How To Avoid Knee Pain While Playing Tennis – Updated Info In 2022

the How To Avoid Knee Pain While Playing Tennis

Knee pain can be crucial if the precautions aren’t taken seriously. People usually turn a blind eye when it comes to their health. Treat yourself as early as possible without waiting for a minute. Or else your condition can worsen leading to knee surgery.

Excessive stress on the knee can cause a stress fracture, jumper’s knee, soreness in knees, and many more. According to the National Safety Council, 23,609 people visited the emergency room for an injury caused by tennis.

Scroll down the article on how to avoid knee pain while playing tennis? To get to know about ways to avoid pain in your knees.

Warm-Ups And Stretches

Warm-ups and stretches may look very basic and not an important task but proper warming up and stretches are essential for keeping yourself away from any type of pain in the knees.

Warm-Ups And Stretches While playing tennis

Stretch and flex your knees properly to reduce the tightness in the muscles around your knee.

Implementation of different warm-up exercises and stretches is necessary for at least 10 to 15 minutes. These exercises should be instructed by a proper train.

This will help you in the enhancement of your joint motion and reduces strains by improving the elasticity of the muscle. Then, do light jogging to increase the temperature of your muscles. Loose muscles will decrease the risk of your injury.

Therefore, create a warm-up and stretching routine before any training session or a match to avoid any type of hindrance.

Massages And Cooldowns

Cooling down is a noteworthy step, people usually overlook it. Cooling down lowers your chances of an injury by promoting blood flow and reduces stress to your muscles. Bring your heart rate and blood pressure levels back down to the normal level then perform any other activity.

Receiving a massage of your knees and legs prior to a tennis match can be very beneficial. It helps you to work through restrictive or tight muscles. It decreases muscle tension, soreness of any kind, and muscle cramps. Increasing your range of motion and decreasing the chances of getting hurt.

These tactics can minimize the percentage of knee pain while playing tennis to null.😀


There are some sports equipment which are made to reduce the chances of knee pain during tennis. If you’re a regular player then buy best-quality shoes, having soft soles that don’t put a burden on your knees.

They should be of the right size and should be supporting your arches. Then wear padded tennis socks or two pairs of socks, for additional support. This will also help you in proper leg alignment and balance.

Medical tools like a knee brace avoid any further severe knee injury. It provides stability and support but makes sure that it is placed properly with the help of a doctor.

Physical Therapy And Treatments

Physical therapy can avoid severe knee pain. Helps in reducing the pain caused by swelling, stiffness, and tears. This involves the evaluation of your knee to make playing tennis easy for you.

Correct diagnosis and proper management are important. Different exercises, stretches, application of heat or ice, and massages will be assigned to you.

Stop playing tennis until you no longer feel the pain in your knees. Slowly build your flexibility and strength before returning back to the game.

Avoid overexertion and vary your routine by dodging other activities like swimming, running, and yoga. But keep in mind that if the knee pain is severe and you cannot endure it anymore, immediately visit a physician.


Knee is the major joint of your body. It can prevent you from playing tennis or engaging in any other activities such as walking, rising from a seated position, and climbing. In this article, we have compiled top ways that will avoid any kind of knee pain while playing tennis.

You won’t have to stop your tennis because of any kind of hurdle or pain. Right type of exercises, treatments, equipment, and warm-ups will help you out.  

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