Perfect Racquet Grip Size For Females Tennis Player’s

If you are reading this article means you are going to join your pals in the Tennis Court. Tennis not only offers you fitness but also gives you a good competition and an opportunity to sparkle your sunshine.

No doubt you are going to be a better player and your game is going to be more fun if you are choosing the right equipment.

Let me tell you the two essentials of the Great game, they are the right grip and the Right Racquet.😊

If you have chosen the right equipment, they are definitely going to fit in your Swing and hand and take lesser time for making you an intermediate level player from a beginner.

Females do not generate much power or spin as compared to men but women tennis players still have better control as compared to them.

Thus when we see the required grip size, we are actually searching for power and spin in the Best Racquet.

Many brands such as Wilson and head can be one of the best picks when it comes to women’s tennis.

These racquets provide extra mobility to the game. These rackets provide you large head size, comfort, lightweight, and power.

If you are an intermediate player or advanced women tennis player then you require more control and mobility, but it does not mean that you have to sacrifice power for them.

Why is the right grip size important?

You cannot overstate the importance of the right grip.

  • Small Grip:

If the grip is too small the racket will twist in the hand and will destroy the accuracy. This will require more strength of your muscle so that the racket does not twist while you swing, and this can lead to a painful condition known as Tennis Elbow.

  • Big Grip:

Likewise a grip that is too big can also be a problem. You can have trouble getting wrist snap on the serves. You will need more muscles strength to control the racket can also result in Tennis elbow.

Required grip size for women tennis players:

The diameter of normal grip size for pro women players ranges in 4 ½ to 4 1/8 inches. Sizes can vary in 1/8 inches.

Though people may think this much difference in grip size can sound trifling, with the performance and feel of the racquet, such as, you will experience a very different game with the racket size of 4 3/8 inches as compared to 4 ¼ inches grip size.

But this is fortunate enough that we know two different methods of determining the grip size.

How to measure the grip size:

How to measure the grip size

There are two correct ways for determining the right grip for you.

  • Ruler method:

In the first method you require a ruler. You need to measure the distance between bottom lateral creases of your palm that will be around mid palm, to the top of your ring finger. Normally measurement falls in between 4 1/2 to 4 1/8 inches. 

  • Index finger method:

In this method you need to hold the racket and to slide the index finger on the other hand between tips of the finger and the base of the palm.

If you don’t see any room for the finger then this grip is small. But if you see an excessive amount of room for the finger then the grip is too large. And when it comes to the right grip your finger will fit in snugly.

Type of suitable grips:

It is always better to try out the grips and rackets before you choose them and many tennis shops will allow you to have a demo of the rackets to test.

When it comes to every size you have to make a decision between synthetic grip and a leather grip.

Synthetic grips are cushioned and are softer with many pin holes that help in soaking up the Sweat. They come with feature textured surfaces and raised stitches that help in grooving your hand.

If you are stuck between grip sizes then go for the smallest size. You can always wrap a tape around the grip if you are looking for building it up. But remember you can never cut down a grip if you have chosen too big size.


Required grip size for women should be normal because women create less power as compared to men. Thus the grip size should never be very small or too large.

You can always choose grip size with the help of two methods, the ruler method, and the index finger method.  You can always build up a small size grip but you can never cut down a grip that is big.

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