Double Tennis Rules – Tennis Players Info You Need To Know In 2022

Double tennis rules

Are you planning to play double tennis but do not know how to play or what rules to follow during the game?

Double tennis seems to be an easy game than a single tennis game because you have an extra player to back you up in the double tennis game but the truth is it can be more difficult and harder if both players do not understand each other.

It could be real fun and astonishing to play with a person who understands you, your style, your moves, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

If you get a good person as a partner in a doubles tennis game you still can fail and lose the game if you do not know about the rules of double tennis and how all the things work in double tennis.

You might be worried now but there is nothing to be worried about when you got us. We promise to help you in every matter.

In this article, we are going to discuss double tennis and its rules so you do not get in any trouble or confusion. 

Double Tennis Rules

Here, is everything you need to learn and understand before the game.🙂 

Double Tennis:

The double tennis game consists of two teams with two players in both teams that add up to be total of four players in a game of double tennis.

You play with your partner to compete against the other team of two players. As we said before, you need to wisely choose your partner and also need to understand each other completely. 

Game Time:

The double tennis game usually takes from 35 minutes to 40 minutes to finish a game.

The time is faster than a single tennis game. The double tennis match for best of five can last up to five hours. 

Game Set: 

If you are wondering how many games are in a doubles tennis match, there are six matches in a set of games of double tennis.

But you have to win the game with a margin of two matches from the other team like the score should be like 7-5 or 6-3 to win the set of the game.

If the game is tied after six matches, there is a tie-break match and whoever team wins the tie-break match, wins the whole game. 

Game Positions: 

In double tennis rules where to stand or positions matter a lot. If your team is starting the game with serving, you need to use the thumb rule which is defined as that your partner needs to stand close to the net and you need to stand near the singles line.

You can also stand where you feel comfortable if you are serving. 

Double Tennis Rules

Serving: the serving question that which team will do the service is settled by the toss of a coin. The team that wins the toss does the serving.

The server will do serving until the match is completed and the receiver will do the serving in the next match. 

Scores: The scores are counted in a tennis match and announced before every set. One point is considered as 15 points, two points are considered 30 points.

The third point is considered 40 points and then the fourth point is considered set over. The team must have at least two points more than the other team to win the match like 6-3 or 7-5

Out or in: The ball is considered when it is hit in the service court or backcourt to score a point. You can also hit in Alley line or sideline to score points. 

Fault: There is considered a fault if a player fails to do the service diagonally and a double fault is done if the player fails for the second time too.

A net serve is also a fault if the ball falls inside the net. A fault is considered if the player moves or changes position if he is serving.

The ball is not allowed to touch the server or his partner after serving. Also, you are not allowed to touch anything they are wearing or their accessories

Double Tennis Rules For Dummies:

The dummy games are used by beginners for practice. Four types of courts for dummies are given below

  • Clay courts
  • Hard courts
  • Grass courts
  • Carpet courts

All the sizes of the courts for dummies are the same as the real tournament. The balls used in double tennis for dummies and real tournaments are all approved by ITF.

All the double tennis rules for dummies are the same as the real game of double tennis. If there is a dispute or fight between players, it is solved by a referee like in real games and tournaments. 


As far you have reached the conclusion, we can assume that you have read the article in which we tried to explain double tennis rules.

We hope that we fulfilled our promise to help you till the end and now you know everything about double tennis and the rules of double tennis.

We made it so simple and easy that you do not have to do any effort in understanding and learning. 

Now you are fully prepared to apply all the double tennis rules in the game. We suggest you practice double tennis a lot if you want to play professionally or even for entertainment.

Because it seems to be a harmless and safe game but it could be really dangerous if you do not follow the rules and do not take any precautions.

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