How To Stretch Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet? – Updated Info In 2022

A pair of sneakers is one of the most common types of shoes that people wear.

Finding comfortable shoes to wear can be pretty tricky for many people who suffer from wide feet.

So, what can these people do? They can only deal with this problem if they know how to stretch tennis shoes for wide feet.

Shoe sizes for wide feet are extremely rare and hard to find.

Stretch Tennis Shoes

Almost all shoe companies produce shoes according to the sizes most suitable for the largest number of people, so people with wide feet will have difficulty finding shoes that are suitable for them.

You can feel tightness in your feet when you buy shoes from a store and try them on at home.

They are of the right length, but they seem to hurt somewhat because of their irregular shape.

If you shop online, you may also find that the shoe still fits tight even if you order your size; however, in some cases, there may be no return policies, so again, there is the issue of how to widen shoes that are too narrow for people with wide feet.

Is It Possible to Stretch Sneakers?

Yes, definitely. The materials used in the manufacture of sneakers and shoes are capable of stretching, allowing them to be stretched and fit comfortably.

If you follow the simple and easy steps below to stretch your sneakers at home, you will be able to wear them comfortably and will be able to wear them according to the shape of your feet.

You do not need to worry, and most sneakers can be stretched according to the shape of your feet.

How to Stretch Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet?

These tips and tricks will show you how to stretch your tight shoes at home using a few easy steps listed below.

Stretching Sneakers for Wide Feet by Freezing

By freezing your shoes or sneakers, you can increase their size. The method I will be showing you may sound a bit strange initially, but I can assure you that it is a very effective technique.

It is scientifically proven that once the molecules of water are frozen, the molecules expand. Because of this, we’ll be able to stretch our sneakers easier.

Stretching Sneakers for Wide Feet by Freezing

You can follow this method either with two sealable plastic bags or with two balloons of good quality if you are interested in doing so.

Next, you will need to fill them up with water, but keep in mind that you will not want to fill them up completely, just about half or a little bit more than half.

Place the sealed bags inside the shoes once they have been filled with water. Ensure that the bags are correctly seated inside the shoes, so they do not leak.

You should leave the shoes in the freezer for eight to ten hours after you have placed them there.

The sneakers should have been stretched to their full extent when removed from the ice later.

You should take the shoes out of the bags and wait for about 30 minutes before you try them on.

You can repeat the process to stretch the shoe further if necessary.

Stretching by Wearing Them at Home

You can stretch your sneakers without taking them out of your closet by wearing them at home in the evening, as this is a great way to stretch your sneakers.

In my opinion, it is the best, the easiest, and at the same time the most cost-effective, or maybe you can say an accessible way.

A scientific study has proven for the first time that the feet become bigger at night because they carry the weight of your entire body for the entire day, especially if you are standing for the majority of the time.

Stretching by Wearing Them at Home

This is why you can wear them at home while you are asleep.

After this process is completed, the socks and shoes should be worn for 4 to 5 hours before wearing them again.

At first, you will feel discomfort wearing the sneaker for the first few days, but the heat from your feet will help stretch the sneaker and mold it to your feet, ensuring that you are comfortable.

Stretching by Using Shoe Stretchers

When it comes to stretching, professional tools are made especially for this purpose, and if you do not trust yourself, you can use them.

It comes in a kit with two products, a specialized spray, and a wedge-shaped plug.

Stretching by Using Shoe Stretchers

To stretch your shoes easier, you will first need to spray the inside of your shoes to relax the material and allow it to stretch better.

Once the sneakers are attached to the plug, you will need to leave the sneakers for around seven to eight hours, after which the plug will be removed.

Using this method, you will be able to stretch your sneakers, providing them with more comfort and allowing them to be less tight.

Stretching by Using Alcohol

To use this method, you will have to mix fifty percent water with fifty percent alcohol in a spray bottle.

You can spray the mixture into the shoe. Be sure to stretch the sneakers as you spray, making the spray more effective.

Stretching Tennis shoes by Using Alcohol

As a result, you will assist the mixture in ultimately settling inside the shoe.

After spraying the mixture, the shoes should be worn for at least an hour.

Additionally, this trick will not only stretch the sneakers, but it will also make the treads more durable.

Even so, although this method works for sneakers made from suede or leather, it isn’t recommended since they will damage the shoes.

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