What Is The Best Grip For A Tennis Serve – Comprehensive Guide In 2022

Overgrip plays a vital role in facilitating powerful groundstrokes, shots, and serves. It is a long strip made of different materials and every material has different benefits.

It is soft, padded, cloth-like tape that is comfortable to use and connects your hand well to the grip.

People usually neglect over grips but professional players who are in need of all the techniques, change their grips before playing a different kind of shot.

Before buying the best overgrip there are some factors that should be kept in mind: comfort, sweat absorption, level of thickness, texture, and many more.

Review the factors that we have listed down for you and then according to that choose the best grip for the tennis serve.

Factors are taken into consideration before buying an overgrip:😀

Ways of Avoiding painful Blisters and Injuries

A soft grip should be used to prevent blisters or rashes. Material that is soft and makes you sweat at a minimum rate must be considered to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Overgrips made with the material that has a soft porous molded structure to absorb excessive moisture, helps you with your skin problems and blisters.

Multiple blisters on the wrong part of your hand can be really painful to endure. It affects the way you grab the racket and your posture of swinging.

painful Blisters and Injuries in tennis

Wrong use of technique and posture can lead to arm or elbow injuries which can cause damage for the players in the future.

Overgrip also helps in absorbing the vibrations and energy from the impact of each Tennis Ball. It provides an additional layer of protection that helps you in eliminating the chances of an injury.

Sweat Absorption Capacity

Players need to be the best at their matches for a successful career. Some over-grips don’t handle sweat that well which can be very challenging for the player.

You won’t be able to play perfectly and unnecessary movement or friction can be a cause of blisters. Blisters are also caused by pointless sweat that can be really painful, having an effect on your game.

There are dry grips that have been introduced to the market for customers who have been having problems in the area of sweat absorption. They are designed using an ultra-absorbent material. These grips keep your grip dry throughout the match.

Choose an overgrip that can absorb excessive sweat and moisture even in a hot and humid climate.

Cushion Fnd Tacky Over Grips For Maximum Comfort

There are two options that are used on the grips. One of them is the leather grip and the second one is the cushioned grip. Leather grip has been used for many years but they aren’t very comfortable and they slip a lot.

The launch of cushion grips enhanced the level of comfort. It is a softer alternative that reduces the shock and vibrations passed to the elbow during a shot. This enhances the player’s technique and lessens blisters or any kind of injury.

On the other hand, if you have drier hands, allowing a better grip and minimizing slipping. Tacky or sticky over-grips are suitable for a cold climate. They also absorb moisture but offer a sticky surface to solve your problem.

Perfect Selection Of A Grip Size

Different grip sizes are used for swings and have their own benefits. Large grip sizes are ideal for smash, as they require a lot of force. They help in absorbing the shock produced by the shot.


After that, smaller grips allow the freedom of movement but a player has to use a lot of energy to produce a force for shots like smashes.

Most important step to avoid an injury is to choose the right size of overgrip. Choose the size that makes you most comfortable.

Final Thoughts

In detail, we have thoroughly pointed out all the factors that are necessary for choosing the best overgrip for the tennis serve. This article will also let you know how these aspects will help you in improving your performance.

Most important factors to be kept in mind before choosing the perfect over grip are sweat absorption, grip size, cushion or tacky overgrip, and sweat absorption.

We have enumerated the top best overgrips for you.

  • Yonex Super Grip Racket 
  • ADV Tennis Dry 
  • Tourna Leather 
  • Tourna Soft Tac Neon Tacky 
  • Wilson Pro 
  • Wilson Ultra-Wrap Tennis 
  • Head Prestige Pro Racquet 
  • ADV Tennis Tacky 
  • Head Hydrosorb Tour 
  • Onwon Absorb Moisture and Anti-slip
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