What Racquet Does Djokovic Use? | Info You Need To Know In 2022

When it comes to tennis, the name of Novak Djokovic comes at the number one spot. There is no tournament or match that is not won by this player. His consistency is the only reason of his dominancy. 

Novak has remarkably shown great games in the last few years and this is not only because of his technique but also the racket and the modification of the racket specially made for him.

Because of this consistency he is attracting more and more people to know the reasons that make him so talented. Everyone is curious to know his brand, his setup, and everything else.

Though many people are not capable of playing with his setup, but it is interesting to know how the top level players play.

In this article, you will learn the brand Novak uses, the model of a racquet, specification of the racquet, why this racket, type of string, and difference between other models and the racket of Novak Djokovic.

Which brand of Racquet does Novak Djokovic use? 

Brand makes a huge difference and the brand which Novak Djokovic use is Head. Head is the brand which makes a special racket for Novak Djokovic but it is slightly different from others rackets that are sold in the market.

What model of the racket does Novak Djokovic use?

You can describe the racket of Novak as an outdated version of one of the best models PT113B. This racket is no longer made by Head but this racket is modified by using the techniques of Graphene Speed and Radical pro models sold by Head.

The PT113B racket:

This model can be taken as a blank canvas only. You can say that it is more of a starting point than a perfectly finished product.

Specifications of the racket of Djokovic:

From the starting blank canvas of PT113B to modifying it and then shipping to Novak the racket goes under many procedures by the technicians for further customization. Here is the specification of the racket.

  • Type of String: Alu power Rough
  • Pattern of the string: 18×19
  • Weight of the swing: 360
  • Strung Weight: 353 gms
  • Length of the racket: 27.1 inches
  • Head size: 95 square inches
  • Grip shape: Head rectangular TK57 pallet
  • The Grip style: 2 overgrips + Calfskin leather grip (Head finest)
  • Grip size: L3 4 3/8” 
  • Dampener: Yes

Now you can easily notice the consistency of his strokes is related to his string pattern and his string. The pattern of his string is very tight, with more control on the shots.

The Alu power Rough it’s made up of polyester that helps in generating more of his power while he hits the ball with a better spin.

Difference between the Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro and the PT113B

Like other Pro players Djokovic uses a pro stock frame which is an old head racket PT113B.

This racket it is completely different from head graphene 360 + speed Pro but for giving a similar look, it is painted with the same colours.

You must be thinking the reason and the reason is very simple, marketing!

As soon as big players see this racket in his hands, they simply shift to this brand.

The PT113B was a request that was used in early 2000 but in this case self is not a required but a mould that head uses for producing specific frames for Djokovic.

Why Does Djokovic Use This Racquet?

If you look in that at the game of Roger Federer he is one of the few players who actually endorsed his racket and it is always very interesting to see how the specifications of the racket matches the game play of the player.

Now taking game play of Djokovic, you must have noticed his pattern of the shot is:

  • Teaching the Ball super early
  • Hitting relatively flat
  • Redirecting the ball and not going for blast winners
  • Using flexibility for defending

Do you know the requirement for this style of play? If you are taking the ball early then you need a very stable racket and it is only possible through the weight. His racquet weighs 353 grams only, making a huge opportunity for Novak.

If you talk about the swing weight, then the reduction in the weight and extended racket length also gives more speed to the player, this is also the reason that his game has become more effective in the last few years.

Surgery was required in 2018 due to the strain thus strain is reduced on the elbow. The racket also gives injury prevention and aided longevity.

What Strings Does Djokovic Use?


Djokovic uses hybrid stringing setup just like Federer. The main string is Babolat natural gut weighs 59 lbs and Rough string in cross Alu Power weighs 56 lbs. The tension may vary according to the conditions.

Control, power, and, spin

The pattern of the string is it in 18×19 which for normal players does not allow a lot of spin.

The weight of the racket is heavy, but it is stable and it provides lots of comforts and great control. The string set up is not very easy for generating power and requires his technique. Many advanced players would love this setup.

If you are an advanced player and your preference is control over power then the racket of Novak is a brilliant option with ultimate spin potential.

This racket is a great option for the right player because this racket is muted as compared to similar models but it is perfect for personal preference.


Do people like to know what racquet does Djokovic use? Novak Djokovic is a well known player using the Module of PT113B with modification of Head Graphene and Radical.

This racket is heavyweight for stability and the string pattern is 18×19 that helps in providing a better swing to the ball.

The length of the racket has increased for more consistency thus he has been playing well in the last few years.

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