List Of The Best Tennis Balls — Updated Picks For 2022

Professional tennis-level playing is only possible when you have access and reach to the best tennis balls.

Best tennis ball

It is indeed the right approach to purchase them right from the known brands without asking anyone to visit the retail stores and inquiring about the brand and hold onto the duration if anyone commits to provide you with your favorite tennis ball.

So, why go through a lot of hassle when you are given the chance of getting your dream tennis ball in your hands.

Best to work on the tennis court types, be known with the fact there are the tennis balls that work solely on the specific court type.

The good thing is, our yet-to-be-introduced list of tennis balls crafted for the recreational players to the professionals to practice and play the best tennis game illustrates how incalculable hours (once you have the best of the tennis ball in your hand, the clock is the one much ignored.)

Play casually to learn and practice tennis, just do not take up any other ball but start with the professionally-graded tennis ball we came up with just for you guys.

So, stick to it AND thank me later! 🙂

Top 10 Best Tennis Balls In 2022

Best Tennis BallsDETAILS
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • TypeDuty: Extra Duty
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  • Weight: 0.15 pounds
  • TypeDuty: Extra Duty
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  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • TypeDuty: Regular Duty
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  • Weight: 1.95 pounds
  • TypeDuty: Extra Duty
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  • Weight: 0.9 pounds
  • TypeDuty: Extra Duty
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  • Weight: 0.22 pounds
  • TypeDuty: Regular Duty
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  • Weight: 0.45 pounds
  • TypeDuty: Regular Duty
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  • Weight: 0.48 pounds
  • TypeDuty: Extra Dutyht
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  • Weight: 0.45 pounds
  • TypeDuty: Regular Duty
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  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • TypeDuty: Extra Duty
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1. Penn Championship 521019

Penn Championship 521019

If we are provided with the task to bring in America’s #1 selling tennis ball, combined with 100 years of testing and perfecting the design to dominate its placement for years (even though there are many in the line as the sole competition.)

Perfected for the performance, Penn Championship 521019 comes with the controlled fiber release to go through being napped.

The natural rubber gives the perfect feel while reducing the shock to the increased level allowing it to play the shots nicely and steadily.

Classified to work even indoor and outdoor situations, you got the court leveled with clay, cement, and grass would not let you experience a bit of narrowing performance—great length resulting in playing the fantastic shots.

What you would be missing down here as to what it really makes America’s #1 selling ball for tennis, is actually marked as the official ball to play into USTA Leagues known for the high-quality and even the high standards to last without bursting for years.

Interlocked with the wool fiber comes with the guarantee to fit into all-courts to always play like a newer ball you took out exclusively for the same match.

It comes with deep-elastic seams resulting in making the perfect and consistent bounces. 😃

With this deal, you are not locking up yourself with just one ball but six cans, including over eighteen balls to play freely and without the tension of losing and ruining the ball.

  • Extra Duty with pressurized felt
  • Durable to the best
  • Suitable for all courts
  • Smells terrible over time

2. Wilson US Open 3 5579-1

Wilson US Open tennis ball

Since 1941, yes, you heard it right. Incepted in the year 1941, Wilson is known for producing the tennis balls’ high-standard for decades that are super reliable and durable to perform and experience the high-classed and hardly-experience tennis game despite the fact it is your first day at the court.

With Wilson US Open 3 5579-1, experience what has been said in the level of enjoyment of practicing your tennis skill to outgrow like a real professional player who knows every bit and piece of this one thrilling sport found in the whole wide world.

Surrounded with the premium level of the woven felt, the softened outer part having not the thin hairs embossed are trimmed to the size which would not ever felt by your hands as well as would not shred how hard the shot is played.

Designed to match the unparalleled consistency and the performance to stick into the tennis matches for as long as the trusted ball that has won the designation to play along as being approved by USTA and ITF to give the extreme competitive play throughout the game.

And by the name of having “US Open,” can you NOT expect it to become part of every US Open tennis game played between the world’s renowned tennis players gathered in the U.S.A. to compete for the title? Of course, it is.

Compatible to work best in giving the outstanding performance on the hard and over a few abrasive courts with being classed as Extra Duty, the pack of 3 balls in one can label with enough affordable price tag is the win here!

  • Extra Duty to best work on abrasive court types
  • Woven-based felt
  • Official tennis ball for US Open
  • Good for practice

3. Penn Championship 521109

It is crucial but durable to fit for the Regular Duty that comes with the felt and pressurized build to absorb all the hotshots and the hard bounces to send the tennis ball landing on the expected spot and the length give the perfect playing experience like a real pro.

Penn Championship 521109 tennis racquet ball

Penn, the maker of the #1 selling ball in America, and talking about this particular Penn Championship 521109 tennis ball is loaded with the fiber release which comes up with the immense control to throw and shot back the ball to the opponent player the way you want; either slow or fast, you decide when to hit the winning serve to score the point.

Works in all court types, no matter if you have soft, clay-rich, or paved courts; this regular duty tennis ball is an excellent fit to provide the exponential performance indoor and outdoor without giving you any of the hassles to learn and understand how the ball would be working instead.

Labeled to be assigned as the official tennis ball to play the matches out of USTA Leagues, this results in playing with the definite high-performing and the exceptional quality of ball known for providing the consistency to outperform many of the available tennis balls even from the renowned brands by a right margin.

  • Regular Duty felt
  • Comes from the #1 selling brand in the U.S.A.
  • Good for all courts
  • Works indoor and outdoor
  • A little on the expensive side

4. Wilson Championship WRT100104

Wilson Prime WRT102204

Number four got us to be listing the wonderful and the notorious tennis ball offered by Wilson Championship WRT100104 that is not less than a blessing to play with.

Approved by ITF and USTA, the standard and the quality used to put the ball up together and winning the spot into US Open and Australian Open Grand Slam championships to serve in every match for years.

And being an official tennis ball to help into NCAA (both for men and women) to showcase the wonders to the world and letting the players enjoy playing with the world-class tennis ball.

Explicitly designed for the hard courts and the surfaces without any discrimination and want to cool it down after a few minutes; being made with the concept of Extra Duty lets it to operate for longer hours no matter how stiff and hard are the surfaces.

Never spurns you from compromising your tennis skills, no matter the weather condition and the court (of course) to show the level of your professionalism in terms of playing and showcasing the finest of the tennis game as well as it supports the newbie even of the first day to serve like an extreme pro knowing so much about this beautiful sport.

Surrounded with the dura-weave felt is the ultimate guarantee to deliver the increased durability and improved performance to steer the whole gameplay to be in your very control from the beginning.

  • Approved by USTA and ITA
  • Official partner into US Open and Australian Open Grand Slam
  • Dura-weave felt
  • Somewhat pricey

5. Penn Championship 55108

Penn Championship 55108

Another tennis ball from the top-class producer maker, Penn Championship 55108, is amongst the best-liked, admired, and owned by the die-hard tennis enthusiasts and professionals around the whole wide world.

At first, it best works on the courts’ hard surfaces to flourish the tennis skill where the newbies and the tennis enthusiasts mostly get started.

Hence, it indeed is a blessing to start right off with the right kind of tennis ball to play over the more hard and stiff courts without hitting a single bit of a problem.

Sits well under the natural rubber gives the entirely consistent feel and reduces the shock to a greater extent along with interlocked wool fiber that hardly would register any wear.

The deep elastic-like of the seams prevents the cracking ever to resurface even playing under hot summery days.

Just like the most of the tennis ball, we can find (right from the reputable brands), this Penn Championship 55108 does not leap back in not acquiring approval from USTA and ITF and is the official contributor into USTA Tennis League from years letting the players enjoy a whole lot of professional tennis with this impressive and performance-rich tennis ball.

  • USTA and ITF approved tennis ball
  • Wrapped under natural rubber
  • Imported tennis ball
  • Balances-off during the spin

6. Wilson Prime WRT102204

Wilson Prime WRT102204

Primarily crafted for the all-court type of the tennis ball, Wilson Prime WRT102204 has the embossed duraweave felt that is little exceeding to more than the traditional performance to enjoy the extremely perfected tennis session.

Thankfully and being approved by ITF and the USTA with meeting all of the standards set by the dual bodies ensuring the high-end construction of the ball as well as safer to play the hours long of the game without needing stop for a bit to cool down the ball AND catching NO scratches and the cracks to give the utmost performance every day, and in every session.

Play either for the competition or just for the sake of training; this Wilson Prime WRT102204 does not mind being played and utilized for either purpose without needing to take care of the few items to keep the ball in one piece and known for performing with gold-standards during the matches.

Does not break and crack on whatever surface you get to play, this tennis ball is the proud partner to work as the official tennis ball in US Open, Australian Open Grand Slam, and the NCAA Tennis for men and women, so feel handling the pro-level of the tennis ball in your hand.

  • Made for excellent performance
  • All court-supported
  • Dura-weave felt
  • Bounce a bit unevenly.

7. Penn World Tour 10216

Penn World Tour ball

Extra-duty, extra-powerful, and guaranteed for exponential performance; these three superb traits are only found in one kind of the tennis ball namely Penn World Tour 10216 that is a good fit to deliver the outstanding performance over the hard courts without having you to stop bashing and playing the extended sessions for long.

Seated under natural rubber ensures the consistent feel while reducing the shock, which takes a bit of effort to make the ball retain (or gain) the expected height when serving into the opponents’ portion to glide the way you want.

What and how you want to make the ball act like it is all in your reasonable control and is enabled the moment it touches your tennis racquet’s strings, which sends back the ball by the same momentum you hit it with.

The more you can find about getting the ball in your very control is made sure with having the fiber release that does not make the ball to gain the cracks while absorbing the extreme pressure at the time of making the perfect hits with the velocity to travel a bit longer distance in a faster speed than much typical tennis ball you can find off the market.

Colored in the excellent color scheme of green, it comes with the increased visibility to prepare yourself in advance to play the perfect shots to gain maximum accuracy.

Designed for keeping its structure to the well around Extra Duty tackling the abrasive nature of the hard courts that are meant to break and leak the ordinary tennis balls which cannot really withstand the pressure of the extreme courts as well as the summery days that may let the ball to blast due to extreme weather conditions.

  • Best for the hard courts’ tennis ball
  • Controlled fiber release
  • Regular felt
  • Not as tough to withstand the pressure

8. Wilson Grand Slam XD WRT1043

Wilson Grand Slam XD WRT1043

Extremely affordable to the pockets and combined under the can with three balls, this Wilson Grand Slam XD WRT1043 is the proud production from the United States of America that is exclusively and explicitly designed for the all-court felt having the yellow-colored labeled around the surface for increased visibility.

No matter how hard your tennis court is or the soft, this tennis ball is meant to deliver outstanding results making your experience super soothing and adventurous to try and play the tennis game for long hours.

Extra Duty means it is definitely for the all-courts, especially for the hard surfaces to steer the ball as you drive it like a car to gain the expected speed, length, and velocity to make every tennis session an ultimate source of joy and fun always to remember.

No reason if you are a real newbie or the perfect athlete; this ball would urge you to dominate even the established player in the next game.

Made in Thailand and used as the imported ball, the combined purchase of three balls would be sufficient enough for the players to know they are eventually backed by the extra balls in case anything worse happens over time.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • FIts with all court
  • Colored in soft yellow
  • Turns to be looking like the part of grass when all messed up

9. Penn Tribute 521271

Penn Tribute tennis ball

Here we contain on number ninth the ball coming right from Penn Tribute 521271 laminated with the perfect color combination to retain the best attraction to gain excellent visibility allowing the players to think through and aim at the right spot the right time to play the perfect shot every time.

Loaded with fiber release giving you the greater control at hitting and throwing the tennis ball to catch the perfect napping where the natural rubber is meant to offer the consistent felt reducing the shock by the extreme levels where the ordinary balls come with the hardship of increased bouncing resulting into destroying the whole perfect tennis experience by large.

Penn Tribute 521271 is compatible with all courts and, despite the courts’ type, let them be hard or soft or indoor or outdoor without losing control and power.

Approved by USTA, this ball contains the high standards, and even the highest quality to come with the consistent serves to engage the players to bash the ball harder they could do.

Having interlocked with wool fiber and the deeper elastic seams make your trust in overbuilding while reducing the wear and tear to the higher levels.

  • All court tennis ball
  • Best in the performance
  • Approved by USTA
  • A little smelly than the most tennis balls

10. Penn Championship 521412

Penn Championship 521412

Lastly, in our quest to find the best tennis balls, Penn Championship 521412 would never go out of your radar deliberately.

Designed and designated for the different courts containing the surfaces to play nicely, even on the soft to hardcourt types.

Labeled as the official USTA Leagues, this ball from Penn is undoubtedly the winner being made because of the quality it holds for the tennis players to play the excellent professional game.

Sewn-through the deep-elastic seams providing you with the increased durability and the bounces to enjoy retaining the required length without having you forcibly increase the shot power.

Durable to the best, it comes with the interlocked wool fiber making it the best contender to perform on all sorts of tennis courts without any problem.

Meant to keep the shock at the reduced level and the consistent feel is taking it to enough softened type allowing the players to serve the ball the way they want with remaining it all in your control to play the beautiful tennis session all in the professional way.

  • Gains higher altitude to play the excellent tennis game
  • Unparalleled consistency
  • Comes with deep elastic seam
  • Just a little high in the price

Conclusion of the Tennis Balls

And let’s end the hunt of the best tennis balls right here as we got up to ten of the high-end tennis balls just for you guys NEVER to let you face the extensive and time-taking research to get a lock on what sort of the tennis ball you should be looking for.

NO reason to go through such an ordeal when you have this exclusive guide containing only the best products out of tennis balls right in front of you.

So, sit back and ready to face and pick what looks close to being your dream tennis ball to play up the beautiful tennis game despite your skill level.

Various Types of Tennis Balls ◍ (Buyer guide)

Different Surfaces require different tennis balls based on various skills and playing styles. Choosing the right type of ball plays a vital role in improving your game. Here are some common tennis ball lessons.

  • Extra Duty Tennis Balls are on hard courts

This type of tennis balls are designed for hard surfaces which are made up of thicker fibber inside, so they can resist damage from a slag-free surface.

  • Regular Duty balls are for clay or grass

Usually these balls, often referred to as soft ground balls, are used to be played on clay or grass. The thinner layer of the fibre does not let pickup clay in the yard.

Clay absorbs the effect of the ball more, so these types of balls are best for plays on clay ground.

  • All Court Tennis balls

A general purpose ball that is ideal for playing on any surface, whether it is hard, grass or gravel. If you plan to play on different surfaces, this is a regular ball that you can use on any field.

  • High Altitude Tennis Balls

This ball style is designed to play for 3,500 meters above sea level. So if you are planning to play in a mountain town, you can bring a box of tall balls. The problem with regular high-altitude balls is that they tend to bounce too high and too fast.

High altitude balls solve this problem and are intended for use in any field. The reason they work best at high altitudes is due to the pressure less core. Many manufacturers make an advanced version for each of their tennis balls.

  • Training Balls for beginners or Kids

This type of ball is designed to slow down tennis than a regular ball. The extra time to react and hit the ball is less frustrating for the new person in the game. They are available in foam in different sizes and with low compression.

  • Non-Pressurized or Pressure less Tennis balls

Sometimes this ball style is called depressing. They come in packaging as there are no pressure vessels. The goal of this ball style is bright.

Casual or recreational players can avoid this type of ball as you do not have to change it as often. They do not use flat balls under pressure, but they also do not have the same style of bounce, spin and speed.

Pressure-less balls are often used in tennis ball machines because they last longer.

Wilson and pen are one of the best brands of tennis ball so far. These are the brands you will most likely find at your local sporting or large retail stores.

Of course, there are other tennis equipment companies in the world that also make high quality tennis balls. Some of these brands are:

  • Wilson
  • Kevenz
  • Penn
  • Gamma

You can easily order one of the balls online at various retailers, but it can be harder to find these specialty brands if you don’t live in a major city.

It is normal to form a relationship with a particular brand of tennis balls. Of you are used to Wilson tennis racket; you may generally prefer Wilson tennis balls simply because of your loyalty to the brand.

Training tennis balls for children: red, orange, green and yellow balls

One of the best tennis training aids for children who are learning to play are special balls for children or teenagers. Sometimes they come in larger foam sizes so they can be considered easier to hit and lighter in weight. Larger balls hit your surface area more often.

They can be found in different colours.

  • The red ball is easy to compress for children less than 8 years of age.
  • The orange ball is also slightly compressed between the ages of 9 and 10 and is relatively smaller than the red one.
  • The yellow ball with the green dot is mild compression for 11 years or more and is even smaller than the red or green ones.

The yellow ball is a normal tennis ball.

How to choose the best quality tennis racket ball for you:

Just like when choosing a tennis racket, there are many factors by which you can select desired ball. The level of your skill set, the age and the surface of the court you will be playing with will all help you figure out what type of tennis ball will be suitable for you

What is your skill?

If you are a beginner or a kid, you can launch or train tennis balls without pressure. They jump and move slower than overtime or regular balls, so they are the best quality tennis racket balls on the field.

For most adults and teenagers who are physically strong, use regular yellow tennis balls even if you haven’t played them before.

However, Beginners must buy a cheaper ball. The top Wilson championship and Penn champion balls can be more suitable according to them.

  • Advanced players prefer something with more durability and consistency as they hit the ball harder.
  • Your best choices are best quality tennis racket balls from the Wilson US Open, Pro Penn Marathon, and Penn Tour. The championship balls above will work too, but they won’t last more than a game or two.

What court decisions do you play?

It is also important to choose balls for your playground surface.

If you play on a hard court, land there with extra duty.

Grass or clay needs regular maintenance.

Use high balls to play high above sea level.

What is your budget?

If you have limited budget, you can go for an option that costs less than tips like Wilson or Penn balls. Note, however, that these won’t last just like other best quality tennis racket balls.

A quick history lesson about tennis balls

In early 1870s, tennis balls were used to be made up of Indian rubber, which were made using an aging process invented by Charles Goodyear.

Originally tennis balls were only made of rubber, but this was later improved by covering them with flannel sewn around the rubber core. As development continued, the main cavity was hollowed out and pressurized with gas.

The balls are made on the “clover leaf” principle, where a non-stick rubber sheet is stamped in a shape resembling a clover leaf and it is moulded into a spherical shape.

Imagining, this didn’t quite work out, and as the game got more professional it required a higher level of evenness so the process was switched to using a two and a half bowl mold.

Those of you who watched tennis on the day Rod Laver was the winner know that the balls are black or white depending on the colour of the court.

In 1972, however, the ITF introduced yellow tennis balls as they were more visible to the audience. Wimbledon continued to use traditional white balls in the standard style but adopted yellow balls in 1986.

What makes a good tennis ball?

Why a good ball can be divided into two categories:

  • What players like
  • What type of bodies is the ITF and USTA look for?

Although the needs are different, the two are closely related.

As a player, I like two things:

  • Excellent durability
  • Consistent rebound and play

The ITF is looking for more than that, but their demands generally ensure that we as players will get both.

In its test lab, the ITF tests the following when approving balls:

  • Mass – must be between 56.0 and 59.4 grams
  • Size – The correct size is determined by two ring gauges. A ball must pass through the larger one under its own weight, but not through the smaller one. Each ball turns on gauges to check its concentration.
  • Deformation – originally with a Stevens machine, but now with an automatic deformer tester.
  • Bounce – The test involves dropping the ball vertically from a height of 254 cm (100 inches) and measuring the bounce.
  • Durability – is done with an air cannon that shoots bullets at a hard surface. The speed of the ball is 40 m / s (144 km / h); each ball is subjected to 20 strokes. The outer surface (fabric) of the ball is supported by placing two balls simultaneously in a sandbox for two minutes. The sandbox is covered with sandpaper and there are three rotating wooden pads that throw the balls into the box.

Types of bullets to avoid

Above all, avoid bullets:

Unbranded Balls

This is the kind you might find in a plastic bag at your grocery store. These balls are good for dogs, but not good for tennis. They are generally heavy, hard, and play like a brick. Avoid.

Tennis pressure less balls

Every decent best quality tennis racket ball for the game is in a closed press. Although using pressure-less ball bearings is like a ball machine or basket-filled workouts, the balls need to be squeezed if you want to improve and play games.

All balls used in league matches etc. are pressed, so it makes sense to practice with them as well. Otherwise you get a nasty surprise on game day because they fly more than pressure balls in the court.

Avoid buying from stores that don’t often sell balls

The last avoidable risk is not buying balls from places where a ball tube is only sold once in a blue moon.

The reason is that the pressure in the hose passes over time. So if you buy one that has accumulated dust in the past 12 months, the bullets aren’t as good as a brand new collar from the manufacturer, and they don’t jump on too much.

So be sure to buy from a retailer that offers decent stock throughout the year. This way, they regularly receive new balls, and the ones you buy won’t go on sale for a few months.


What is the difference between regular duty and Extra Duty Tennis Balls?

Regular tennis balls are intended for soft surfaces such as grass or gravel. Extra custom balls are intended for hard surface based courts.

Felt cover on regular space thinner balls helps to absorb less clay. They have little down to deal with. Extra duty balls have a thick layer of fibre to get the right amount of return. They are also more resistant to wear on harder surfaces than regular balls.

Difference in between pressurized and pressure less tennis balls?

The difference between pressurized and no -pressure balls are that you don’t have to replace no -pressure balls as often. The felt surface of the ball decreases over time, but they do not fall like pressurized tennis balls.

As pressurized Tennis ball lose their jumping power after a certain play, or if you leave them in your tennis bag long enough, you have to buy a lot of balls.

Pressurized tennis balls are more common and recommended in most situations?

People like pressure less tennis balls to play or exercise during free time. Pressure less balls are the best tennis balls for a ball machine because it lasts longer.

Most advanced or professional players do not use balls without pressure. They are usually intended for amateur games. You can usually buy pressure less balls in large quantities before training.

What do the numbers on tennis balls mean?

The numbers on tennis balls don’t matter. These are the easiest way of identification.

The purpose of numbers is that when you play alongside other courts, you don’t mix your balls. That way you can take home all your balls at the end of the game.

Final Words:

Best tennis balls are very durable and long lasting. Brands like Wilson, Penn, and Kevenz have been manufacturing high quality balls for the tournaments worldwide and Wilson is used in more than 72 tournaments.

There are few important features to keep in mind while you go for buying the ball. You keep in mind the quality and durability of the ball. Some balls are good for training level only and are slow and smooth.

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