Top 20 Tips To Win A Tennis Match – Info You Need To Know To Win In 2022

tips to win a tennis match

we have brought special materials with all kinds of tips to improve all the fundamentals of tennis, from the technique of strokes to the tactical and mental part, including nutrition, physiotherapy, and everything that can involve the sport inside and off the court.

How to hit a better backhand, execute a perfect volley, hide a drop-shot, serve with different effects, hold your nerves at important moments, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed in the face of adversity.

Build a movement to finish the point in the net, eat to perform better on the court, warm-up, and stretch properly to avoid injuries, in short, the list of tricks published here is huge.

As well as the coaches and experts who gave tips, including personalities from around the world

1. Choose a good teacher

The teacher is a facilitator of your process and will help you to prevent future injuries.🙂

Make sure you are trained and have a well-organized program of lessons. He must be able to give specific information on how to improve.

2. Have fun in the learning process

You are learning a game and the idea is to lead a healthier lifestyle and have fun, right? Mistakes are part of the process, learn from them while maintaining a good mood.

3. Use the Play and Stay system to learn

Use the slow balls (red, orange, and green) on the proportional courts to learn and practice. You will exchange more balls, do a good aerobic job and develop technically and tactically faster.

4. Without a partner? Use the wall with slow balls

Not having opponents available is no excuse for not practicing. The wall is the tennis player’s best friend. Make progressive challenges with yourself (hitting 10 balls on the same side, for example).

5. Move your legs well

You will see that hitting is easy, the difficult thing is to adjust to the appropriate distance from the ball, hitting a ball during the run, jumping for a volley, coming out of inertia to return a serve …

6. Think about control, not power

The important thing at the beginning is to control the ball. Go over the network, direct, deepen, control its effects (in that order). Power is the last stage of the process.

7. Do not imitate the professionals at all

When you imitate a professional, you do not know that each movement and each way of wielding the racket depends on the athlete’s biotype and other factors.

Listen to your teacher: he will show you a style that suits your body and your game.

8. Play with different opponents, men, and women

The more different opponents you face, the tactically smarter you will become. Find out in your club or gym which tennis players are at your level and challenge them one by one.

9. If you are an adult and are going to start, get a little bit

of conditioning. Take advantage of the momentum of your new sport to put your fitness in the spotlight.

Legs, torso, and upper limbs need to be strengthened so that you can play longer without getting hurt.

10. Invest in suitable sneakers and rackets

All Sports shoes are not suitable for tennis. Because they are taller, they do not favor the lateral stability of the feet, and you can twist your ankle. As for rackets, be aware of your teacher’s instructions.

11. Be 100% decided

The player must be fully determined to be a professional because the sacrifices are great. The distance from family and friends, the long trips, and the hard training are not easy to bear.

12. Take great care with physical preparation

At this stage, players are not yet fully trained, as they are still growing. Care with a load of physical training and court must be constantly evaluated to avoid injuries.

13. Prioritize the physical trainer with experience

Between 17 and 20 years old, you will acquire the physical base of strength and endurance that will support you for the rest of your career, and for that, it is essential the presence of a physical trainer with experience in professional tennis.

14. Undergo a complete battery of assessment tests

If possible every six months, with the help of a physiotherapist and a doctor linked to the sport.

Periodic evaluations are essential so that the work can be done according to your possibilities, avoiding injuries.

15. Develop your mental capacity

The tennis player must learn to deal quickly with the frustrations of defeats, with the pressures that are great and constant, inside and outside the court, and still keep his motivation high to support the routine.

16. Plan an appropriate schedule

In this phase, the player loses much more matches than he wins, as he starts playing professional tournaments.

The intention is that you get experience and start playing, socializing, and training more constantly with the top players.

But losing too many games in a row can shake confidence, which will slow the evolution process.

17. Have a proper work routine

You need to quickly understand the need to have a proper and aware work routine. For that, two things are necessary:   understanding that discipline and a positive attitude are the foundation of everything, and making it your religion.

18. Control expectations

There is always a great expectation for results, from the family, sponsors, and even the player. These expectations need to be controlled by the technician, who must be calm. High expectations at the beginning always delay the process.


19. Be humble and persistent

Be humble to accept that the results do not always come at the time we desire, even after a great effort, and have the persistence to continue working with a strong determination.

20. Choose a trainer that gives you confidence

The more questioning you are, the more difficult the path will be. The most important thing is to choose a coach you trust, to avoid constant questioning, and give yourself wholeheartedly to the work indicated by him.


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