Babolat Pure Drive 2019 Review – A Phenomenal Addition To Your Tennis Collection!

Babolat Pure Drive 2019 Review

The Babolat Pure Drive 2019 came into the market back in 1994 and since then, it became the Most Popular Tennis Racquet on the market.

It gained massive popularity and became the number one tennis racquet for good reason.😀

Ever since then, this tennis racquet has faced numerous upgrades and the one that we are discussing here is the 2019 version.

The reason why it gained so much popularity was because of its latest technology innovations and high-quality construction.

People who have wanted to get their hands on this racquet will never be disappointed. Babolat came into being in 1875 and over the years, with a massive appreciation for their high-quality products, it gained the tag of being the best out there.

Babolat Pure Drive is an Intermediate Racquet that will work effectively for beginners and expert players.

The brand also came up with a junior tennis racquet for children in this very version that is also excellent in whatever it does.

If we compare this racquet to its previous version then we would have to say that it comes with some massive improvements with regards to its design, performance, and several other features making it the best racquet in the entire Babolat collection.

It comes with the Cortex Dampening System that enables the feel of the racquet all the more for the player so he can emit powerful racquet in the entire Babolat collection

Beginners enjoy the big sweet spot of this racquet while experienced players love the power, spin, and overall performance of Babolat Pure Drive.

So, if you happen to be one of those people who is contemplating whether this racquet will work for you or not, continue reading and you will figure it out.


Babolat designed this racquet exclusively so it could hit well with all types of players whether they are experts or just starting out.

It comes with elliptic shaped head that gives an excellent and phenomenal shape for power and control.

Another feature this racquet comes with is the Evo beam technology that increases responsiveness when hitting a spin shot.

You can call the Evo Beam Technology a much fancier name for defining various thickness points of a racquet.

The thickness of the racquet is 21mm at the bottom and top and 23mm in the middle.

This level of thickness also ensures you won’t be feeling any strain on your hands while playing for longer hours.
Head size

The Babolat Pure Drive 2019 features a head size of 100 sq in. This size gives it the ideal combination of control and power and because of the large head size; you get an even bigger sweet spot to hit your shots as accurately as possible.

This tennis racquet comes with an accurate size given the style of game you will be playing with it.


The weight of Pure Drive is around 11.02ounces which gives us the perfect combination of an incredible weight to make it easier to hit swing shots.

While it is lightweight to hit accurate swings, it is heavy enough to generate enough power to hit your ball with strength.

The weight on this racquet is distributed more towards the handle which gives you enough space to hit shots more freely. You will be able to hit balls from any angle and ensure easy maneuverability.


As far as the performance of Pure Drive is concerned, expect decent power and accurate hits with this one.

When you are on the court, you will feel how much strength the racquet has and how well it reacts to the balls when they hit.
The feel and control of the racquet are very well balanced with the frame and overall weight.

Though the frame might not be as wide as it is on the Wide Aero, it still generates reasonable power to keep your opponent on toes throughout the game.

This Pure Drive version is also very effective in hitting groundstrokes. This is because of the easy and thoughtful power distribution.

You will be easily shooting rotate-friendly spins without having to put in too much effort.

It is also highly stable, provides efficient power, and is a decent racquet that we are sure professional players can vouch for.


When playing tennis, if you aren’t at easy then chances are you won’t be able to play well.

With its lightweight, the Babolat Pure Drive is very easy to handle and doesn’t put any strain on your arms.

flexible racquet

With its overall, well-thought construction, the racquet ensures you will serve well and hit spins as smoothly as possible.

It is a flexible racquet to play with but it will cause a little discomfort if you continue playing with it for hours.

Final thoughts,

The Babolat Pure Drive 2019 racquet is one of the most popular racquets on the market.

This racquet has been used by some well-known players and has proven to be very beneficial in hard-hitting tournaments.

This racquet is known to be a pro at what it does. While it ensures the game you’re playing is topped with perfection, it will also help you improve your overall skill and bring you to face forward with all your abilities.

We would recommend this fantastic racquet for beginners and experienced players.

While beginners will gave the advantage of having to improve their game, expert players will be able to reach their full potential and give their opponents a game of their lives.

It has an excellent combination of power, weight, and size that will have you hitting tennis balls at high accuracy. Your opponent will be running wild on the court while you just sit back and play groundstrokes.

  • Excellent spin and power
  • Very accurate strikes
  • A great choice for beginners
  • Lovely design
  • Very stiff
  • The size won’t be recommended for doubles


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