Tennis Court Dimensions Size & All You Need To Know In 2022

Tennis is an enjoyable game because it provides competitive gameplay or an option to spend leisure time with family and friends. Although there are several different kinds of tennis courts that people play on.

People playing tennis always notice the size and dimension of the court they are playing on. All countries and states have different standards for the tennis court size.

A number of countries have laid out specific regulations for the size of the tennis court so as to provide guidelines for building or designing tennis courts.

This research aimed to present information regarding the dimensions and specifications of tennis courts around the world.

It included some examples of Tennis Court Dimensions, Tennis Court Specifications, Tennis Court Specification (Unit Sqm)and its description, The best kind of equipment used for measuring dimensions and specification of Tennis Court.

Perfect Tennis Court Dimension And Size

 There are two most important elements in a tennis court: Grass or artificial surface – an area which should be kept clear for the ball to pass through – height & width.

Grass or artificial surface

Apart from this, there are other variables like material used in laying out a Tennis Court, condition of grass or concrete, etc. These factors play an important role in making a tennis court what it is.

We are here discussing only the dimension and specification of the court. For better understanding, we will try to explain everything by describing needs related to dimensions a and tennis specifications of the court. 

These measurements can also vary according to country standards as they differ according to country standards which can be observed in the description part of this article.

But the most common dimension and size of a tennis court are 53*35 feet with international specifications, 648 square meters or 8096 sq ft.

Why You Need Perfect Dimension Of Court

For playing good game one needs a bigger space so keeping that in mind our researchers made efforts to measure these standards by every major countries in the world and get all data on table and so came out with these parameters as listed below:

Height (mm) = 65cm Width (mm) = 230cm Length (mm) = 730cm Thickness (mm) = 20cm Thickness (mm) = 2cm Depth (mm) = 15cm Ground Gravity Coefficient (GGC) = 0.88 / Slope (%) = 4% Curvature Radius (r) = 10m Sand Drainage Capacity (SC) = 1650 m2. 

 15cm Ground Gravity Coefficient

This is the main dimension and size of a tennis court in most countries. The dimension of international level playing courts is also 53*35 feet (630 sqm or 7770 sq ft).

This size and dimension of the court are profound to be most viable and playable for tennis sports. Knowing all the details, one needs to have complete information.

This post provides you with complete data about the dimension and specifications of a tennis court, so now go ahead and find your details from there onward to start enjoying your game with perfection.


So let us sum up by saying that if you don’t know how much area you need for playing tennis then better keep yourself prepared by getting full knowledge about dimensions and specifications of a tennis court.

Because only when you get all the required information will it be easy for you to enjoy your game in the best possible way. Have fun! 

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