Perfect Tennis Racquet Grip Size For Professionals In 2022

Tennis Racquet Grip Size

If you are looking forward to playing a professional game on the court, then choosing the right grip for Your Tennis Racquet is the most important thing. The tennis racquet grip size is the measurement of the perimeter of handles octagonal cross-section.

Professionals know that their game completely depends on their racquets, their footwear, and their type of game.

No matter you are playing in an open court or a closed court, it is important to check the entire essential before you go for a game.

In this article, you will find out the available sizes of the grip, why choosing the right size is necessary, what factors must be considered before choosing the grip, the ways of choosing a grip, and tips for finding the right size of the grip.

Sizes Of Grip

Basically, there are two sizes of grip:😃 

  • for juniors 4 inches 
  • for seniors 4.75 inches 

The learners, they are not taught much about the effects of choosing the right grip size. But as soon as the game grows, all the armatures are taught the right way to find their perfect Grip Sizes.

In the beginning, the size might not matter to you a lot but the professionals know that using the wrong grip size can affect the game.

Racquet grip size can give you a lot smoother and adventurous game as compared to the grip that is either a small grip for you or large.

Why Choose The Right Size?

 tennis racquet grip size

Choosing the right grip is the key to play a good game. But if a better grip is not chosen, it may result in getting into different kinds of issues.

Following are the issues you can go through if you choose the wrong size:

  • Poor performance
  • Injuries to the hand, elbow and wrist
  • Irritation
  • Lack of interest

Thus choosing the tennis racquet grip priority if you are a professional tennis player.

Factors to be considered before choosing a Tennis grip size

There are many factors that must be considered before buying a perfect racquet for you.

Many do not consider these factors, but if you are looking forward to playing a good game, then neglecting these factors might not be helpful.

Following are the factors that should always be considered first before you choose a Tennis grip size.

  • Shape
  • Overgrip
  • Type of grip

What Is An Over Grip

What is an over grip

Over grip is an addition to the grape and adds either half or a complete size to the racquet.

But if you are going to add an over grip, then always choose a racquet half or one size lower depending on the type of grip you are going to use.

How To Choose Tennis Racquet Grip Size

There are basically two ways to find the right tennis racquet grip size for you. Both tests are mentioned below.

  • Index finger test

While using an Eastern grip hold the Tennis in your dominant hand. Eastern grip is where the heel pad and Index knuckle rest on the Third level. Thus the string face and Palm will be placed on the same level. 

As soon as you have achieved your Eastern grip, slide the index finger of the other hand between the ring finger and palm.

The perfect tennis racquet grip size will be the one in which your index finger fits between the gap.🙂 

If the room is not enough or if the room is too much, then the grip might be too small or too large for you.

Once you have found the exact grip try the finger test a few times more in order to make yourself sure. Retesting is actually a scientific approach and it gives accurate results. 

  • Ruler test

The other way of measuring tennis racquet grip size for you is the ruler test. The only two things required for this is your dominant playing hand and a ruler. 

The very first step is to open your hand completely and fully extend all your fingers and close them together. 

The second step is to take the ruler and align it parallel with the ring finger and the bottom of the scale in the second or middle crease of the palm.

The size of the racquet will be determined by the length between the bottoms of the scale to the tip of the ring finger.

The length should fall between 4 to 4.5 inches. This measurement can be used to find the exact size of the tennis racquet Grip. 

But once again, you find a racquet with a ruler test doesn’t forget to use the index finger test to make yourself sure.

Tips For Selecting A Tennis Racquet Grip Size

  • If you are not sure between two sizes, always go for the smaller ones you can always use over grips to increase the size, but you can never decrease the size of the bigger grips. 
  • Don’t use a smaller grip racquet significantly as it will require more force while squeezing the handle.  This can affect the elbow, forearm, or your hand.  This may also lead to tendonitis and fatigue.
  • Similarly, don’t go for larger grips as it may restrict the motions of the wrist, requires more strength, and make changing grips difficult.
  • Right tennis racquet grip size help you playing comfortably, and you are allowed a full range of motion.
  • Most of the time, the butt cap of the racquet will be listed in the tennis racquet grip size, if not, and then check the racquet frame throat.

Finding the right grip is very important for professionals. The tennis game depends on the racquet, shoes, and your type of gameplay.

Choosing a small grip will lower your movement of the wrist, and choosing the big grip with resisting the movement. Thus two types of tests are given, the index finger test and the ruler test for choosing the right grip.

But remember to use the index finger test while choosing the final grip size for yourself. A good tennis racquet grip size will allow you to play comfortably and give you a complete range of motion.

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