How To Play Tennis with Really Sweaty Hands – Effective Ways To Deal

Sweat can lead you in losing your game. Yes I am right the sweat can stop you hitting the ball in a professional way while you are going to win your game.

Sweat is not dangerous as it is a normal function that helps the body in regulating its temperature. Your sympathetic nervous system controls your sweat and generates it when there is a heat alert. That is why you get sweaty in hot weather conditions while playing your tennis game. But the question is how to play tennis with really sweaty hands?

Here I am ready to give you effective ways that can help you with your sweaty hands in your game. Just don’t stop reading and read till end. I am pretty sure you will find the best effective way for yourself among the list I have prepared for you.

Tips to get rid of sweaty hands:

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Here is the list I have gathered with lots of research. This list has all those effective ways that can definitely help you in getting rid of sweaty hands and making the right hit. 

Experiment all, Choose wisely!

  • Use of over grip

We all know that over grips are very important when you play tennis. There are generally two types of over grips

  • Grips for tackiness 
  • Grips for extra sweat absorption

If you choose the right over grip then you are going to make a lot of difference but right now our focus is on the over grips that absorb extra sweat. The over grips that absorb moisture are perforated and because of this they are more breathable and have good ability of dampening the sweat.

There are many grips that are specially made for absorbing the sweat and you can find a perfect list of right sweat absorbing over grips on our Article “Best Over Grip For Sweaty Hands

  • Rotate your rackets

If you can afford then you must have a match racket. When you will have two rackets you can keep switching between them back and forth, once you find your grip is sweaty.

As soon as you change your racket you can give the sweaty racket enough time for drying.

  • Clothing 

Clothing plays a vital role and this is why experts keep on improving the clothing of athletes for their game. There are many shirts and shorts that are designed for keeping the body cool and dry.

You can always bring extra shirts to the court so that when your T-shirt gets too sweaty you can change your shirt and feel more confident and fresh.

We also see that most of the players keep on cleaning their sweaty hands with their t-shirt so if the t-shirt is already wet with the sweet then this can be of a problem.

  • Rosin bag

Many players bring chalk powder or talcum for dealing with the Sweat most of the time it becomes very Messy and inconvenient. At this point Rosin bags are better.

Good quality rosin bags can last long and are affordable.

Drawback of rosin bag is that it can damage the over grip and the base grip. It can make the grip slimy and messy when accumulated with talc.

  • Towel

Towels can play a great role only if you remember to bring the right one with you in the court.

You can always place your towel somewhere handy and can keep on cleaning your hands with the towel whenever you desire. Instead of using any cloth you can use Towel it is more effective and hygienic.

  • Wristbands

Though wristbands are very small accessories but they can make great difference. The main purpose of the wrist band is not to look cool but it is something else.

Wristbands help you in absorbing the sweat that is running down your arms. They come in different sizes but for better absorption the wider ones are the right ones. Don’t forget to keep futurist bands in the bag, they are going to be a great addition to the Tennis accessories and shall keep you dry.

  • Antiperspirant spray

You are going to find huge list of deodorants and antiperspirants. The antiperspirant can be aggressive but they do excellent job in preventing the Sweat for the athletes.

Different anti-perspirant spray has different usage and few of them are used really once or twice a week. But I am very sure that you are going to be surprised by the results.

  • Grip enhancers

Use of grip enhancers can be great benefit but grip enhancers have to be changed at every change over.

  • Hand sanitizing gel

The procedure of applying hand sanitizer is very simple

  1. Wash the hands with water
  2. Dry your hands with the towel
  3. Apply Hand sanitizing gel

This procedure is going to help you keeping your hands smooth and dry for quite a long time. There are many uses of sanitizing gel for example

  • It removes the dirt
  • Helps in getting rid of dead skin
  • Helps in getting free from skin oils that makes your hands slippery

Things to avoid using for Sweaty hands

There are many things that you should not be using if you want to get rid of your sweaty hands such as Gloves.

Gloves might do a little for your sweaty hands but at the end they are going to make the case words and reduce the ventilation for your hand. There are quite a few times we have observed few players using Golf rain glove. You can give it a try but I don’t recommend.


Tennis is a game played worldwide. People are progressing in game and practice day and night. So while playing this game they come across issues like sweat.

Sweaty shirts and shorts can be changed in the changeover and you can always wear the wristband for sweat running down from your arms.

But the actual issue is the sweaty hands from which you have to make the shot, hold the racquet, and win the game. There are many ways to get rid of sweaty hands such as good sweat absorbing grips, towels, sanitizing gels etc…

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