How To Measure Tennis Grip Size? [Info You Need To Know In 2022]

A tennis racquet is of no use if it does not fit according to the hand size. A little loose grip can cost you a match; you will not play perfect strokes.

Your tennis racquet will not generate enough power for the ball to spin, and you will play powerless shots. These are just small glimpses of not having perfect tennis racket grip size.

The selection of Tennis racket grip size is the most ignored part while buying a racket. But this is the most crucial part which needs to be attended by every tennis player while buying the Best Tennis Racket.

Tennis grip sizes are assumed to be all-size fits, but it is far from the truth because it’s modern age sports. And modern techniques are not the same for everyone, but they are introduced every day to overcome the challenges a player faces while playing tennis.

Tennis grip can make or break your whole game, how a player can play competitive shots when they are not having a comfortable grip on the racket.

Now we know why it’s important to have a comfortable grip size. But another question arises: how to measure tennis grip size?

Let’s professionally answer the question.😀

Basic Grip Sizes

Adult size grips particularly range from 4 1/8 to 4 ⅝ inches, which measure the distance or circumference around the edges of the racket handle.

Mostly it is easy for experienced players to find perfect grip size having standard hand size. But it’s relatively difficult for players having larger or smaller hand sizes.

Still, the tennis grip is customizable, so don’t worry about the size availability.

Juniors’ rackets have grip sizes less than 4 inches. It is hard for teen players to find a relatively perfect grip fighting for their hand size.

How To Measure Tennis Grip Size According To Your Hand Size?

If grip fitting was not important, then why there are different sizes was introduced. It is a need that tennis professionals and sports complexes fulfill.

So, all ends meet at the same point now; having perfect grip is essential, but how to measure tennis grip size that fits my hand?

There are two different methods to measure grip size that fits.

1st Method

You can use a ruler to measure your hand grip size for a tennis racket. This Method is prominent if you are buying a tennis racket for the first time.

It is helpful if you don’t have a tennis racket to compare or need the most precise size for your hand fitting.

Open your hand and extend your fingers to full length. Then measure the length of your hand from the bottom of your hand palm to ring finger.

Now write the size you have measured. It would be in between 1 to 8 inches. This will help you to choose whether it is four ⅛ or four ⅜. These are normally two and three sizes of grip.

2nd Method

This is the alternative method of the Method as mentioned above. We assume that you already have a racket in this Method, but you’re about to buy a new one or want to upgrade a racket that fits the exact hand grip fitting.

First, hold your racket with a handshake grip side and raise your thumb from the side. After this, place your index finger in between the space of your raised thumb and fingers.

If the finger fits exactly and comfortably, the grip size is a good fit for you, but if it does not fit or has extra space, you need a smaller or bigger grip size.

What Option Are Available If My Size Is “In Between”?

This is one of the most common problems people face in Tennis Racket Grip Size selection. Their size is between( may be smaller than four or larger than the available grips sizes), and they cannot find the perfect fit.

The best way to go within this situation is a smaller grip size as small grips size allows you to have good shots coverage and stronghold on tennis compared to larger tennis racket grips.

Moreover, you can customize small grips according to your size by applying an over grip. So in both situations, it’s a win for you, and you can have a perfectly placed grip in your hand.

If you are beginners or teenagers, go with a slightly larger grip size because children and teens can grow faster.

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