8 Top Best Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampeners | Updated Reviews In 2022

If it is just a beginning for you as a tennis player then the question you must be asking yourself should be is the best tennis racquet vibration dampeners your need? The answer hasn’t to be decided between yes or no as we all know this is a subjective preference.

If you make a survey yourself and ask different tennis professional players about the dampener you are obviously going to get a different answer from each of them.

There are many professionals players outside who are definitely not going to play a game without dampener. Thus this article is to provide you complete detail about the dampeners.

I am going to guide you completely about the best dampeners that must not be said a No when you go to purchase them.

In this article you will learn a complete guide about how you should choose the right dampener for yourself. You will also come across the detail about what advanced vibration dampeners are.

Best Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampeners

This is the top 8 list of dampener I have handpicked for you people. In this list you come across the best features of the products with the pros and the cons (if any) of every product.

Head Pro Damp Dampener

1. Head Pro Damp Dampener

If you are tired of getting the tempoline effect from the Racquet then you need to check head pro damp best tennis racquet vibration dampener for a better solution to your problem.

This dampener is going to show you very good effects for example this dampener will reduce the vibrations help of its soft material. Before you buy this product you need to make sure that your racquet fits it perfect.

You can always check your product by entering the product number on the website. The available colours of the tab are black and pink.

If you are facing tennis elbow then this dampener is going to decrease the risk of this injury as well as you will get maximum comfort. You can always get the maximum comfort whenever you need with the help of this Pro dampener.

  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Good dimensions
  • Comfortable
  • Soft material
  • Packaging might be confusing

2. Busybee Tennis Vibration Dampener (10 Pack)

If you feel that you are losing then you should not give up and you need to make sure that you give your best shot. This best shot is possible with the help of this exclusive vibration dampener.

 These dampeners come in the Pack of 10. The beautiful colours available are perfect for giving them as adorable gifts to the young, Teens, and, olds.

These dampeners are going to prove as best motivation for the game. Being suitable for all age types these are original tennis dampeners. The vibrant colours will add extra boost to your eyes and mind while you look at them in the game.

The dampeners are premium and durable that will you more comfort and consistency with every shot you make. For your elbow and wrist these dampeners are going to help you reduce the shock. They will not fall of the string. 

  • Beautiful colours
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Consistent
  • Durable
  • Refundable
  • Might not be suitable for professional tennis players

3. Andux Silicone Tennis Dampener

Andux Silicone Tennis Dampener

With the net weight of 60 g you are going to find this best tennis racquet vibration dampener in different colours such as yellow black red and blue and the material used for the dampener is silicon.

The type of the dampener is long buckle type. This temperature is firmly caught on your racquet and you won’t need to bend and pick it up again and again.

If you want a decent dampener for your Tennis Elbow injury then this dampener is going to reduce the effect on your elbow. You will get excellent arm comfort by minimising the vibration on the racquet.

This dampener is suitable for badminton and tennis. This dampener is one of the dampeners that no matter if you are a beginner or play tennis as your favourite sport this will give you best results.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Good grip
  • Multi colour
  • Excellent arm comfort
  • Not much long lasting 

4. Head Smartsorb Tennis Dampener

Head Smartsorb Tennis Dampener

Head has been working in the field of tennis from a decade and has pushed the athletic equipment into the premium Modern era. With the experience of more than a decade head has to offer best tennis equipment in the market over the globe.

These dampeners are vibration absorbing. These dampeners help in dispersal of the energy of ball when you hit it with the racquet. The shocks you get when you hit the ball are absorbed by the rubber dampener and lessen the stress on the arm by reducing the vibrations.

You will get improve feel. You are going to get precision and a better control when the ball swings and it is because of less vibration. Your arm is 100% protected because of these dampeners.

When you give Power Shot these dampeners reduce the shock of the ball and also help in the reduction of strain on the arm. The damper also helps in reducing the string noise. Because of this you can easily stay focused on every shot and will play a game up to the mark.

  • Good performance
  • Less vibration
  • Arm protection
  • Reduced noise
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Might not be suitable for professional Power Shot player

5. Vibra worm racquet dampener

 Vibra worm racquet dampener

It is the gel filled vibration dampener which is very lightweight and provide you high vibration dampening. The company has been selling these for many years now and people all over the globe at constantly requesting more stock. The company has sold more than 30,000 units.

The dampener helps in covering more than five strings and this gives a better vibration reduction. It is a very economical pack and you will get 6 best tennis racquet vibration dampener in one packet.

You will find these dampeners identical to a well-known brand Gamma shock buster. But while installing the dampener makes sure you do not stretch it because the plastic clips will get loose and the dampener can come off during the game.

  • Gel filled
  • Lightweight
  • Multi colour
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces vibration
  • If stretched can fall down

6. Head Djokovic Racquet Vibration Dampener

Head Djokovic Racquet Vibration Dampener

If you are a professional player and you are looking for incremental improvement and quick game play then this dampener is the right logical step.

This dampener consists of elastomer rubber material that helps in reducing the string vibration, helps in enhancing comfort, and will protect the arm.

As soon as you put the dampener between the central main strings you are immediately going to feel the difference. For better results pair it with the favourite head racquet. The elastomer construction is very durable and lightweight.

Head is one of the best revolutionizing brands when it comes to tennis. This dampener helps in dispersing the energy of the ball with every shot.

The rubber dampener absorbs the shock which gives less stress on your arm as well as reduces the vibration. With less vibration you get more precision and control on the swing. You feel your arm protected by different injuries and will get less strain with power shots.

  • Vibration absorber
  • Rubber dampener
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Reduced string noise
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • If not installed properly might not stay up

7. Babolat Custom x2 Dampener

Babolat Custom x2 Dampener

If you are looking for a high quality product that will stick to your racquet for long and help you in a good game then babolat offers you amazing dampeners. This dampener is made up of silicone and the shape is updated circular.

This shape helps you easily adjust the absorption level for a better fit to your professional style of game play. You can customize your level of dampening with the help of this pro damp shock absorber.

If you want to decrease the dampening effect and increase the feel you can add one O ring to the dampener. This dampener is perfectly designed for decreasing the vibration on the racquet while you give you power shot in your tournament.

The dampener comes in a packet with two dampeners and one dampener with O ring. You can use ether of the dampener according to the feel you require. The dampener with O ring will give you less dampening effect but more feel and you will feel fewer vibrations on your hand while playing the game.

  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Long lasting
  • ring
  • Less vibration
  • More feel
  • Comfortable
  • Detaches if not installed properly

8. Tourna Vibrex Neon Vibration Dampener

Tourna Vibrex Neon Vibration Dampener

If you are looking for excellent hits then this Tourna vibrex best tennis racquet vibration dampener is going to dampen the vibration for your tennis strings during the power shot hits.

If dampener not used, you will hear the buzzing noise of string, whenever you will hit a shot. The dampener vanishes the sounds of the strings and this will result in no distraction of sound with every hit and a very plush feeling.

The neon colours are going to be very fun but the performance of the dampener is no less than that.

The dampener comes in pack of 3 neon dampeners. There is a groove present for the dampener to fit between the strings, thus the dampener will not fall off easily.

The material used in the dampener is premium silicon and it is very effective material that helps in shock absorption and ending the vibration of the string. The beautiful neon colors are going to make a very fun statement for your racquet.

  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Premium silicon material
  • Less vibration
  • Multi colour
  • Vibrant
  • Colors might not be attractive to professional players

A guide For Selection of best tennis vibration dampener

Whether yes or not the Best Tennis Racquet vibration dampener are right for you is a very subjective question. As a beginner, you don’t notice much difference when you are playing amateur tennis, but when you play professional or competitive tennis, things tend to get harder for you.

When you hit the ball or try to block it, the speed of the ball causes the racquet to vibrate violently. You can use dampener to minimize this vibration. The most common vibrating rings include round buttons, rubber doughnuts, small foam balls, or 2-3-inch flat or round worm-shaped rings.

These devices are made of solid silicon or foam and some are filled with silicone gel. The round designs are made with the edges of the grooves to hold them in place between the strings.

Longer styles are knitted in and out of several strings and stay in place with a hook or other fixed pattern. You can also use a large rubber band by pressing and simply tie it with two strings.

Different types of dampeners

Some companies make custom dampeners with hearts or squares, emoticons and even school pets.

Buttons of this type are more popular because they are small and soothing, and this reduces the chance of hitting the ball, which can be a problem for this type of dampener, as it is easy to hit the ball if you are a novice player.

Sometimes even professionals can hit the ball with dampener, but very little and far ones in a time. Personally, I prefer button types because worm types are too dull for me because I usually like a ball instead of a full ball.

Little things before buying / choosing dampeners

The tennis dampeners have two elements that you need to pay attention to when purchasing products. The first is to attach it to the strings.

Relaxation can be lost when you hit the ball, so keep your tennis dampener locked so you don’t lose it from your racquet.

Second, you have the Shock Absorber design, which means that if you want a colorful, stunning design and shape, this is a great choice for a BUSYBEE product. If not, you just have to choose some other type of dampener over there different qualities as shown below:

Brands: Professional has selected these stringing machines from some well-known brands. It must be said that almost all of them are among the major brands of sports equipment, such as tennis. As we prefer them more because of their value on the Amazon.

Quality: Because they are rated on Amazon, the products of this brand have caught the attention of so many people, especially tennis lovers.

Additionally, they are among Amazon’s top sales managers and top rankings with a rating of 4-5 out of five and receive favorite comments from many customers around the world.

Material: Even in a very small range it can be equipped easily as this best tennis racquet vibration dampener are made up of light and durable materials.

In addition, thanks to the materials used in these dampeners, the products are very resistant to strength and heat. They are suitable for all ages, so they are safe for all ages.

Appearance: Being beautiful and compact with desired colors helps you look good at first sight. There is Tennis Stringing Machines that are specially and uniquely designed and offer you many options.

Budget: First of all, you need to consider your budget. How much can u pay for these dampeners? Depending on this, you can choose from budget options.

Finishing brands like Babolat and Wilson cost less than well-known brands, but you can get them if they are exactly what you need.

This is the final reason to choose from the top ten tennis courts as they are sure to be a little pricey compared to the other products Wee is looking at. So balance your budget and choose the best for you.

Vibration level: How much do you want to reduce vibrations? It is also a matter of personal choice. Some may prefer high dampening while others ask for less. The choice is yours or you can equip yourself to see what is best for you.

Size and shape: Until recently, all O-foam nozzles could be found on the market. You can now find a variety of project dampers. Some also have their own project. Whatever you choose, make sure the level of damage control matches the level you have chosen.

Ergonomics: This is not directly related to the presentation itself, but you shouldn’t have considered it yet. Depending on use of it, you may need to replace your racquet’s vibration dampener with time.

How can you use the dampers to minimize racquet vibration?

Vibration damping is the most important function of the best tennis racquet vibration dampener, which ensures a stable play. If you are a beginner, a tennis dampener is useful because it helps you hit “more”.

It is also claimed that the damper can protect your racquet tongue from vibration and this is one of the reasons why you can keep your racquet in good condition. Then why don’t you have a tennis vibration dampener?

If there are so many coaches that many players have to practice and control, tennis languages ​​definitely offer a lot of rest. These machines will continuously shoot tennis in many different positions and with continuous operation time.

Players are also trained in natural reflexes with thrown balls. This is one of the most useful inventions for you, especially for those who lack the skills. We know that deciding to own these machines takes time.

Honestly, they are not as cheap as we think, especially beginners are willing to spend money to improve their skills, essentially like a machine, but these machines have the opportunity to replace with other things or alternatives change. Let’s see what criteria Wee chose!

Advance tennis vibration shock absorber

The use of an advanced vibration damper on a tennis racquets is based on personal preferences. Some can’t do without it and others never want to use it. Like it or not, vibration dampeners won’t lose their popularity any time soon.

The best way to find out that a vibration dampener is right for you or not? You may like to really enjoy using it and it will make your game better.

If you want to use a vibration damper but don’t want to spend money, the elastic pads act as excellent shock absorbers.

Sometimes all you need to express yourself is emoticons. The most advanced tennis vibration dampers are available in two separate packages with slightly different styles and emotions and fit most tennis racquets.

Many of them are especially popular with parents and children, and can also be used to make great gifts.

Questions and answers

1. Professional players use dampeners?

Many professional players like Djokovic use vibration dampener in their racquets and every game. But this is completely not the relative outcome because many professional players both male and female do not use dampeners.

2. Does nadal uses a dampener?

Nadal is one of the well known tennis players and his every shot vibrates the stadium. Yes he uses a vibration dampener to save the stadium from the shake of his shots.

3. Djokovic uses a dampener?

The dampener used by Djokovic is one of the most perfectly customised dampener. His dampener is made up of silicon and rubber which helps in lowering the noise of the strings, lessens the vibration and protects the arms from elbow tennis.

You will always witness a dampener with logo on his racquet. His dampener is in white color with a black Novak logo in it.

4. Dampener helps in tennis elbow?

While playing game you will notice your elbow in stress and in pain. This is because of the stress on your elbow. The dampener definitely helps in tennis elbow. Due to dampener your elbow will witness less stress because of the shots and vibrations.


Many players might not use a dampener but professional players like Djokovic and Nadal uses vibration dampener. The best tennis racquet vibration dampener has lot more uses.

They lower the vibration on the strings when you give a power shot, they lessen the buzzing sound of the string, and they protect your arm from issues like tennis elbow. Brands like Head, Babolat, and Tourna give you one of the best dampeners.

Head Pro DampPlug inBlack, Pink
Busybee dampenerPlug inMulti
Andux siliconBuckleBlack
Head SmartsorbBuckleSilver
Vibra wormBuckleMulti
Head DjokovicPlug inWhite
Babolat x2Plug inWhite (Blue, Black)
Tourna   Plug inMulti
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