How do I know if my shoes are wide feet?

We all know that our shoe size stops getting bigger in our teenage years, but most of us don’t think of the size and type of shoes when we go for shopping.

According to a research conducted by Journal of foot and ankle only quarter of people know their exact foot size and type along with the right type of shoe to wear. We must know that the foot is not only length but width as well.

So the question here is

How to know if your feet are wide?

If you wear a pair of shoes and you doesn’t feel comfortable then the main reason can be is that you are wearing the wrong size. As well as if you feel cramps then no matter whatever style of shoes you are wearing there is a good chance that your feet are wide for these shoes.

So how to know your feet are narrow or wide and of you need wide shoes? We can help you at this point by telling you a simple procedure to know if you have wide feet.

Measure your feet

Once you come to know you have broad feet the important part is to choose the right footwear. If you see symptoms like swelling of feet then you better have this idea that your broad feet need wide shoes.

So how do I know my shoes are wide feet? Answer is very simple: Measure them. You need Measure your feet to know your correct size. Most people don’t have any idea how to measure their feet. But we have covered this area for you and below are the steps that you need to follow.

1. Measuring the feet at night

You must know the hour you are going to measure your feet matters. We all know that when we weigh ourselves at night we are one or two pounds heavier. Similarly our feet are a bit wider at night as compared to the day. That’s why measuring at night is better than measuring the feet at the day time.

2. Grounding the feet

  • You can use a paper, pen, and measuring tape for this process.
  • If you are a socks person then wear them before you measure.
  • Set the paper on the floor. Make sure the floor is flat.

3. Tracing the feet

  • Stand on the paper
  • Trace an outline of your feet around the perimeter
  • Do this procedure for length and width of your feet
  • Measure the broadest part for width
  • Measure the length from the longest toe to the heel
  • Do this procedure for both feet because for some people the size of both feet might differ slightly.

4. Check out the measurements

Once you record your measurements you can easily check if your feet are wide and if you have been using the right pair of shoes. The wide shoes not only depend on width of the feet but length as well.

So now if the width of your shoe is 3.75 inches then the size you need to wear is 5 and this is a wide fit. As well as if you are looking for size 8 then you have medium size. Men’s feet are longer than women’s feet thus their sizes differ as well. But a proper size chart can help you.

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