How To Tie A Rope Around A Tennis Ball? A To Z Guide In 2022

Wrap a rope around a tennis ball until the ball is completely encased, leaving an 18-inch “tail” of rope. Create a “handle” of about 4 inches in diameter by looping the end of the “tail” and tying a tight knot, leaving about 12 inches of rope between the Tennis Ball and the knot of the handle. 

A Step By Step Guide

A string tied round over a ball may be connected to the quit of a mild piece of line referred to as a messenger line, which may be thrown from a person onboard to a person ready on a pier.

The messenger line’s different quit is hooked up in your dock line. After catching or choosing up the ball (referred to as a monkey fist) with the rope tied around it.

The individual at the pier can pull the messenger and one quit of your dock line over one of the pier’s bollards. You can tighten your quit of the dock line as soon as your boat is completely docked.

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What You’ll Require

  1. 3/16-inch diameter polypropylene rope
  2. A one-inch-diameter ball
  3. Tape for ducts

1st Step:

Pull three inches of the three/sixteen-inch polypropylene line over your hand and go away it alone. Make 3 whole wraps of the road round one hand’s fingers (called “vertical wraps”).

threesixteen-inch polypropylene line

2nd Step:

Girdle the vertical wraps via way of means of passing the “sour quit” of the road thru the center of the 3 wraps, then making 3 whole turns across the middle of the vertical wraps.

3rd Step:

Push the sour quit thru one loop of the vertical wraps after passing it thru the center of the knot as soon as more. Finish the “fist” with the aid of using making 3 whole wraps through each loop of vertical wraps.

4th Step:

Make a Figure Eight knot with the quit you left undisturbed and push the ball into the middle of the fist. The Figure Eight knot has to be tucked into the fist.

Pull every section of the fist (now called a monkey fist) tight, in addition to the sour quit, which may be tied to the messenger line.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best way to tie a basket knot?

What's the best way to tie a basket knot

The basketweave knot is demonstrated in this video. To make a loop, first place the string on a hook, then cross the two sides.

To make a pretzel shape, widen the loop and pull the right and left strings up, then pull the loops down. Twist the bottom loops together and stack them on top of each other.

2. What exactly is the purpose of a monkey fist?

Sailors used a monkey’s fist knot to feature more weight to give up a heaving line, which was used to throw a cable from ship to shore.

The knot could be tied at one give up of the line, with a further weight added, and the opposite give up could be tied to the heavier cable.

3. What is the best way to make a rope doorstop?

To make the doorstop, cut a 2′′ long slit in a tennis ball with a knife or scissors. Fill the slit with sand, rice, or small pebbles by pinching it open.

This is going to be your weight. If you used sand, you might want to cover the slit with tape, but otherwise, the tennis ball will close on its own.

4. What is a dead knot, exactly?

A knot that has lost its fibrous connection to the surrounding wood is prone to loosening and falling out or being knocked out.

5. What is the most difficult knot to untangle?

The impossible knot is a nickname for the double fisherman’s knot, which is its technical name. It got its name not because it’s difficult to tie — it’s quite simple — but because untying it is nearly impossible. The double fisherman knot is used to join the ends of two ropes or cords.


Tying a rope around a tennis ball is very simple. Follow the above step-by-step guidelines while doing this. Hoping this article helped you get information about how to tie a rope around a tennis ball clearly and concisely.

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