article for the selection of the best racket for yourself.

The American racket manufacturer Wilson is a leader in the tennis industry and provides excellent equipment for the greatest tennis players.

Wilson offers a variety of durable and stylish tennis rackets to suit players of all levels and styles.

Wilson’s classic rackets are more integrated with modern rackets, so you will find something special you like in one of these rackets.

The Wilson provides five main racket series, namely Pro Staff, Ultra, Blade, Clash, and Burn, and like Babolat, each racket family has many sub-categories.

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet Model number 55064 is an excellent choice to play tennis lovers.

Open Junior Tennis Racket is a perfect choice for any junior player who wishes to participate in tennis.

Behind the tradition and support of USTA, this racket was used in many junior events. The lightweight frame has high playability.

This Wilson tennis racket is best for beginners because the right center of gravity on the handle uses the racket smoothly during the game.

This Wilson tennis racket is suitable for all court games and best suited for children under five years.

Key Features of Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet
  • Model Number: 55064
  • Racket Dimensions: 20.08 x 7.09 x 17.32 inches; 0.74 ounces
  • Available from: January 29, 2015, and still very famous.
  • Manufacturer: Wilson
  • Colors: White, Orange, and Blue
  • Durable Material
  • Light Weight
  • Best Head Size
  • Excellent grip
  • Well Balanced Rocket
  • Suitable for fast and accurate shooting
  • Available in different attractive colors
  • Not come with the case
  • Not available in pairs

The high-quality graphite frame of the racket is 529 m2, length 48 cm, lightweight just 180 gram, and is string 16 x 17.

This productivity is most suitable for fast and accurate shooting. This tennis racket is available in white, blue, and orange colors.

Professional players and senior club players will insist on using standard rackets (<98 square inches) because they can provide their power and hit the ball consistently.

Beginners usually start with an oversized racket (106 square inches) to get extra forgiveness for off-center shots.

In comparison, intermediate players often use a medium racket (99-105 square inches), which perfectly combines power and control.

This lighter racket improves mobility and makes it easier to spin.🙂

This racket is the best choice for handling volleys on the net, spinning the ball into a clearance, and creating a better angle of inclination into the line.

In addition to the racket’s performance, the racket’s weight will significantly affect the comfort of the player’s arm.

The balance of this Wilson racket is expressed in pounds and represents the weight distribution within the racket. This can divide into three ways: headlight, balanced, and head heavy.

Lightweight (HL) rackets have more weight in the racket handle, massive head (HH) rackets have more weight in the rim of the racket, and balanced (EB) rackets have even mass distribution throughout the racket.


Overall, this Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet is the most suitable Racquet For Kids And Adult. The durability, easy gripping, frame, lightweight and stylish design the strength of this racket.

If you never tried any Wilson Racket, I will suggest you must try this product and enjoy tennis


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