How To Stop Tennis Shoes From Squeaking | Top 8 Effective Ways In 2022

Nothing is more annoying than squeaky shoes. It is more disturbing and embarrassing to walk downright.

Because it irritates you while you are running and walking, especially in tennis.

That’s why it is right to say that it is more irritating than feeling embracing and making the game lose on the field.

However, if your shoes make a squeaky noise, you should think about how to fix them instead of throwing them into the garbage.

But, for fixing them, you need to get the proper knowledge and guidance to stop squeaking them.

So, that you need to throw out here, I will discuss how to stop tennis shoes from squeaking.😀

Therefore, if you have a favorite pair of shoes, you don’t need to throw them away. Thus, here is the solution for you to fix the squeaking shoe.

Ways To Fix Squeaky Shoes:

Noisy shoes can develop your confidence while you are walking, running and even playing tennis.

However, in the expert’s opinion, there are eight different ways to fix the squeaky shoes to silence the squeaks.

1. Throw In The Dryer

If the trapped waters make your shoes squeak, then try this method. Firstly; add a little bit of soft fabric into a washcloth. Toss the sponge on the squeaky shoes and dry them.

Leave them for 10 minutes; ensure that you don’t leave them for more minutes than 10. If you leave them for over 10 minutes, your shoes can be shrunken or damaged.

2.Soften Your Soles

If your soles are too hard and hurt you while running, you need to choose this way to fix squeaky.

Use sandpaper and gently rubbing them into the bottom layer of your squeaky shoes to soften them.

3. Petroleum Jelly

While running, if your shoe insole starts to make a noise from inside.

Then you need to quickly fix it with a thin layer of petroleum jelly or apply the lotion under the insole parts by rubbing them.

In just one rubbing, you will notice the insole smooth, and then you can run without feeling conscious.

4. Rub With A Dryer Sheet

Have you recently added a new insole to your shoes, only to realize it is making them squeak?

Get a dryer sheet from the laundry room. The sheet should create a buffer and counteract the noise created by the insole.

5. Sprinkle Baby Powder

Sometimes insoles may make you feel uncomfortable while moving. If you also face this kind of issue, you can sprinkle the baby powder inside the shoe insole and then put the insole back into place.

It will assist in reducing the friction of the insole between the shoe, which will help fix the squeak.

However, if you don’t have baby powder, you do not need to buy them because you can also use talcum powder instead of baby powder.

6. Paper Towels Underneath The Insoles.

Whenever you buy new shoes for sports, you should add two paper towels under the insole. Therefore, take 2 small enough paper towels and slip them inside the shoe insole.

However, putting on a paper towel will help you to prevent squeaking and moving running. Alternatively, you can also use a napkin if you don’t have paper towels.

7. Try WD-40

Apply WD-40 or silicone spray to even a cotton ball and apply towards the outside seams of your squeaky shoes.

Please do not do this on the leather since it can destroy your shoes. These are the 46 ingenious ways to use WD-40.

8. Rub The Saddle Soap

Another common problem with squeaky shoes is the shoelace. Whenever the laces of your leather shoes scrape across the tongue, your shoes may begin to scream with each step.

Therefore apply a small amount of the saddle soaps or the saddle condition to walk freely.

Stopping The Squeak

First, make sure that what part makes your shoe squeaky. If you don’t understand where the tennis shoe makes a noise.

Tell your friend to listen mindfully while you walk. However, while your friend is checking the squeaking of a shoe, you must walk from back to ahead.

Once you understand what part of the shoe is squeaked, follow the above guide and ways to help you.

Most of the time, baby powder, baking powder or cornstarch is very useful for the sprinkle area because they absorb moisture and noise to make you comfortable and fresh.

Also, you can try another way to fix the squeaky shoes. Trying the ways depends on the squeaky shoe problem where the shoe makes noise.

After applying all the above ways, if your shoes are squeaking, it means you need to buy new shoes.

Final Thought

As I had a favorite shoe of the tennis sports and they make squeaky. I don’t want to throw them away because they are my favorite shoes.

But, I was trying the ways that I have also discussed the above; they help me a lot to make my shoe comfortable. And did you know?

When I rub the saddle shoe and put a paper towel under the insole, my shoes become more comfortable than before.

However, I think this is the best way to How to Stop Tennis Shoes From Squeaking. So, if you are also worried like me, try the above ways to fix the squeaky shoe. I am sure it will be very helpful to you, just like me.

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