Can I Put Tennis Shoes in The Dryer? Types & Step-By-Step Guide In 2022

Have you ever wondered if it is safe to use your dryer to dry dirty shoes?

Whether you are a little worried about them getting damaged when you dry them in the machine, you are not alone.

Due to this reason, I dug into the matter and found the following solution.

So, can I put tennis shoes in the dryer? You can put most shoes in the dryer with little or no damage when using the proper settings and methods.

You can damage the machine or your shoes if you do not do it properly.

If you put your heavy shoes directly into the dryer, you will probably be required to pay significant repair costs.

The fabric of your expensive shoes can become permanently damaged if you dry them in a dryer.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Drying Your Shoes

You need to take a few precautions when you throw shoes in the dryer. Placing your shoes in a dryer and pressing a lot of buttons is not the best idea.

You should follow the details provided below if you want to prevent the shoes from shrinking.

The following steps will ensure that the shoes and washing machine make it through the cleaning process.

You Should Check the Label On Your Shoes

A label is usually found inside the top of the shoe that gives you information about the dimensions of the shoe, its materials during its construction, the country of origin, etc.

If you do not know what the symbol for drying looks like, you can look for a square.

You Should Check the Label On Your Shoes

Machine drying is indicated by a square with a circle within it. Machine drying is impossible when an X appears inside the circle.

Some labels have a square with a circle within it and a dot inside the circle, which indicates that the label can be used under low temperatures.

Remember The Basics of Normal Drying

Remember The Basics of Normal Drying

Even though it isn’t normal to dry shoes in the dryer rather than clothes, that doesn’t mean you should overlook the basics just because you are doing something out of the ordinary.

Nothing can be more frustrating than going through the whole process and discovering that the shoes didn’t dry correctly or weren’t formed according to your expectations.

Put Towels and Shoes in Your Machine

The shoes tumble inside the dryer and may cause warping or even damage to the dryer.

The idea is to put towels of various sizes in the dryer in order to soak up any liquid from the shoes if they get knocked around.

Additionally, you can place small rags inside the shoes to help them dry more quickly and to prevent shrinkage during the drying process.

You can accomplish this by using small items like scarves, socks, or handkerchiefs.

Hang Your Shoes from The Door by Tying Them Together

In order to prevent your shoes from slamming, you should tie the laces tightly so that they are connected to the inside of your shoes. After that, you must remove all the laces except the last one.

Ensure the laces don’t have loops or bow ties, as you usually do when tying your shoes.

Hang Your Shoes from The Door by Tying Them Together

The laces will not dry properly if tied in knots; therefore, they should not be tied in knots. The laces should be tied tightly to allow them to dry properly.

When you have tied them together, you will need to drape them in the dryer to prevent them from falling inside,

But you will need to leave some lace on the machine while you are doing this so that you can close the door and the knot will keep them from falling inside.

There is no difference in how you will be able to do this whether you have a top-loading or a front-loading dryer.

Set The Correct Settings

To get the best results from your dryer, ensure it is set to Air Dry. As an alternative, if that is not an option, you could try turning your dryer on at the lowest setting possible.

Since overheating your shoes or over drying them can cause them to shrink as they dry, you need to ensure you are not doing either of these things.

In the case of a machine that has a 60-minute automatic setting, there is no need for you to do anything.

However, you should still ensure that your shoes are dry after every fifteen minutes.

Your shoes will take a few hours to dry completely, depending on the dryer’s power and the amount of moisture they had at the beginning.

The time it will take for them to be completely dry will depend on how much time you spend judging how dry they are.

What Types of Shoes Are You Capable of Drying?

You can make life much easier if you dry your shoes in the dryer. The process is quick and easy, and it takes minimal effort.

What Types of Shoes Are You Capable of Drying?

If the shoe label on your shoes says machine approved, you can stop thinking about it.

In times when this luxury is not available, here is a list of common materials that are safe for machines.

1. Cotton

The organic cotton and corn shoes released by Reebok in August 2018 illustrate how sustainability is gaining momentum.

organic cotton and corn shoes released by Reebok

Because many of our shirts are cotton and can be washed and dried in the dryer, shoes made of the same material make sense.

2. Canvas

Typically, the shoes made of canvas are the ones that are the safest to wear. The rough material that resembles a tent or sail may be the closest to a tent.

Most of these shoes are made with rubber soles and have plastic or metal holes for the laces to wind through or out of.

Converse shoes are an excellent example of a shoe made from canvas and can be machine washed without affecting its quality.

3. Polyester

There are nylons and polyesters present in the inside tags of your clothes.

Because of the stretchy nature of the nylon and polyester blends, they are often found in running shoes.

Today, nylon is most often used in cross-blends to improve comfort than polyester or cotton.

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