What Are Tennis Rackets Made Of? | Frame And String Material

Tennis is an international sport played all over the world and in all 195 countries. The Tennis Federation reported that there are more than 87 million tennis players in these 195 countries.

So now we have played with numbers. Let’s get to the exclamation points. Tennis is a sport of mind and body altogether, as it demands mental and body fitness to a great extent.

Well with the body we do need equipment to play this sport, and a tennis racket is one of the most important pieces of equipment. Without this, there is no existence of tennis.

Tennis rackets are an integral part of tennis games, but they are not the same as in the 19s. Everything evolved so do tennis rackets, while in the beginning, tennis rackets were made from good quality wood.

But wood is not flexible, and surely it was also heavier in weight compared to today’s ready-made rackets. Now we know that quality is assuredly better than 19s tennis rackets.

The question in our mind is what are tennis rackets made of, and how do they affect a player’s performance?

We have the list of materials used to make tennis rackets that are strong and effective. Let’s have a look at what Tennis Rackets are made of.


1. Graphite


The first and most used material is used to make tennis rackets. Graphite’s is a lightweight material with different grades which are derived from carbon.

Graphite is mainly used to make frames of tennis rackets as it is a lot more flexible and tough structured than wood. Pure graphite made tennis rackets have a stiffer feel, making them a favourite of power hitters of tennis.

Graphite composite is also used like kevlar, fibreglass and titanium along with tungsten to create the best frames of tennis racket out of them.

Few Properties

⦁ Strong
⦁ Durable
⦁ Lightweight

2. Kevlar Or Boron


Kevlar and boron both are stiffer than graphite, with an extra capability of transmitting vibration. They are mainly similar to graphite but sure do have a slight difference of bears of power.

These are also used to make frames of tennis rackets as they are more durable than graphite and aluminium but less forgiving than both.

Beginners can face difficulties while using the tennis racket if the frame is made of boron or kevlar. Because they have not mastered the swings yet, and it can be harder for the arm to get used to at the beginning than graphite or composites.


⦁ Durable
⦁ Hard and Heavier
⦁ Power bearer

3. Aluminium

Aluminium is a less expensive alternative to graphite. With extra density, it is not as flexible as graphite but still used for curating the best frames out of them.

They do have shape flexibility with high durability with a moderate amount of power and feel. Aluminium made bi hollow frames are recommended for beginners as they have a good feel and more forgiving flexibility.


On the other hand, experienced players can use tubular aluminium frames to suit themselves.


⦁ Hard and dense.
⦁ Flexible to a certain point.
⦁ More forgiving than graphite.


Tennis grips are made up of several materials, which allows you to choose according to your skillset. Moreover, it depends on how you want to feel the grip or what type of style you follow to grip your tennis rackets.

Grips are made up of leather, rubber or synthetic polymers material such as neoprene. Manufacturers add a pattern for improving friction and grip quality.


This is an easy one to know as nylon is mostly used to make strings for tennis rackets. They are available in both soft and hard formations.

They can offer a great level of durability at a low price compared to other materials used for the same purpose. So in most tennis rackets, nylon strings are used because of their better functionality.

But nylon is not the only one used for making strings of tennis rackets; the other material is polyester. Polyester strings offer less power but more spin as compared to nylon strings.

They are also combined with nylon strings to take benefits of power and spin shots. The last one is gut strings made from animal intestines, but they are not very durable and expensive.

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