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How To Prevent Wrist Pain From Tennis?

How To Prevent Wrist Pain From Tennis

Wrist pain is very common in tennis players. Wrist injuries haunt tennis players as they are the cause of the end of their careers. One wrong move can lead to a broken wrist.

Wrist pain can occur due to many reasons such as injury in the ligaments, stress injury, osteoarthritis, and wrist bursitis. There are some precautions and procedures to prevent wrist pain without surgery.

This article will advise you in detail on how to prevent wrist pain from tennis.😀


Players usually over fatigue themselves, trying to achieve a high fitness level in one single day.  They want to be perfect and then overdo it in their training sessions.

Overexertion in tennis

Hard work is an essential part of your life but not when it can develop crucial pain to your wrists.

You need proper rest to avoid any trouble grasping objects or stiffness. Massage your wrist daily with proper instructions to stay clear of any stiffness. Use ice to reduce inflammation.


Getting the right kind of trainers of the best brands with soft and comfy soles is a must. The footing position and the style play has an effect on your wrist as well.

Then proper positioning of your wrist and grabbing the racket with accurate technique is essential. For that, you need to have a trainer who is an expert in tennis. 

With an open hand stance, the wrist will likely produce angular momentum for a hard stroke. Forehand stroke requires a forceful wrist rotation that can cause the wrist to dislocate.

During the serve, positioning of the racket should be faultless so that ball velocity can be increased easily. Then of course the grip of the racket should be well handled.


Selection of an appropriate racket is vital for playing tennis. You need to decide the best racket while keeping these features in mind: size, weight, stiffness, grip diameter, and type of string.

These factors will help you to avoid any unnecessary wrist pain. Different sizes are required for different strokes and balls, so choose wisely.

After that, the type and style of shoes affect your wrist position. As footing influences the way you grab the racket and the way you hit the ball. Make sure to buy the right size and soft comfortable ones.


Wrist exercises involving proper flexibility and stability prevent wrist injury. Exercises such as wrist extensor stretch, wrist flexor stretch, Tennis Ball squeeze, resistance band wrist extension minimize the chances of facing wrist pain to null. Give these exercises at least 10-15 minutes.

  • Wrist extensor stretch: Palm faced up and elbow straight, pull your hand down with the other hand. Repeat this with another wrist.
  • Wrist flexor stretch: While keeping your elbow straight, pull your wrist backward with the help of your other hand. Repeat the same procedure with the other wrist.
  • Tennis ball squeeze: As hard as possible, squeeze the tennis ball but make sure that it doesn’t cause any pain.
  • Resistance band wrist-extension: Keep your elbow by your side and then wrap a resistance band around your hand. Bent your elbow at 90 degrees. Curl your wrist upwards and then repeat this with your other wrist.

Warm-ups and Splints

10-15 minutes for the warm-up Before tennis Playing

Before every training, match, and even if you play as a hobby remember to warm-up first. Without a doubt warm-up for knees is necessary but many people overlook warm-up for the wrists.

Make sure to take out 10-15 minutes for the warm-up. This will keep you away from wrist pain while playing tennis.

Splint is a protective device that protects a broken bone. It has a shape of a fingerless glove that minimizes the pressure on your broken or sore bone. A splint even reduces the chances of your nerve to squeeze.


Do not ignore the symptoms of wrist pain as it can be the reason for the end of your career. Thoroughly read this article and learn certain ways to avoid wrist pain during tennis.

These finest points regarding exercises, warm-ups, perfect-positioning, and best accessories will certainly assist in making your life stress-free and comfortable.

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