How Can I Make My Shoes Wider For My Feet | 3 Best Ways In 2022

How Can I Make My Shoes Wider For My Feet

Before playing the game, the first concentrate is to maintain comfort. However, if you are not comfortable with your clothes, shoes, and things that you wear, you can’t perform better.

That’s why maintaining the balance and keeping you comfortable should be high concentration.

Once I have to go to the tennis game and purchase the new shoes, they are not suitable for my feet. I was getting late, and I was worried about how can I make my shoes wider for my feet!

In a while, one of my true friends tells me how I can make wider shoes for my feet. And believe me; I am glad to apply that method because this was worthy.

I can understand, most of the people face the same issues, but if you are also faced, let me tell you each and everything.

But, knowing the things before purchasing the shoes for support can save you from this issue. Below I have discussed what to pay attention to for the wide feet!

Ankle Support

Most tennis shoes have quite padding foam around the ankle, unlike other shoes. That may cause discomfort for those who are habitual wearing lightweight shoes.

However, you can stable your feet and move on all sides when you are purchasing.😀

If the shoes’ pairs bother you and disturb you, they will injure your feet while you are playing. So, choose the pair which is good for you to wear comfortably.


Insole plays a vital role in your shoes to provide comfort. It will impact the big when you have fallen while playing the game; it protects you with high or neutral arches.

However, these shoes come with high arches and low, it all depends on your choice.

Because some people fall and are in pain when they are wearing shoes with high arches. And some of the people are most comfortable with using high arches shoes.

Therefore, you should check your current sneakers in which you are comfortable and then select the new ones.

You can also utilize orthotic inserts instead of the manufacturer’s insoles if you have specific foot problems. Most sports shoes have replaceable insoles that you can replace with your own.


The midsole significantly adds to the support shoes because they keep cushioning in the game, like jumping and running.

However, it may have a lightweight that makes you cool while wearing the shoe.

With this shoe, if you are experienced, you might enjoy a less cushioning shoe because it keeps your joints protected.

These materials are also essential, and a high-quality midsole helps you a lot in playing the game perfectly.

A high-quality springy without heavyweight offers to jump and to run, especially in the tennis game.

One of the most popular foams you might hear before is the EVA foam midsole. It is very common and trendy in tennis shoes that protect and make your feet soft.

So, always find the best tennis shoes that can feel your comfort and protect your joints.

How Can You Make Your Shoes Wider?

There are different ways that you can apply to make your shoes wider. If method one is not worthwhile for you, you can apply the second one.

Method 1- Walking In A Carpet

If your shoes are less comfortable, then follow this method for the wider shoes.


Allow your feet to rest before attempting this procedure, mainly if it’s hot outside or you’ve walked a long distance that day.

Do you have any new shoes? Only walk on carpets or carpeted surfaces so that you may return the shoes in good condition if necessary. Some of the time,

It will help with wide shoes.😃

Method 2- Peel a Potato

Peel a potato and shape it into the toe box of your shoe (front of the shoe).

Dry the potato with a paper towel before stuffing it into your shoe for the night. This procedure can give you a little extra stretch.

Method 3- Shoe Liquids & Stretch Sprays

For casual and sports shoes, many sprays and liquids to stretch leather are available in the market.

If both above methods don’t work, you can spray the shoes for an adjustable fit and make your shoes comfortable.

Do Tight Shoes Loosen Up?

Generally, shoes loosen up as you wear the most. But for the new shoes, you can apply the methods that I have shared above.

Yet, the entire process to make a shoe loosen can be done in a week if you wear it daily.

Final Worlds

There are most typical ways to make your shoes wide in your feet without spending much money.

But, if you are going late to the sports, there are some methods that you can apply to lose your shoes.

As I apply the methods, how can I make my shoes wider for my Feet? And I am very comfortable with my shoes after applying the above method.

I hope you got a lot of help from this article to get comfortable shoes.

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