Which is a good Tennis Racquet for high school Players

What is a good tennis racquet for high school Players

Quality of a tennis racket considerably has an effect on your performance. Many factors are pondered before choosing the best quality tennis racket for high school beginners.

You need to make sure that you are the best player and for that weight, power, grip size, head size, string quality, and many more elements are kept in mind.

Scroll down and in detail read the most important aspects that should be considered before buying the best quality tennis racket and then according to that choose the racket from the top products.

Factors to be examined before buying a tennis racket:😀


Weight of a tennis racket matters a lot, as it gives you power, strength, stability, and control. Both lightweight and heavyweight rackets have their own attributes that should be chosen according to the user’s level of comfort.

Average lightweight racket weighs less than 270 grams (9 ounces) that is very comfortable to use. Lightweight allows you to use very little energy by which you can swing with ease but tend to provide less control. These rackets are perfect for players who have limited strength and have to work on their muscles.

Heavyweight rackets have an average weight of 300 grams (11 ounces). Its main purpose is to provide power but it takes a lot of your energy. Heavy rackets need an advanced player who knows proper technique and needs power for full swings.

They are inclined to make a player’s life easy by absorbing the shock and vibration.

However, heavy rackets are more challenging and need extraordinary techniques. So a lightweight racket is the best option for new or high school players.

Grip Quality And Size

Hits and shots of a player are affected by the grip quality and size of a tennis racket. Most players overlook the quality of a tennis racket grip. Grip is made by using different materials such as soft rubber, and leather.


Choose the best-quality grip that keeps your hands dry, extremely durable, and avoids the development of blisters or any kind of skin problems.

The main thing to be kept in mind is that the handle should be big enough to be held properly.

Grip size helps you secure the tennis racket properly and it assists you for an effective offense and defense. Selecting the wrong size can lead to a painful effect and failure in a match.

Therefore, choose the grip quality and size attentively without making the wrong decision.



Exceptional string quality leads you to a maximum level of durability and control. A thick gauge is the best option for those players who are competitive and play for a long duration. The thinnest one is the best for intermediate players.

After that, there are different types of strings: power string, control string, comfort string, and spin string. Power strings are best for those players who are working on their muscles and haven’t reached up to the professional level of fitness.

Then control strings are for advanced players who are in need of a string that has a specialty in control. Players who have an injury should go for the comfort strings. Lastly, spin string enhances the spin as it is made by using different textures and materials.

Racket’s Head

Head size is the area within the frame that the players use for hitting the Tennis Ball. A smaller head will provide you control, as the head gets bigger it gives you more power.

There are three different head sizes, mid, mid-plus, and oversized. Mid-size has a measurement of 85-97 inches, mid-plus is 98-104 inches, and oversized has a head size of 105 plus inches.

Large head-size rackets are ideal for beginners. So oversized rackets will be a perfect option for beginners or high school players.


We have discussed in detail all the important factors that should be kept in mind before choosing the Best Tennis Racket For High School Players. We have also discussed how each attribute will play a part in your performance.

Most essential aspects are weight, grip quality and size, string, and racket’s head. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest tennis rackets for your consideration.

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest tennis rackets for your consideration.

  • OPPUM adult 27″ 
  • Head Ti S6 Strung 
  • Woed Batens Adult 2 Player
  • Wilson Junior US 
  • Fostoy Adult Recreational 
  • Senston 19 “23” 
  • Babolat Pure Aero Lite 
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