Why Is Lawn Tennis Different From Other Racket Sports? Updated Info In 2022

It is a commonly held belief that all sports are the same. Basketball and football are often considered the same sport, and some people confuse baseball and cricket.

There is no denying that all games differ from each other due to some inalienable differences.

There is one thing that all racquet games have in common: racquets. It’s a common factor in all racquet games.

What Makes Tennis Exciting And Different From Other Sports?

I believe there are several reasons why tennis is exceptional. In the first place, it is a solo game which means the player is alone for the duration of the match.

A player cannot take a break or play poorly and still win. This is one of the most significant factors in the match’s outcome.

Secondly, there is a lot of interest because of the contradictory styles used by the different players, but all of them are still very effective. There is a lot of diversity in this game.

The third factor has nothing to do with the time limit. Regardless of how long it takes; the result of a match will always be revealed at the end of the match.

I believe that is the fairest game in terms of respect between opponents.

Players who use bad language about themselves are also given an obscene warning if they use bad language about other players.

Shake hands at the end of the game, and then hold a quick press conference. It’s a tradition in tennis.

But there’s more to the game than just shaking hands. The game combines strength, class, endurance, and all of the above in an easy-to-watch manner. This game has it all.

It shows their natural face as he has to go through a lot during the match, and he has to find his path and remain calm at the same time.

Many legends in this generation also like to play this game more than others.

There is no question that he isn’t only a good player and a role model off the court. There are different traditions of Grand Slams and diverse crowds to add to the drama.

In addition, there are weekly tournaments that keep the fans occupied and give the players a chance to improve and have good results every week.

Some Fundamental Differences

Some fundamental differences between sports make them different from one another and identify tennis as an accessible sport.

1. Court

A court or playground is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about racquet sports.

All racquet sports, such as badminton, lawn tennis, pickleball game and squash, are played on a designated court that is available for them.

Court for tennis

The court for badminton has a solid surface with a net in the middle, while the court for squash is designed to have a glass-enclosed room.

Likewise, lawn tennis is also played on special lawn courts meant for lawn tennis.

In comparison with these sports, table tennis does not require a specific court to be played on.

2. Racket

The racquet itself is also one of the significant differences between any racquet sport and other sports.

Rackets are usually hollow on the inside and filled with string nets for squash, badminton, and lawn tennis. Depending on the game, the strings are pulled in different ways.

Generally, badminton rackets are light in weight, come with soft yet hard wires, and come in various materials.

Lawn Tennis Racquets are heavier and more solid, and their wires are even more vital to handle the ball in these games.

Lawn tennis racquets

As far as table tennis is concerned, the racket is commonly known as a paddle.

The paddle is a lot different than the others. It is 17 cm long and 15 cm wide. It has wooden blades and is covered on both sides with rubber.

The rubber on both sides can vary in elasticity so that a player can experience a different bounce in the game depending on which side of the rubber they are playing on.

3. Balls

A rubber ball made from vulcanized rubber is used for lawn tennis, while a rubber ball made from vulcanized rubber is also used for squash.

By contrast, the ball used for this game is relatively light and small compared to other sports balls.


The ball looks similar to a squash ball in size, but it is very different in texture and materials.

There is no ball in badminton but a shuttle made of feathers and foam.

Despite its lightweight, the badminton shuttlecock flies high when hit by a badminton racket.

4. Speed

The main difference between racquet-based games is the speed at which they are played and the player’s skill. When playing table tennis, players must be quick and responsive.

The playing field is small and limited. Balls do not bounce and are light in weight, so players must quickly take turns to scores.

Squash is the second-fastest sport. It involves fierce competition between both teams.

The walls have to be continued, but not the floors, requiring practice and accuracy.

Despite the slow pace of lawn tennis, the players struggle to keep up.

Finally, there is badminton, which is a relatively slow sport, but it is entertaining.

5. Player’s Skillset

A significant difference in all racquet games is the player’s skill set. These sports require their types of practice and skills for their players.

These games require different ways of handling the ball, covering the court or table, and gripping the racquet or paddle. To succeed in these games, players need practice and precision.

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