How To Improve Your Tennis Forehand – 5 Professional Tips In 2022

Do you know instead of just moving your racket back the secret to a successful forehand is to turn your upper body and hips as one unit while you prepare to hit the ball? When you unit turn it is one of the best positions to hit the ball.

In this article you are going to get tips of how to improve your Tennis forehand and easy steps for the fastest shots on the court.

Tips For How To Improve Your Tennis Forehand:

Tennis grip:

The very basic is to know that if you are Gripping Your Racket Right because interaction of your hand to the ball is through the racket. That’s why you can only get the feel of the ball through a firm grip.

What is an over grip

Always remember if your grip is not right, your forehand will not have a proper control on your shots no matter how many external techniques you use. 

  • The mistake:

One of the most common Mistakes is holding the racket perpendicular to the hand. If you are handling your racket in this way then you are not supporting your racquet well because your index finger is not going to spread out.


2. Follow through:

Follow through is one of the very important technique when you are working on your forehand. As soon as you are ready to hit your ball extend your Arm to the Front while whipping your wrist and pronating the forearm.

For creating a windshield wiper like finish bring the head of the racket to the side of non dominant hand. Remember to stay balanced and locked.

  • The mistake:

One of the most common mistakes is that people try to look up early to watch the landing of the shot where as this is going affect the shot and make it awry.

3. Footwork:

Moving your feet is the key. The foot work with the forehead is very critical just like any other shot. To create a perfect balance movement with perfect timing is the only way out.

You need to setup your foot properly with your forehand in every shot and this is going to be your weapon, no matter you are of balance heading

The mistake:

  • Poor positioning while hitting the ball is one of the main mistakes that many players make.
  • Remember you don’t have to hit the ball when it is far from you, is in sideways, or is front.
  • Don’t the ball that is very close to the body.
  • You need to set up on the time as all the time you are going to have your options of how and when to hit the ball.
  • This is the point where you can make a clear difference between a slap into net and a clean hit forehand. 

4. Topspin:

If you are looking for an impart topspin then always remember to move your racket upwards. This upward head movement takes a start from the legs. The process of isolating the movement of legs is very easy.

You can start moving the legs up and down without giving motion to any other body parts, moving your racket so that you can clearly see upward movement that you have created with your legs.

All of the three joints of the arm can be used to move the racket upwards. And when it comes to the legs it can help creating a lot of movement with the head of the racket and for the forehand can impart top spin.

  • The mistake:

One of the common mistakes is that this movement for an action requires the movement of all four parts and this can be done only with the help of repetition. Many players don’t repeat and practice this movement.

5. Visualisation:

Visualisation is one of the most difficult techniques that many players experience. You must mind your visual instruction goes to your brain through the motor nerves should be very simple, but they should be repeatable and precise.

If you are looking forward to master a swing then you need a positive repetition to master a stroke.

  • The mistake:

Many a time the players do not emphasis on the development of the forehand with accuracy, topspin, and power.

Above are one of the best tips that can help you in making your tennis forehand stronger and shall help you in becoming a professional tennis player.

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