What Grip Should A Beginner Use For Tennis? | Top Style In 2022

Working on the perfect grip is a really important step for learning new techniques in tennis. Grip has a great impact on your overall game. Different grips are suitable for specific players and these players choose the grip which is most comfortable for them.

By reading all the features and advantages I believe that continental grip is the best option as it is an uncomplicated position that fulfills all your demands.

Keep reading to get to know further about different grips that are 

  1. continental, 
  2. semi-western forehand, 
  3. eastern backhand,
  4. double-handed backhand grip. 

Learn more about the continental grip and whether it is the best choice for beginners or not. 

Important Tennis Grip Styles

1. Continental Grip

Continental grip is ideal for beginners as it can be used in every shot and you don’t need to change the grip. Shots like slices serve, overheads, volleys, half volleys, and defensive lob can be hit without the change of grip style.

Continental Grip for tennis

To perfectly learn this grip you have to try to hold it like a hammer. To get a perfect hold the player needs to place the pad of your index finger’s bottom knuckle against the bevel. After that wrap all of your fingers around the handle.

Try swinging the racket and get to know whether you are comfortable with this style or not. Continental grip allows the angle of the racket to stay neutral which ultimately increases the amount of flexibility.

2. Semi Western Forehand Grip

Semi western forehand grip has become one of the most popular grips used to hold a tennis racket. This grip allows the players to use a lot of their power and hit the shots that require force. It lets the players add more topspin without adding excessive stress to the wrist.

Semi Western Forehand Grip For Tennis

To use the proper technique of this grip, first, you need to learn the way to hold the racket like a professional. For that place the palm side of your index finger’s knuckle against the fourth bevel.

This grip is used for players who are professionals. For beginners, it can be a bit tricky but there’s nothing in this world that a bit of practice and hard work can’t help with.

3. Eastern Backhand Grip

This grip is popular among players who hit one-handed backhand shots. It is an ideal position for flatter backhands. To form this style the player needs to place the palm side of the index finger’s bottom knuckle against the third bevel.

Eastern Backhand Grip For Tennis

After this place, the bottom of the racket’s handle at the base of your palm and then finally wrap your fingers around the handle.

4. Double Handed Backhand Grip

Double-handed backhand grip is an admirable grip among professional players who know different techniques of holding a tennis racket.

This grip helps you a lot in high-level matches against your opponent. There is one drawback that it provides less topspin to the player.

Players need to position the hand’s dominant index finger on bevel number 2. The index finger of the other hand is on bevel number 6. This grip will allow you to progress your game quickly without any problem or inconvenience.

Extra hand on the racket makes the handling of the racket easier and lets you swing at a ball coming at a high pace.


We have put down the Best Tennis Grip styles for improving your technique during playing tennis. Every grip needs a special technique ranging from beginners to experts.

Continental, semi-western forehand, eastern backhand, and double-handed backhand grips are the most popular used ones among tennis players.

According to all the features and factors, the continental grip is the top best choice for the players. With this grip, you don’t need to change your grip again and again which makes this position the most comfortable and reliable grip.

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