What Size Tennis Racket Do High Schoolers Use? [Latest Info In 2022]

Analyzing the size of playing the racquets for high schoolers should be necessary before finalizing to play the game.

If you don’t Choose The Right Size, you may cause yourself to lose the game or get a loser in the game.

Imagine that; you are playing with your friends, and the size you choose for playing is too large for your age. Then how you’ll handle the racquets, and how do you play?

That’s why you should know what size tennis racket do high schoolers use? Specially, the best three racquet sizes are available for the high schoolers, which are the best in price, features, and materials.

However, this is another factor in analyzing the size and quality before playing the game.

Here I will tell you what tennis size you need for high schoolers. So, read on below and get a lot of knowledge.😀

Choose The Right Tennis Size Racket

Well, selecting a tennis size depends on your skills and your height and age.

If you are like me, I mean unprofessional and just start to go to High School to learn tennis skills, you may choose the medium tennis size.

According to your age and height, you may choose the tennis size so that you can play perfectly.

Without letting too much down and up, tennis will be accurate according to your size, so that you can handle it easily.

While if you get the large size of tennis and your height is too small, believe me, you cannot handle the tennis. And, you can’t play the game with extra size.

So, always concentrate on your size and then choose tennis.

What Do You Need From A Racket?

Generally, it is an obvious question that you should ask yourself before buying a racquet.

But, I am sure no one asked himself before purchasing. Let me tell you why it is an important question to ask first!

It’s the nature of humans to get attractive things like design and colors. The colors and design attract the human eye that develops more interest in playing games with the best.

So, choosing the right and unique color with noticing a size is also significantly vital to get.

However, if you love the tennis colors and design, your interest will automatically develop, and you will play the game more pleasantly.

So, take advantage of the unique color and a perfect size of tennis.

Strength And Body Size

Rackets are available with different sizes and strengths of tennis which depends on the level of the players.

If the player has the strength to control the strengthened racquets, then choose the strong and better suitable size racquets.

In general, the larger the body of a racket, the more power it will provide.

If you look attentively at the professional players on television, you’ll see that their racket frames aren’t extensive.

That’s because they’re often strong players who can generate their own power instead of relying on their racket for assistance.

Racket Size According To The Player’s Age


All sizes of the rackets are given below with the adult-sized and Age.

19 to 23 Inches Racquets

If the player is under the age of 8, they need to choose the 19 to 21 and 23 inches size of racquets.

However, this size utilizes the under 8 age of players because they can easily control the racquets and play the game with their best efforts.

23 to 25 Inches Racquets

Whether the player is under 10 or 10 years old, they should select the 23 inches above racquets to the 25 inches.

However, this size is perfect for the players to play the game perfectly.

26 Inches Racquets

If the player is the youngest guy and they want to make the transitions above the 77-foot court.

The perfect size of those is to choose 26 inches of racquets. This is because the 26 inches size of racquets has the ability to make high transitions.

27 Inches And Up


As we mentioned earlier, the length depends on the adult-size racquets. As the levels go up, they have the ability to play easily and make the high feet transition’s

However, if the player is an adult over 10, 12, 13, or more, they can definitely choose the 27 inches and up racquets.

They have more power and the ability to take adventures while paying, so they can also control the large racquets.

That’s why it is necessary to select the racquet before judging the age first. All the requests size and weight vary on the player controlling efforts.

What Size Tennis Racket Does A 15-Year-Old Need?

Children over 11 inches tall must use a 19” or 21” racket, whereas younger children should utilize a 17” racket.

A 23” racket is recommended for children between the heights of 3 feet 11 inches and 4 feet 4 inches.

Final Verdict

As you all know, the tennis size has come with a different level that depends on the adult-aged.

However, if you are under 8 or above 13, there are different sizes to choose from. So you may not be worried about what size Tennis Racket high schoolers use!

I hope all the points and ages difference according to the racket size I discussed; will clearly get into your mind.

Unless you are in the mode of practicing, you should consider the above guide. After practicing, once you are capable of hitting the 78 feet transition court, you can choose the racket size as per your experience.

So, best of luck and play the game with the right tennis size!😃

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