Top 10 Best Tennis Racquet For Advanced Player – Buyer Guide In 2022

best tennis racquet for advanced player

With the passage of time, advanced players and their gaming levels are not only increasing but also becoming denser. Each player has its own unique way of playing the game and each player looks for the best racquet for their good game. The brands are working day and night for making the best tennis racquet for advanced player.

The more technologies are introduced the more athletic experience is becoming comfortable and better.

In this article, you will know how to know if you are an advanced tennis player, what different types of best racquets are for advanced players.

The top 10 racquets that are suitable for advanced players, the best buying guide for advanced players, and an FAQ that may arise in your minds.

How will I know that I’m all ready for a professional tennis racquet?😃

Below is a description of the professional player. If you like it, you’ll find the perfect racquet below!

Advanced players play regularly. They control shots according to position, rotation, and force. They also serve in a tortuous and powerful way having a rating of 4.0 or higher on the USTA scale.

Professional athletes like Steve Johnson use racquets to control more because they can produce energy naturally.

Top 10 Best tennis racquets for advanced players

Best Tennis BallsDETAILS
  • Fibber: Aluminium, carbon
  • weight: 0.61 lb
  • Grip: 4.38inch
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  • Fibber: aluminium
  • weight: 260 to 280 gm
  • Grip: 4.25inch
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  • Fibber: aluminium
  • weight: 250 gm
  • Grip: 4.38 inches
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  • Fibber: aluminium
  • weight: 0.45 lb
  • Grip: Up to 5
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  • Fibber: Graphite
  • weight: 0.50 lbs
  • Grip: 4.25 inches
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  • Fibber: Composite
  • weight: 9.1 0z
  • Grip: 4.25 inches
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  • Fibber: Graphite
  • weight: 312 gm
  • Grip: 4.38 inches
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  • Fibber: Graphite, titanium
  • weight: 252 gms
  • Grip: 4.5 inches
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  • Fibber: Graphite
  • weight: 8.1 oz
  • Grip: 4 to 4.18 inches
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  • Fibber: Aluminium graphite
  • weight: 320 gm
  • Grip: 4.25 inches
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1. OPPUM adult carbon fiber Tennis Racquet

OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

This is the best racquet for advanced players and has a comfortable wooden handle and triangular structure. 

It gives a triangular-shaped frame that is perfect for absorbing shock.  It provides you double hole Technology and independent hole position. 

Independent hole threading helps in protecting the ball line, extended lifespan of the racquet, maximizes the elastic effect, and makes the support experience good. 

The frame of the racquet is made up of aluminum and carbon fiber whereas the handle is made up of wood. 

For increasing the strength and stability of the racquet performance mesh belt is placed on the face of the racquet. The racquet is lightweight and very comfortable. 

The weight is almost 0.61 LB, the length is 65 millimeter, the face after Academy 110 inch square, and the Grapes size is 4.75.  These features are ideal for professional’s men or women.

  • Affordable
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Best for advance and beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum and carbon fiber used
  • May be suitable for beginners and intermediates only.

2. Senston 27 inch Tennis Racquet

Senston 27 inch Tennis Racket Professional Tennis Racquet

Senston length is 27 inches, the head size is 96 to 100 inches,   the grip size is 4.25 inches, and the balance is 315 millimeters

It is a lightweight racquet sweet to 262 to 280 grams only.  This makes it very easy for holding and swinging and makes your Sports experience convenient.

The racquet is suitable for teenagers and adults players.  Because of being in full attractive numbers of colors this racquet ensure in meeting the needs of all the men and women. 

It is specially designed with molded Technology.  The racquet is highly durable and high intensity.

The racquet provides a great combination of acceleration with perfect stroke control.  For enhancing the spin and power the racquet features an open string pattern.

  • High cost performance
  • Special design
  • Lightweight
  • Strong grip
  • High  intensity
  • Durable
  • Some may find it heavier than other racquets

3. Wilson Federer Pro Staff Precision XL 110 Tennis Racket

Wilson Federer Pro Staff Precision XL 110 Pre-Strung

The racquet is inspired by professional tennis player Rodger Federer’s choice of the racquet.  It is designed as a pro tennis racquet with incredible control and feels for Pro players. 

Volcanic frame technology is used for stability.  For durability and power, a lightweight Airlite alloy construction is made.

For Greater power, power string features are used.  The oversized head made helps in generating impressive power. 

Extra length is added for reaching the court coverage. The length of the racquet is 28.5 inches, the size of the head is 11 inches, and the width of the racquet is 3 inches. 

  • Lightweight
  • Additional power
  • Oversized head
  • Long length
  • Incredible feel
  • Head size may be over for some

4. Wilson Sporting Goods Tennis Racket open Recreational

Wilson Sporting Goods Tennis Racket Open Recreational

Wilson is one of the best racquets that is extremely lightweight.  Because of being lightweight, it is very easy to swing.

Thus it is most mostly recommended to beginners who are eager to learn swings. 😃

The racquet is made up of aluminum only.  It is a strong racquet without any cover.  The weight of the racquet is up to 0.45 lbs

This racquet is approved by the US Open 19 inch junior tennis racquet, 10 and under.

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to swing
  • Suitable for junior racquet players

5. Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket

Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket, 4 14inch

It is one of the well-known brands when it comes to tennis.  Wilson is known for its lightweight.

When it comes to aggressive players the Thinner beam construction of the racquet adds control and enhances dwell time and is best pro player racquet. 

The frame of the racquet is geometry and inspired by current blade frame performances.

The finish of the racquet is matte.  When it comes to the Inner rim the detailed pattern is above 3 and 9

Wilson sensation is used in pre-strung.  For comfort and employability, a multifilament string is used that is ARM friendly.  The material used in the racquet is graphite.

  • Graphite
  • Lightweight
  • Multifilament String
  • Matte Finish
  • Comfortable

Suitable for aggressive players

6. Wilson K Zero Tennis Racquet Review

Wilson K Zero Tennis Racket

Wilson is well known for its comfort and durability.  These racquets are highly lightweight and are suggested by many of the players either they are beginner, intermediate, or best tennis racquet for advanced player.  This is the lightest K-factor racquet.

If you’re looking for exceptional stability and maneuverability, then this racquet provides enhanced control and maximum power. 

The head size of the racquet 118 inches, the strung weight of the racquet is 258 grams, the length of the racquet is 27.5 inches, the balance of the racquet is 6 pt., and dimension is 29 mm dual taper

The racquet is completely designed for the player that is looking for power and comfort in one shot.

  • Lightweight
  • Power
  • Comfort
  • Stability
  • Enhance control
  • Balanced
  • The weight is a bit more than other racquets. 

7. HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racquet Pre Strung 27

HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket

When it comes to the athletic equipment of the modern era head is one of the most known brands that have constantly revolutionized the sports equipment at the tennis or ski. 

The best thing head office in the market is the best tennis racquet for advanced players.

The material used in the racquet is graphite which is an ideal choice for intermediate and advanced players. 

The professional tennis racquet is an ideal combination of control and comfort.  The 2pt head size balanced value to the Precision overpower. 

The combination of graphite with micro gel helps in the compression on the ball, effectively distributes and absorbs the force on the frame.

Weight of the racquet 312 gram, the head size of the racquet is 98 inches, the grip of the racquet is 5.375 inches, and the length of the racquet is 27 inches.

  • Graphite made
  • Head performance
  • Micro gel Technology
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Excellent intermediate choice
  • Suitable for intermediate players than advanced players

8. Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet Pre-Strung

HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket Pre-Strung Heavy Head

Head is one of the best brands that offer sports goods for advanced tennis players.  The head S6 graphite tennis racquet is a very good choice for gradual players. 

If you are a player and you are still mastering the Precision then the oversize 115 inches head is going to create a very large sweet spot for you.

Head heavy Balance helps in aiding the stability and it controls when the ball is hit. 

The racquet is a combination of lightweight and durable graphite and Titanium Fiber and these jackets are built to last for long.

The weight of the racquet is 252 gram, size of the racquet is 115 inches, the grip of the racquet is 4.5 inches, and the length of the Racquet is 27.5 inches.

  • Great head performance
  • Titanium  used
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Head heavy advantage
  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate players.

9. Babolat pure drive 2022 junior review – 25 inches tennis racquet

Babolat Pure Drive 2021 junior 25 Inch Tennis Racquet (Blue)

It is one of the best tennis racquets for juniors. Babolat has proven to be one of the best brands when it comes to advanced tennis players.

  Advanced Technologies are adapted in more maneuverable form but in a lighter weight in this racquet for young competitive players.

When it comes to 9 to 11 years old this racquet is ideal and is suitable if you are looking to play as an advanced player in a tournament. 

2021 pure drive is 2 inches short than the racquets for advanced adult players. 

The head size of the racquet is a hundred square, the length of the record is 25 inches, and the strong weight of the racquet is 8.5 Oz.

  • Durable
  • Advanced technology
  • Better performance
  • Stable
  • Maneuverable
  • Suitable for 9 to 11 year’s old advanced players.

10. YONEX VCORE Pro 97 HD tennis racquet 


This packet is going to add maximum control to your racquet experience.  The weight of the racquet is 340 grams it will not push around the experienced player when the pace goes up. 

With its dense string pattern of 18×20 strings, this racquet is phenomenal. 

Improved throat design comes with a thinner and longest shaft lower throat and these results in adding to the torque, spin potential, and dwell time. 

Along with this vibration dampening Mesh is added that reduces the vibrations and gives a cleaner feel.

The racquet has given ball Strikers a surgical precision experience and a seductive feel for being a traditional player’s racquet. 

  • Stable
  • High precision 
  • Best for traditional players
  • Effective spin
  • Full control on swings
  • Suitable for traditional advanced players only.

Buying guide for advanced racquets:

If you are a professional player, you often play tennis, often at the club or regional level, you need a professional tennis racket.

In one game you master a number of shots to play, including topspin and backhand.

If you have confident sight over the net you will serve more persistence and perfectly. Ideally, with a good strategy using topspin you can hold a rally of 12 consistently.

At this level, the depth of your technique will help you look like a professional as it is a professional tennis racket.

Practicing good shots will help you find out where you want to improve; many players will get benefits by developing their shots mostly tops in and slice.

You need to manage game models and develop game strategies so that you can build and have better points.

Types of tennis racquets:

What is the best tennis racket for advanced players? We help players navigate the many options on the market by categorizing some of the racquets sets.

  • Pre-connected and cheap racquets

If you are on a budget or not sure if you like tennis, you can start with a cheap tennis racquet.

Buying expensive equipment for beginners does not have a significant impact on performance. Instead, there is a difference between the technique and the time you actually spend.

The clubs printed on the bottom are already attached so you can start playing with them straight away. Additionally, almost every major brand of club sells racquets for less than $80.

  • High quality racquets

If you need to spend a bit or your skills have exceeded the starting level, there are four different types of high-quality racquets: power, control (player), tweener, and modern player racquet.

  • Power racquets

Power racquets, such as the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 above, are larger than the other two types of racquets and are generally lighter (typically less than 9.5 ounces).

You often find it harder to put more energy into the ball during the shot and you swing closer to head for a higher weight.

Power racquets are suitable for players with compact and slow swings. 🙂

If you are a relatively low player, or physically not as strong as the other players, you may like this type of racket, as it will help you improve your performance.

In summary, power rockets generally have the following characteristics:

  • Big head
  • Extended length
  • Stricter frame
  • Lighter construction

They make good choices for players who:

  • Learn the game
  • Smaller size
  • Seeking power

Racquets Control

Steering racquets change power for steering and are generally suitable for experienced players, as their smaller heads and heavier weights require great precision to hit a sweet spot. Upfront is the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Mid.

Comparing it to power racquets, there are usually heavier frames to increase stability and more flexibility to reduce power and allow better ball positioning.

Racquet controls generally have the following characteristics:

  • Smaller head
  • Average length
  • Flexible frames
  • Heavier construction

Control racquets are ideal for players who:

  • Experienced players
  • Higher heights
  • Control Over
  • Tweener Racquets

The specifications of the Tweener racquet are somewhere between those of the supply of power and the racquet control.

Most traits, including head size, stiffness, and length, and weight, fall somewhere in min-between. The Babolat Pure Drive Team is an example.

They’re usually light to relatively heavy (9.6 to 11.5 ounces), and their balance is fairly neutral. The head size is typically 98 to 104 square inches (632.3 to 671.0 square inches).

They make a good choice for players who:

  • Watch the jump from the beginner club
  • Find a balance between power and control
  • Modern player racquets

In today’s modern game of tennis, a new type of racquet has evolved to match the aggressive style of striking and great advantages for lifting.

Modern player racquets are heavier in weight, but slightly larger head sizes and tighter frames provide excellent performance.

The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP feature above is an example

Selecting a Tennis Racquet for professional Players

In the End, through this guide, you should better understand how to choose the right tennis racquet for a professional player.

Before showing a particular racquet, Be sure are standing in the best place.

In general, advanced rockets are smaller than beginner rockets and provide better control over professional tennis games.

Here are some of the questions that come into your mind about the racquet you actually want:

There are many different swings in tennis. When choosing a tennis racquet, it is important to know what type of swing you should have.

  • Short Swing:

Some high-level players have smaller, faster, and more effective strokes. This type of firing usually has a very low yield and acceleration from the rocket end.

  • Long turning path: 

Some players have longer swing throws. Long turning throws are usually slower and take longer to complete a stroke. They can use a loop on their forehand or backhand like Daniel Medvedev.

Of course, some players have a mid-spin or can use both. Usually, one having the type of it knows better about it.

For a player with a shorter swing who will accelerate the ball faster, generating a lot of energy as the racquet head is faster when connecting.

Such players usually hit a flat ball with a less-powered topspin. This means that you can use smaller shots and having professional control and precision to your shots. The Best example of it is below Wilson Pro Staff.

If the momentum is wide and you ride a lot of bikes like Rafael Nadal, then you can go for a bigger racquet.

In this case, your groundstrokes will spin from the bottom up, creating a rotational motion, but not as much force as that way you won’t hit the ball. Nadal Pure Aero is rated below.

Do your most groundstrokes are flat or topspin?

If you want to smash more topspin, start searching for a racquet that emphasizes this power. Tennis racquets with more distant strings will grip the ball better and help you create turns.

This means that the wires are distantly towards each other. You will also find different types of strings that can be used to increase the rotation of your hits.

For players with flattered groundstrokes, we recommend a tighter strings pattern with a racquet head of small size.

Anything from 95 to 98 square feet is good for professionals who don’t primarily rely on spinning balls.

This will help you control the shots because the extra thickness of the wires will control the ball better.

  • Do you play on the net or from the baseline?
  • Do you play as a singles player or do you play as a doubles player?

Some racquets fit better on the ground than volleys, so you want to think about where you’re doing more.

If you want to play from scratch and hit the ground, you can use a racquet that sacrifices more versatility to get a bigger bike and a stronger seat.

For two players who spend more time on the net, need good mobility in their racquets. Especially if you play at least a USTA level of 4.0.

In this double-level game, the game is faster so you have less time to react. In addition to versatility, racquet heads fewer than 100 inches also have greater control over volleys in your place.

Question answers:

  • What is the best tennis racquet for advanced player?

YONEX and HEAD are the brands that specifically work for the best tennis racquet for advanced players.

The technologies they have introduced are one of the most advanced technologies and give the best experience.

  • Which racquet is the most powerful racquet?

Head Ti S6 is the strongest racquet as it is made up of a combination of titanium and graphite fiber. This combination lasts longer and the output is a very strong racquet which gives perfect swing.

  • Which brand is better babolat or Wilson?

Wilson is considered to be the most used racquet brand and Babolat stands second.

Wilson is well known because many advanced tennis players rely on this brand and this brand designs racquet according to the choice of advanced players as well.


The best tennis racquet for advanced players is tough to decide. With the passage of time, many brands have successfully revolutionized their products and created racquets that are suitable for advanced players and make their gaming experience better than ever.

For knowing if you are an advanced player you need to check upon yourself that do you spend most of your time in tennis and play more often in tournaments and clubs.

The brands like Babolat, Head, Wilson, and Yonex have proven to be one of the best racquets for advanced players.

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