Which Tennis Racquet Is Right For Me? | PRO TIPS In 2022

Which tennis racquet is right for me_

Many important features should consider at the time of purchasing the best racquet. In this article, we will provide you the best guide that helps you in finding your answer about which tennis racquet is right for me.

A ball, the best shoes, and a net are the essentials types of equipment for playing tennis.🙂

But among all, the racquet is the most essential part of the tools of tennis players. The racquets have a strong impact on the success of a tennis player.

It is not a matter of either you are a beginner or an advanced player, the right racquet always impacts your tennis games.

Factors Of Choosing The Right Racquet

There are many ways to consider when buying a tennis racquet. Now we will tell you about some pro tips that help you find the right racquet for you.

1. Head Size

The head size of the racket has a major impact on the swing when you play tennis. First of all, find out which size of the head is best for you.

The right head size depends on personal preference and skill level. There is two head size and each of them has their specialty:

  • The smaller head size of the racket allows you more control.
  • The larger head size is best to deliver more power.

If you are a beginner at playing tennis, then a larger head size is the right option for you. The smaller head size is perfect for those players who have a comfortable level of playing tennis.

2. Weight

Factors of choosing the right racquet

Both heavier and light racquets have also an impact on the player’s performance. The range of the weight of the racquet is between 9 ounces and 11 ounces or maybe more.

The weight has an impact on power and control. The heavier weight has its best specialty and the lower weight has its specialty.

  • The heavier racquets deliver more power.
  • The lighter racquets are very comfortable to control.

The choosing of the right weight of the racquets is also depending on how much you play more singles or doubles.

If a tennis player is playing more doubles, then lighter racquets are best recommended for that player. But if you play more singles, then the slightly heavier racquet is most suitable for you.

3. Length

Most of the length of the racquets is 27 inches long. The maximum length that is allowed in any match of tennis is more than 29 inches.

The longer racquets have many benefits that short racquets do not have in them. The long racquet allows you to easily reach the ball on ground strokes. Such racquets provide additional leverage.

More power is provided by the long-length racquet. But the long length of the racquet is the reason for higher swing weight and so can allow less control.

And the short length of the racquets can be easy to handle. Such racquets are most suitable for smaller adult players.

When the Tennis Racquet is chosen for a junior tennis player, and then the age of that junior player must be considered.

The racquets for junior are shorter than other typical racquets. The different sizes for junior players are:

  • If the length of the racquets is between 19 and 23 inches, then the racquets are best for 8 and below 8 years old players.
  • The length of the racquets between 23 and inches are most suitable for 9-10 years old tennis players.
  • The players that adjust to the 78-foot court are best to select the 26 inches long racquets.

4. Grip Size

tennis racquet grip size

The grip of the racquet is only the part that you touch when playing the tennis match. The size of the grip influences the performance of the tennis player.

The proper grip provides the best control and you can easily control the racquet as you need.

One way to find the right size of the grip of the racquet is by using the thumb.

For the selection of which tennis racquet is right for me, the grip size is measured as:😃

  • Simply take the racquet as a forehand.
  • Then, there should be a gap of 1 finger between fingers and palm. Such grip size is the right way to choose.

Types Of Racquets

There are many types of tennis racquets. Consider that type of racquet which suits your playing style and your experience level.

1. Pre-Strung Vs Unstrung Racquets:

The racquet is either pre-strung or un-strung. You can choose that type of racquets as your level of experience of playing tennis.

The pre-strung racquets have already installed strings. This is the right option for the recreational player. Such racquets provided different levels of the versatility of playing tennis.

The un-strung racquets have not pre-installed strings and it allows you to tailor the rings as you want or need.

It is the best choice for advanced players and they customize the strings according to their style of playing tennis.

Strings are the most prominent aspect of a tennis racquet. The right strings on the racquet are very important because they influence the game.

2. Premium Racquets:

The premium racquets are for those players if they want to refine their skills.

The four different premium racquets include a power racquet, control racquet, tweener racquet, and a modern player’s racquet, etc.

The power racquets have a larger size of heads and these are lighter racquets.

The weight of racquets is usually below 9.5 ounces. They will provide more energy when you hit the ball.

The control racquets are more suitable for advanced players. These racquets have smaller heads and are heavyweight.

The purpose of control racquets is to enhance stability and also provide more flexibility.


Sometimes the selection of the right tennis for players is a tough decision for them.

We hope that this article will provide you the best information about which tennis racquet is right for me.

But when you find out the right tennis racquet, you can be ready to win any game. You will surely find the Best Tennis Racquet.



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