Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet – Latest Unbiased Review In 2022


Believe it or not, and more damaging here is to NOT have the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

Yes, there are hoards of tennis shoes to pick from, BUT what really is the problem-solver to all the feet-related pain and aches? We put ‘Flat Feet’ for a reason.

Often felt the pain and aching building up around the feet, you might not have your entire feet seated well. Or the shoe has a loose grip because of the loosening and gap.

Having flat feet occasionally let the sporty person compromise on their dreams.😀

It causes frequent pain developing around NOT providing adequate motion control, which tends to lose durability and traction, which could eventually result in damaging your feet and the ankle.

All in all, the regular and standard tennis shoes would be no less than a headache for the sporty person with a flat foot.

So, you have to have the customized one and the centralized solution to massively support your dreams despite being a flat-footed person.

Who knows that enables you to become a full-fledged and established athlete in the future.

List Of The Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet – Updated Picks For 2022!


    • Shoe Size: 6


  • Weight: 2 pounds
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    • Shoe Size: 8.5


  • Weight: 0.52 pounds
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    • Shoe Size: 9


  • Weight: 0.93 pounds
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    • Shoe Size: 9


  • Weight: 2.55 pounds
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div class=”tenb-table__link-label-mobile”>True to size
    • Shoe Size: 6


  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
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    • Shoe Size: 7.5


  • Weight: 0.5 pounds
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    • Shoe Size: 11


  • Weight: 0.61 pounds
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    • Shoe Size: 10


  • Weight: 0.62 pounds
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    • Shoe Size: 8


  • Weight: 0.66 pounds
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    • Shoe Size: 6


  • Weight: 1.15 pounds
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1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7 – Multicolor Tennis Shoes

  ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7

Do NOT let the price decide you got the awesome qualitative tennis shoes to support your flat foot.

If that is the way to go, you are out of luck to actually grab hold of the brilliant and excellently performing tennis shoe wearing right up on your feet.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7 that is compatible to go into the feet of every woman (that sizes to 6) to feel super soft and cushioned as it comes with the rubber sole and the outer made of the fabric (the manmade one) to ensure it does not add up to the weight confirming the claim of being a lightweight one.

An AHAR-based outsole that acronyms to ASICS’ High Abrasion Rubber does not react as the standard one that goes into placement in critical areas around the outsole to deliver the exceptional durability feel soft and traction, reducing the chance of slippage even under the wet condition.

The high-end cushioning system bears all the shock. The real impact that the play-up is generally meant to produce as it comes loaded with rearfoot gel technology to encounter these challenging situations despite the extreme weather condition.

Ortholite sock liner that deals with moisture management to keep you all dried, and the breathability would hardly have the sweat even to build up.

And the E.V.A. midsoles free up your feet to feel the impact and ultimately increase the rebound to go energetic for hours long of tennis play.

Let it be your first-day wearing ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7 OR already the pro knowing the bits and tits of the sporty footwear, and you would NEVER be surprised of the underperformance as it would not have you face it EVER.

  • Affordable priced tennis shoes for flat feet
  • Fabric and manmade
  • Advanced cushioning system
  • A little too tight to wear

2 – New Balance Men’s Roav V1 – Black and white Tennis Shoes

New Balance Men’s Roav V1

Simple at the design but perfected with all the features to ultimately support the flat-footed person to play tennis just like a pro;

New Balance Men’s Roav V1 is the greatest mixture of all of these.

Made with pure 100 percent synthetic with the imported stuff fitted, the rubber outsole makes it the perfect combination of lightweight and enforced to bear all the tear and wear with the best rebound experience to answer to the hard impacts despite the ground condition.

But being made of the rubber outsole does not mean it would be this soft that would let it pierce down needles and sharp-alike materials that eventually get the outsole cut out open.

Seated with the fresh foam midsole that would let you perceive stepping and running on the clouds, an ultra-cushioned and lightweight ride engineered through the best cushioning technology.

The arch support of up to 0.75 inches does not let your feet stick out itself due to hard moves and hitting the tennis court just like you are wearing nothing on the feet.

The ultra-heel seems to be provided with an outstanding performance that looks NOT just cool but easing down the turning to go into another way without stopping to the zero.

  • Pure synthetic made
  • Foamy midsole with rubber Endurance outsole for perfect comfortable brand
  • Somewhat high in price

3 – ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25 – Men Running Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25

A perfect blend for perfection, performance, and softness; we bring ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25 introduced to the world of avid tennis players to love wearing on the flat feet.

Meshed design and all-manmade with the imported stuff ensure the safety and the lightweight to love it even more.

Employed with I.G.S. or Impact Guidance System by ASICS and explicitly chosen and integrated into the design of ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25 tennis shoe that links up the componentry that extended the enhancement of the foot’s natural gait that goes from heel strike to toe-off to feel all good.

And the Dynamic DuoMax Support System, another ultimate technology hooked that comes with the increased enhancement of the best stability and the support while heavily reducing the weight that results in the increased platform support where every corner of the shoe contacts with the build of the player’s feet.

Wait… What more you expect out of this super-performing tennis shoe makes it the shoe built based on technology.

Another one to name, the Guidance Line Midsole Technology and blended with Guidance Trusstic System Technology that comes with a Vertical Flex groove decoupling the tooling to enhance the gait efficiency and Guidance Line to streamline the midfoot structural integrity.

Outstanding ortholite x-30 sockliner answers the higher rebound to fight off the hard impacts and keep managing the moisture through its high-level breathability features, never to let the sweat build up EVER.

In the general conceptual world, ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25 is no less than a tennis shoe made with the pure technology to perform outstandingly in the court without the feel of pinching and aching being a flat-footed person.

  • I.G.S. technology for natural gait performance
  • Ortholie X-40 sockliner
  • Highly-priced but best in performance

4 – Prince Men’s T22 TennisShoes

Prince Men’s T22 tennis shoes

The tennis shoe with the ultimate traction and the grip give your best out to be seen in the tennis court, the Prince Men’s T22 would never disappoint you making the hard turns and chasing the tennis ball all around the court to miss a point-scoring hardly.

Inherited the design based on the classing T10 style, Prine Men’s T22 is the mixture of built upon the superior durability and the support that hardly takes the plunge back on the court and would have never you to feel embarrassed (in the form of pain and ache) that could significantly affect on the performance that is too noticeable as it starts to yield up instantly (few minutes after entering into the court.)

Implemented with the TPUE forefoot straps that offer improved stability and not turning loose as you go playing and making the hard turns and screeching around the tennis court.

RASH-based toe cap that comes with advanced abrasion protection with the midsole from Shock Eraser absorbs all the impacts handled effectively and efficiently without having you feel it. Take the jumps and land like over the cloud!

  • Durable construction
  • RASH toe cap
  • Priced a little high

5 – ASICS Men’s Gel-Solution Speed 3 – Men Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men’s Gel-Solution Speed 3

Here comes another tennis shoe for the flat feet that is extremely durable and affordable to your feet AND the wallet!

And we have been explicitly talking about ASICS Men’s Gel-Solution Speed 3 comes with the best features embedded into this one piece of a tennis shoe.

Contrived with 100 percent pure-form of synthetic that feels super lightweight and soft enough with the support of washability that saves you from the hassle of cleaning and rubbing as the synthetic material is prone to attract the stains the dirt, which would turn this white-colored tennis shoe yellowish.

Enforced the rearfoot with the ForeFoot Gel Cushioning System that goes with attenuates shock that reduces the impact with the toe-off phases that allows you to make a move into the multiple plants that transition all around the foot through the increased gait cycle which never obstructs the feet to move in any direction.

Having the PGuard Toe Protector enhanced the increased toe durability where it would not break or tear from that side specifically.

Flexion Fit Upper and Solyte Midsole combine the pliability that fits nicely over the feet with the comfort and without sacrificing the support to move freely around the court and the combination of lighter midsole compound with ASICS’ standardized E.V.A. and SpEVA featuring the enhanced cushioning with the durability to perform best the years it lives.

  • PGuard Toe Protector
  • Flexion Fit Upper
  • Colored in white and would capture the stains easily

6 – ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 – Women Tennis Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6

The brand that we trust, ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6, delivers the high-end performance tested on the tennis court AND is noticed by the onlooker to see how you have been doing on the court.

Notice the boost in the performance, being made of the purest of 100 synthetic materials that is known to be delivering the increased lightweight felt on the feet and you can wash as well which you cannot do so with many of the tennis shoes made with other such materials that can eventually destroy the build and dislocate the colors.

Made with the rubber outsole and with the styled patterns reducing the wear and tear to the maximum and the grip best to be tested on the tennis court that would not have you to tip over and stuck on the floor despite the design being poured with clay and the concrete but can give you some challenging time over the green (grass one.)

Fitted with Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System gives you the ability to handle and manage the shocks with the ultimate impact phase to transition the feet to the midstance without any problem.

Removable sock liner that you can eventually get it removed to accommodate as the medical orthotic to give your flat feet enjoy the diversification to feel different depending on the time and the mood to play with.

Trail Specific Outsole with AHAR technology reversed the lugs that come provided with the uphill and the downhill traction to deal with all the different sorts of the terrain, and the higher-abrasion rubber curtails the wear and tear to the maximum allowing the shoe to live a little more than expected.

  • A brilliant combination of colors used
  • AHAR-based outsole having rubber on the outsole
  • A little clunky

7 – Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8

Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8

Looking for something different from the stylish and elegant footwear in design, Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8, made with a mixture of 84 percent of polyester and 16 percent of elastane, does not add up to the weight.🙂

The synthetic sole goes with keeping the outsole lightweight enough but one major issue that you can generally face is increased wear and tear, so it is advised not to rub against the ground.

Balanced with flexibility and the cushioning that delivers the outstanding performance felt on the feet to showcase your tennis skill best without fiddling with aching and pinching by playing it for long.

Mixed with up to 3 colors digitally printed with the mesh upper made it an extensively lightweight concept arranging the complete breathability to dry.

Best locks the feet through midfoot stuffed with durable leather overlays granting the ever-felt and increased stability not to have any gap between feeling as it comes with Charged Cushioning that compresses the molded foam that combines and delivers the greater responsiveness with durability to feel super energetic and charged.

And equipped with rubber outsole having to deal with the higher impact zones to land comfortably with the extensive durability and weighing less than many of the tennis shoes (9.9 oz.)

  • Lightweight mesh design
  • Durable to the best
  • Could slip
  • No waterproof

8 – ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 – Top selling Tennis shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 tennis shoes

Another one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet comes from the entrusted brand that we cannot portray anything sinister from it.

And ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 crafted with pure and 100 percent synthetic that makes it compatible to washable even in the washing machine or generally cleaning up with the wet cloth to have it turned totally moist. Wash and soak, and you are done!

AHAR or seated with the ASICS’ High Abrasion Rubber outsole minimizes the chances to a greater extent as it would last for years and would not wear and tear while giving the outstanding traction on the floor.

Overlaid with the bright stuff and the rugger neutral runner-in mesh design results in providing the increased breathability to go all dried.

Mixed with the incredible combination of soothing colors from silver grey, turquoise, and lime punch with all the super technology embedded, the tennis player often requires playing the best game.

A GEL-based cushioning system that comes with delivering the smooth and comfortable running experience and the removable foam-based sock liner for the perfect orthotics to feel increased comfortability and not having your feet to bear with all the impacts and not to turn exhausted even for hours’ extended play.

Trail-specific outsole deals with multi-surface traction, so play along over the clay, concrete, or grass-based tennis court without any difficulty and high-abrasion rubber to heavily minimize the high wear tear that makes it last the years’ long life.

  • AHAR outsole with trail-specific pattern
  • The GEL-based cushioning system
  • Somewhat stiff to feel

9 – JOOMRA Women Lightweigh Cheap Tennis Shoes

Joomra Women Lightweight shoes

Let’s NOW take a glance through something new in the line of best tennis shoes for flat feet, gaining a lot of attention from the customers from a brand that hardly anyone knows about.

JOOMLA, explicitly designed for women, the addition of synthetic sole with 3D Woven upper combined to convey the increased lightweight and the intricate grid pattern to move faster than ever without ruining the build that generally happens with increased wear and tear.

Lace-up closure with the hidden eyelet and its slip-on construction using the back pull-tab does not come to lose that quickly.

Inspired to pick the design from a shape of a feather with the outsole that comes with incorporating the natural motion flex grooves that conveniently react to every movement without causing any trouble felt by your feet.

Wear it comfortably all day long, having the exceptional fit designed the shoe tongue that way with the integrated collar to look sleep and the low-cut silhouette that makes it happen.

It’s not just lightweight, but it weighs the degree of feather-light attached to your feet to move all around the court with nothing stopping you from scoring the winning points.

  • Drastically affordable in price
  • 3D woven upper
  • Synthetic to feel lightweight
  • White-colored and would turn dusty rather quickly.

10 – JARLIF Memory Foam Women Tennis shoes

JARLIF Memory foam shoes

JARLIF, the last entrant into our list of best tennis shoes for flat feet, is the one that comes designed for women and can be utilized as casual sneakers as well as a tennis shoe.

Coupled with the increased lightweight and comfortability because of the softened memory foam insole and the padded heel back, it resembles walking on the clouds.

The meshed design allows the feet to breathe even though you are the woman who got the sweaty feet that flow the air out and not feeling any hot.

As with the outsole, it is being made with softened M.D. foam that contributes to acting as the buffer between your feet and the ground to perform super well in the courts, especially on the concrete one.

Walk or play, JARLIF tennis shoes would not MIND at all. 🙂

  • Outsole made of M.D. foam
  • Breathable design
  • Does not flex a lot

Conclusion Of The Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet

Finally, we conclude our hunt by enlisting the top class 10 of the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

Yes, being a flat-footed person is a pain… A complete headache. And picking the shoes for such a shape of the feet, the dilemma does not finish in good.

Understand, the standard and regular tennis shoes would fit BUT do NOT really add to supporting and giving the flat-footed person a comfortable experience.

So, if you have been lingering between this situation, we have got you covered in good with our super-exclusive collection, NEVER to let you go in and ask what tennis shoe would be a good fit for you. 🙂

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