Should I Use A Lighter Or Heavier Tennis Racket? Which Is Better?

The racket you choose has a significant impact on the way in which you play tennis. There is no correct answer to whether light or heavy tennis rackets are better.

The decision between the two depends on individual preferences and the areas of the game that need improvement.

Here, you will learn how to differentiate between light tennis rackets and heavy tennis rackets and what factors you should consider when choosing between them.

Significance Of Tennis Racket Weight

During a tennis match, weight is one of the most important factors affecting how you feel when holding a tennis racket and swinging it on the court.

Significance Of Tennis Racket Weight

This is because a heavier racket transmits less shock and gives more strength and stability when all other factors remain the same.

The players can swing faster and better with lighter rackets because they can use better tactics.

If you purchase a racket, keeping the weight in mind is essential because a very heavy racket can easily cause injury.

In contrast, a very light racket can make forward movement difficult.

Lighter Vs. Heavier Tennis Rackets

Tennis rackets should be chosen based on the following factors: impact, speed, endurance, and tact.

1. Heavier Tennis Rackets

You will be able to absorb more shock if you are using a heavy tennis racket. According to some players, this type of game allows them to avoid sustaining so much arm shock.

A heavier racket can also help you return shots faster and more powerfully with less effort.

Heavier Tennis Rackets

There is a possibility that you may be able to play for longer with less light and heavier racquets without experiencing pain or soreness, even if it sounds contradictory.

You may want to use a slightly heavier tennis racket if this is a concern. If you consider the racket’s weight, you should also consider your arm strength.

2. Lighter Tennis Rackets

Similarly, if you use lightweight tennis rackets, you might be able to react much quicker.

The ability to move quickly can give you an advantage when playing near the net or against a very active opponent.

Lighter Tennis Rackets

If you have a heavy racket, it is possible that you will not be able to react quickly enough. You can try a lighter racket to see if it helps.

If you choose to play with a light racket, you won’t get tired of holding and using it as much as you will if you choose a heavy one.

When you use a lighter racket, you will need to use a more substantial swing to return shots with more power.

Because your body will have to absorb a more significant amount of impact from the ball, you may be more susceptible to pressure injuries.

Which Tennis Racket is Best for You?

To use your tennis racket for an extended period, it would be best to choose a heavy racket.

You should also make sure that you have the strength to hold your arm during your sport. Think about how fast you can move your arm when you need to react quickly.

If you want to decide which weight racket will be the best tennis racket for you, you will have to try a number of different options and draw your conclusions.

When you are practicing or competing, you should try as hard as possible to adhere as closely as possible to the style and class of the racket that you have chosen.

The weight of your racket can make a big difference to your performance.

Is A Heavier Racquet Better for Tennis Elbow?

When a Tennis Elbow is involved, a heavier racquet can be less comfortable because maintaining the swings and swings of the body increases the chance of getting injured. Therefore, a light racket is recommended.

You can play with a better technique when you use a heavier racket, which will result in less pressure on your arm if you hit it multiple times with a light racket.


It all depends on your personal preferences and abilities when choosing between a heavy tennis racket and a light tennis racket.

It is, therefore, necessary to experiment with a few options before settling on one.

It would be best if you also tried to stick with the racket once you have decided on the weight since changing the racket’s weight can significantly affect your gameplay.

You should be able to make wise decisions about changing rackets in the future as you gain experience.

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