The Best Tennis Racquets Of 2022 – Top 10 List with Complete Buyer’s Guide

Pure Strike Tennis Racquets

Tennis is quite a popular sport and it requires a lot of effort to find perfect gaming equipment for such a sport.

The game of tennis demands balance and proper moves. That’s one of the reasons you need to invest in the best tennis racquets for perfect playing experience.

Today we are going to talk about some of the best tennis racquets available in the market based on my personal experience, their quality, budget, and how they can be utilized. 

So, sit tight and have a look at the top 10 list as follows:😀

Top Ten Best Tennis Racquets

Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet
  • Head Size: 98 Square inches
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Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racquet
  • Head Size: 100 Square inches
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YONEX Vcore Pro Tennis Racquet
  • Head Size: 98 Square inches
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Wilson Blade Tennis Racquet
  • Head Size: 100 Square inches
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Wilson Clash Tennis Racquet
  • Head Size: 100 Square inches
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Head MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet
  • Head Size: 107 Square inches
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HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro
  • Head Size: 100 Square inches
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Wilson Burn Tennis Racquet
  • Head Size: 100 Square inches
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Prince Phantom Pro 100
  • Head Size: 100 Square inches
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Tecnifibre TFight 300
  • Head Size: 98 Square inches
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1. Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet – Best Tennis Racquet 2022

Babolat Pure Strike

There are multiple reasons why we love Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet.

The 11.4 oz strung weight is indeed approachable for the players. Moreover, the 98-square inch head size is perfect and gives a balanced shot.

The majority of the tennis players are quite satisfied with this racquet and give blasting performances. The flipping mechanism of this racquet is indeed smooth.

The players who play with attacking the net, always look for a well-balanced racquet for the perfect stroke. If you are also an all-court player, this is something for you.

One of the most popular features available within the racquet is the presence of a Woofer frame shape.

The overall design of the frames allows the string to move generously to the sweet spot, with additional power and less shock.

The hybrid frame construction is another feature of this racquet which is unmatchable. The square and elliptical shape of the frame provides a commendable blend of control.

The control of the frame is highly responsive and gives a proper feel and precision.

The FSI power technology used to manufacture this racquet provides the space between cross strings. This power technology helps in achieving double power, spin and comfort while hitting a shot.


This 3rd generation racquet is a rubber thin material, which gives the racquet a dampening feel.

The maneuverability of this racquet is excellent, the 11.4 oz and the swing weight of 327 provide effortless groundstroke.

  • Phenomenal Hybrid Frame Construction. 
  • FSI power technology provides more spacing.
  • C2 pure feel of rubber thin material. 
  • 98 square inch head. 

  • This racquet is slightly off-set by the control.
Final Views:
Pure Strike by Babolat is one of the best tennis racquets available in the market. I’d recommend you to check it out especially if you want to improve your gameplay skills drastically.

2. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet – With Active Cortex Technology

Babolat Pure Aero 2019

Next on our list is Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet, which is one of the finest racquets available in the market. Clay Court King Rafael Nadal recommends this racquet as well.

Tennis players are always concerned about their sports equipment. It is indeed difficult for a tennis player to have proper control over one racquet.

#Each player has different preferences and choices about the sporting equipment.

There are plenty of racquets in the market and each of them offers various. Hence, it is hard to choose anyone.

This Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet can produce topspin. The stiffness rating of this racquet is 69 to 67 which gives a proper grip to the player. 

Active Cortex Technology helps in reducing shock and vibration. The vibration capability from the top of the head is indeed perfect for a player. The handle-to-edge diameter of the racket is head at 3 and 9 o’clock.

The best part? This Babolat  Pure Aero Tennis Racquet is aesthetically beautiful with electric or neon yellow color. The aero modular design of this racquet gives the perfect swing in the air. 

The power mechanism of this racquet is indeed commendable. The Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet delivers the easy access powerful punch.

The power does not affect the heavy-topspin and provides the perfect pace to the player. Along with that, the aerodynamic headlight frame makes the player take an easy swing. 

This racquet does not require much effort from the player. There is no dragging feeling which makes this racquet effortless. The 100 square inches head size gives the perfect swing and the shot.

  • It offers a powerful punch.
  • Aerodynamic headlight frame 
  • Active Cortex technology. 
  • 100 Square inches of head.
  • Cannot be swung in close range. 
  • Expensive price tag. 
  • Customer support is awful.
Final Views:
Pure Aero is yet another tennis racquet available in the market by Babolat that is equipped with the latest technologies. So, better check it out before it runs out of stock.

3. YONEX Vcore Pro Tennis Racquet – Best Tennis Racquet For Fast Smash

YONEX Vcore Pro 97 310g

The spin potential and increased comfort are two major components of the best tennis racquet. Based on the key features, next on our list is YONEX Vcore Pro Tennis Racquet.

This racquet is indeed a perfect option for all-court players. The players who play from the baseline must keep this racquet as an option. 

The best part? This racquet does not have much weight like traditional racquets.

The control of this racquet is supreme without the additional ounces. The weight of this racquet is around 11.5 oz, and the head is 97 square inches. The maneuverability and the tour-level control is indeed excellent with plenty of power. 

The technology used to manufacture this racquet provides a fantastic hitting experience. The isometric square head provides the sweet spot with the 3D vector shaft.

Moreover, the unique blend of the carbon-graphite provides the dubbed black micro core exactly between 10 and 2 o’clock. The on-spot clock measurements improve the overall stability of the racquet.

The YONEX Vcore Pro Tennis Racquet is control-oriented. The high-level controlling power of this racquet is unmatchable which provides accurate power for the shot.

The weight of the racquet is not much, which increases the overall control and power. 🙂

This racquet is more fun at the baseline. The groundstroke with this racquet is solid and gives a crisp shot.

The amazing feel of this racquet is under control, which provides an unmatchable touch and feel.

The easy-to-access power mechanism of this YONEX Vcore PRO 97 is one of the features that make this racquet in our list. The support accuracy and precision is something that every player loves to have in their racquet.

  • 97 Square inches of the head. 
  • This racquet is highly control-oriented. 
  • High-performance support, accuracy, and precision.
  • 3D vector shaft offers an improved sweet spot. 
  • Not recommended for a novice player. 
  • Extremely expensive price tag. 
Final Views:
Yonex is a World Leader when it comes to either badminton or tennis racquet.
That’s one of the reasons you’d see many professionals using Vcore Pro as it offers a blend of power, swing, and control. Get it before it’s too late.

4. Wilson Blade Tennis Racquet – With Dense String Pattern

Wilson Blade v7 review

With the rise in technological advancements, it is evident that sporting equipment has also evolved.

Players now prefer the racquets which are technologically more advanced. Based on this, next in our is Wilson Blade Tennis Racquet

This Wilson Blade Tennis Racquet is indeed more flexible and it gives unmatchable stability to the player. 

The FeelFlex Technology gives a unique composition to this racquet which also allows the player to achieve the desired stability.

The perfectly parallel drilled racquet increases the sweet spot. The grommet holes are amazingly drilled which provides the perfect edge. 

One of the best tennis racquets is indeed control-oriented, the 98 square inch head size gives remarkable control to the player.

The string pattern is 18×20 which is quite stable and complements the 11.4 oz weight. All these features provide firm control and grip to the player.

The comfort of this racquet is commendable. The overall combination of construction, weight, and flex, gives the perfect comfort to the player. The dampened low-vibration feeling gives an unmatchable feeling.

  • Dense string pattern. 
  • Flex-free technology gives the perfect composition.
  • This racquet is of 98 square inch head size. 
  • Enhanced top-hand grip placement. 
  • Achieving the perfect topspin demands effort. 
  • Expensive price tag. 
  • Not recommended for beginners.
Final Views:
Wilson is a brand used by many professionals such as Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and Maria Sharapova.
So, if you are already a professional tennis player, I’d recommend you to go for Wilson Blade if the budget is not a problem for you.

5. Wilson Clash Tennis Racquet – Best Tennis Racquet Under 300

Wilson Clash Tennis Racquet reviews

Wilson Clash Tennis Racquet comes with incredible properties of stiffness. It allows the player to feel at ease while moving the arm.

The game of tennis demands lateral movements and moving across the court. A well-balanced racquet helps in making the movements with greater stability.

This racquet also provides greater flexibility. In addition, this racquet holds a combination of Freeflex and smart technology.

The Freeflex technology increases the flexibility of the racquet and the stable smart technology enhances the overall mechanism of power and stability.

The combination also increases comfort and enhances support and control.

A 100 square inches of head adds more power and gives a crisp punch. The low strung weight eases the maneuverability of the racquet and also gives the proper control to beginners.

  • Smart stable and Freeflex technology.
  • 100 square inches of the head size.
  • 7 point head, light balance. 
  • Dramatically lower stiffness.
  • It doesn’t increase the swinging power.
  • Expensive. 
  • Not meant for beginners.
Final Views:
Wilson Clash has been my favorite tennis racquet for a long time. It would be better for you to try this amazing racquet out if budget is not a problem for you.

6. Head Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet – Cheap Tennis Racquet Under 100

Head Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet

Every player wants victory, and every player makes sure that there are no factors that can hinder his performance. Be it tennis shoes, a uniform or a tennis racquet.

With this rise in technology, there are innovations in the manufacturing of tennis racquets as well. Players make sure that they are playing with the advanced technology tennis racquets.

Next on our list is Head Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet. This racquet gives quite a comfortable fit and gives proper control to the player.  

Why do we love this racquet?😃

This racquet is an all-rounder. From the tops into control and power, everything about this tennis racquet is indeed commendable.

This racquet also allows the player to hit the ball aggressively. The spin capacity of this tennis racquet serves the purpose of both off the ground and on the ground.

The players who play on level 4, must consider this Head Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet. 

The players are quite particular with their tennis racquets, and the reason for Head Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet is on our list. This tennis racquet provides various features.

The versatility of this racquet is fantastic. This tennis racquet allows the player to make a supreme shot and deliver baseline hits.

  • Head-light racquet. 
  • Delivers perfect spin with perfect power.
  • Rock-solid feel and unique touch.
  • 107 Square inches of the head.
  • Beginners might not be comfortable with the accuracy
  • Not meant for the professionals. 
  • Customer support is not good.
Final Views:
Microgel Radical from Head is one of the finest choices a beginner can make. In case you are just starting your tennis journey, I’d be recommending you to get Microgel Radical as soon as possible.

7. HEAD Graphene 360 Speed PRO Tennis Racquet – Used by Novak Djokovic

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed PRO

For a player, it is quite important to keep everything in place. A tennis racquet is a critical factor that is associated with the win of the player.

Players keep a strict check on their racquets and make sure that they use the advanced technology racquet.

Keeping all the best tennis racquets in one place, next on our list is HEAD Graphene 360 Speed PRO Tennis Racquet.

Let’s dive into some features of this incredible racquet. 

This HEAD Graphene 360 Speed PRO delivers excellent performance. Also, if you are a baseline player this racquet will allow you to take big groundstrokes. The heavy topspin and the returns on the maneuverability is excellent

The best part? The graphene used in this racquet makes this piece lightweight and robust.

The Graphene 360 makes the racquet head stay at 3, 9, and 12 o’clock. The head increases the power of the racquet with greater control. The 100 square inches of head size gives a firm control with heavy topspin.

The weight of this tennis racquet gives an effortless groundstroke.  The 6-point headlight balance is incredible.

The firm string pattern hits the shot with precision. This tennis racket provides approachable maneuverability.

  • The 6-point head light balance.
  • 100 square inches of the head size.
  • Great combination of control and stability.
  • Graphene makes the racquet lightweight and robust.
  • Used by Novak Djokovic
  • The power punch is not attractive.
  • A bit expensive. 
  • Not recommended for amateurs.
Final Views:
Want to execute powerful smashes just like Novak Djokovic? If you want to be like your ideal on a tennis court, then I’d recommend you to check out the latest Head Graphene 360 respectively.

8. Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racquet – For Semi-Pros

Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racquet

All the tennis players try to give the best game. However, a good tennis racquet increases the performance of a player. Next in our list is Wilson Burn Tennis Racquet.

This racquet provides high-quality performance and control-oriented shots. Whether you are an intermediate player or a professional player, this tennis racquet allows the players to play in full swing.

This tennis racquet provides well-balanced performance in the tennis court and also allows the fantastic topspin. No matter whether you play off the baseline, you will definitely get better returns.

The best part? The spin effect technology of this tennis racquet makes it easier to produce the topspin. The cross strings are fewer than the main strings which generate greater topspin.

The swing weight of this tennis racquet is balanced and provides the on-spot swing. The 5 points headlight makes it easier to produce the swing and power.

The enhanced maneuverability of this tennis racquet provides respectable stability. The 100 square inches of head size and the 16×18 string pattern provide the required grip to the player and makes it natural to achieve the topspin.

  • It offers incredible swing and power.
  • Spin effect technology improves gameplay. 
  • Provide booming power for the baseliners.
  • 100 square inches of the head size.
  • A bit uncomfortable to use at the start.
  • Not suitable for professionals. 
  • Customer support is unresponsive.
Final Views:
Better check out the latest Wilson Burn Tennis Racquet if you are interested in playing powerful plus spinning shots with due accuracy and precision.

9. Prince Phantom Pro 100P Racquet – Best Mid-Budget Tennis Racquet

Prince Phantom Pro 100P Racquet reviews

Nobody wants to play with a poorly performing tennis racquet. Every player wants to achieve the maximum score without any added effort.

Next on our list is Prince Phantom Pro 100P Racquet. This tennis racquet provides a solid beaming performance.

The 100 square inches of head size produces greater topspin without requiring much effort.

The 11.4 ounces of the strung weight provide commendable stiffness which lets the player take the shot at full power.

The best part? This tennis racquet is indeed arm-friendly and provides full control and power.

The stiffness and the stability of this tennis racquet is impeccable and allows the player to make a minimum effort.

The ultra-thin carbon feature of this tennis racquet aims to provide a full response to the player.

The constant taper system (CTS) provides a 16mm shaft for flexibility and enhances the power punch of the shot.

This tennis racquet provides respectable control from the baseline and generates incredible topspin. The points of accuracy achieved by playing with this tennis racquet are high.

The maneuverability of this tennis racquet is 6 points headlight, and also the overall weight provides the exact position and sweet spot. The comfort that this Prince Phantom Pro 100P tennis racquet provides is unmatchable.

  • Constant taper system. 
  • This racquet provides 6 points of headlight.
  • 100 square inches of the head size. 
  • Ultra-thin carbon shaft.
  • Lower launch angle. 
  • Customer support is not good. 
  • Not a suitable choice for beginners.
Final Views:
Better check out the latest Wilson Burn Tennis Racquet if you are interested in playing powerful plus spinning shots with due accuracy and precision.

10. Tecnifibre TFight 300 Tennis Racquet – Best Tennis Racquet Under 200

Tecnifibre TFight 300 Tennis Racquet

The tennis racquets are the most critical factor which is also a deciding factor for the performance of a player. However, it is not easy for a player to decide on a tennis racquet.

Moreover, a tennis racquet should contain all the necessary features, which are directly associated with the high performance of a player. Last in our list is Tecnifibre TFight 300 Tennis Racquet.

This racquet comes with 98 square inches of head size and the 16×19 string pattern makes the racquet more maneuverable and allows the player to take the fast swing.

The grip of this tennis racquet is also commendable. The stiffness is on point along with a softer feel and touch.

The Xtreme Touch Construction of this tennis racquet improves the overall feel and stability of this Tecnifibre TFight 300 Tennis Racquet.

The higher stiffness is also relative to the Dynacore HD for a softer touch. The power response of this racquet provides full stability and power. 

The groundstroke from the baseline gives plenty of pop, and the shot is indeed control-oriented and incredible.

The 4 points head light construction is quicker and makes the racquet take a strong cut and serves at the bigger handles.

  • Carbon frame for powerful hits. 
  • 98 square inches of the head size. 
  • Dynacore HD technology for a softer touch. 
  • Extreme touch construction offers greatest stability.
  • Power distribution might be a problem. 
  • Not recommended for professionals.
Final Views:
Get the best tennis racquet as introduced by Tecnifibre as soon as possible to enjoy hitting different shots with accuracy and more power.

Top 3 Recommendations:
Based on extensive research, my personal use, and quality of the tennis racquets, the top 3 recommendations are as follows: 1. Head Graphene 360 as it’s been used by Novak Djokovic. 2. Babolat Pure Strike as it’s the best tennis racquet of 2020. 3. Head Microgel Radical if you have got a limited budget range.

How Can You Select The Best Tennis Racquet – The Ultimate Buying Guide

How Can You Select The Best Tennis Racquet

Now that, you have learned about the top ten best tennis racquets, let’s learn more about the factors to look out for while buying a tennis racquet.

There is no player in the world, who would like to compromise on the factors while buying a tennis racquet. No matter whether you are a novice, intermediate or professional player, some factors are associated with success.

There are multiple factors in a tennis racquet. However, each player is different and plays differently. It all depends upon you how much concern you give to each attribute.


The power punch factor is a critical one for a player. A good player cannot give a high performance without the high-power.

Power is indeed an important characteristic, a right tennis racquet allows the player to play with a full stroke. The best tennis racquets have larger head sizes and stiffer frames.

The arm-friendliness feature of the racquet associates with power. A player should insert minimum power to get the maximum power shot.


A player demands full control when he is playing. The control must be in every piece of equipment be it the tennis shoes or the tennis racquet.

The control-oriented tennis racquets help the player to give high performance. The full control tennis racquets are less stiff and come with enhanced flexibility.

Pattern of string

The string pattern is indeed an important character that is associated with the best tennis racquet. The number of strings and the number of cross strings is critical.

However, the figures such as 16×18, 16×19 and 16×20 are some of the common string patterns. In addition, the dense pattern and open pattern are also two common patterns.

The tennis racquets with more string provide a dense pattern and the tennis racquet with less strings provides more power and spin.

Head Size

A point comes in a match, where the proper head size plays an important role. The players are quite specific about the head size of the tennis racquet.

The majority of the tennis racquets range from 97-105 square inches in head size.😃

The head size also increases the stability, maneuverability, and flexibility of the tennis racquet. The larger head size often offers greater power. However, head size is totally dependent upon the preference of the player.


Every player wants to have a comfortable match. Some players are quite considerate about their comfort and they never compromise on their comfort while playing a match. However, there are other factors as well, but the comfort of the player is one of the most critical factors.

The comfort is also associated with the arm-friendliness of the player. A right tennis racquet offers the correct vibration to the player and provides the ultimate comfort.

The racquets which provide maximum comfort are a bit heavy though. However, the additional weight helps in shock absorption.

Touch of the racquet:

The touch and the feeling a tennis racquet provides is quite important for a player. A tennis player wants to have total control and power over the racquet.

The hitting volley and finesse shots are achieved accurately when the touch and feel of the racquet are supreme.

However, the tennis racquets which offer great touch and feel are a bit heavier and also come with smaller head size.


Maneuverability is an important characteristic of a player. There are a lot of players who tend to pay a lot of attention to this particular factor.

No player wants to lose the match just because of the pitiful characteristics of the tennis racquet.

The easy-to-maneuver racquets feel lighter in hand and it does not require much effort for the player to change the direction.

The game of tennis requires constant movements and shifting from one place to another. A correct tennis racquet offers the player to insert minimum effort.


The stability of the good tennis racquets is responsive and also offers enhanced consistency and accuracy. However, the players need to know the stability of the tennis racquets.

If the stability of the tennis racquet is not up to the mark, it can hinder the performance of the player, resulting in losing the match.


The grip of the best tennis racquet must be comfortable. However, it depends upon the player which kind of grip he prefers. There are different types of grips such as thick and thin.

Some professional players enjoy the old-school grip of the tennis racquets. However, the thicker grips of the tennis racquets make the racquet a bit heavier.


Another factor of a high-performance tennis racquet is the length. The length plays a crucial role in providing the player with ultimate performance.

The majority of the tennis racquets are 68.85 cm long and offer professional balance. However, the length of the tennis racquets can be less than 68.85 cm. 

The longer tennis racquet provides an approachable reach and gives the player an edge. Moreover, there are different lengths for the different balls such as Red ball demands 23 inches of the length, orange one demands 25 and the max for the green ball is 27 inches.

Swing weight:

Swing weight is another important characteristic that players need to be sure about. Some professional players like their tennis racquets with high swing weights.

The majority of the racquets have a swing range of 300-330. However, there are multiple ways to increase the swing rates of tennis racquets through customization. Moreover, the racquets longer than 27 inches have a good swing weight and offer


Stiffness and Flexibility:

The stiffness and flexibility is also known as the feeling of the racquet. The feeling of the tennis racquet differs from one player to another. In simpler words, the feeling of the tennis racquet is a personal preference.

The flexible racquets make the strings flexible and offer a great shot. In addition, flexibility enhances the shock-absorbing power of the player.

Increased comfort and control are generated through the shock absorption mechanism. The racquets that are high in stiffness provide more shock to the ones who are flexible.

However, the racquets with 70 RA are firm in nature and provide greater absorption. Whereas, the racquets with 60 RA are more flexible and softer. 


With technological Advancement, changes are made in the construction of tennis racquets as well. In the past, there used to be a heavier tennis racquet.

With the additional features in the racquets, the weight is also distributed to the other parts. A good tennis racquet must have a weight of 10-11.5 ounces. Such kinds of racquets are high in stability and maneuverability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an ideal weight for a tennis racquet?

Weight is just a number. However, this statement is not at all true for tennis racquets. A player never compromises on the weight of the racquets.

There are different schools of thought based on the weight of the racquet. One common statement is: A heavy racquet offers increased power.

The weight of the racquet also depends upon the swinging power. Moreover, weight and power are also associated with the power and the passion of the player as well.

The weight of the racquet does not really matter. The thing matters are finding an accurate balance between the swing speed and racquet weight. If a player finds the correct balance and swing speed, he can do wonders with any kind of weight.

What is an ideal balance for a tennis racquet?

The balance of the tennis racquet is dependent upon the weight division. A well-balanced racquet is a good racquet. The balance is integrated with one essential factor: the swing weight.

The terms, heavy head and light head are also associated with balance.😃

An ideal racquet will provide a light head performance with an accurate balance. 280-300grams provide 5 point head light balance is an ideal balance for a tennis racquet and such balance is easily handled by beginners as well. 

What should be the stiffness of an ideal tennis racquet?

The stiffness of a tennis racquet is also associated with power and comfort. A firm and stiff tennis racquet will provide your greater power and comfort.

However, the lesser stiff tennis racquets absorb more energy from the ball. The stiffer the frame of the tennis racquet, the better the power.

However, there is always confusion between stiff racquets and soft racquets. This entirely depends upon the preferences of the players. If you are a novice, you should go for the softer frames as such frames release the tension of the elbow.

What is the perfect Head Size?

Head size is something that can be tricky to answer. Some players prefer larger head sizes and some players prefer racquets with smaller head sizes. When the racquet is of larger head size, there is an increase in power as well.

Besides, there are multiple features of a tennis racquet, a slight difference in the size of the head will not do much damage.

A larger head size will provide you more stability and a broader surface area for the strings. The majority of the players use tennis racquets with 98-100 square inches of head size.

A Quick Wrap:

That would be all from me regarding the best tennis racquets available in the market. Make sure that you consider the above-mentioned features before making a final decision.

Take a close look at the lost mentioned above and you’d be able to find the best tennis racquet without any hassle.

Don’t forget to comment on any query you have regarding the main topic and I’ll get back to it as soon as possible.

Good Luck Champ!

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