How To Practice Tennis Alone – 3 Simple Steps In 2022

How to Practice Tennis Alone

The first thing that comes into the mind when there is a question arises in the brain that how to practice tennis alone as it is NOT a myth and requires not an opponent to practice the tennis.

Not always you have the privilege to find a practicing partner, and still, you can practice playing tennis all by yourself and all alone.

Not to worry, as we got several of the ways to get you to practice tennis alone to sharpen your edge to become a professional tennis player.

IF you are tempted only to find the second person to help you get to practice tennis, and you think that is the only way to do that, then you are wrong, my pal!

Sometimes, you got to practice on your own to bring yourself the consistency and the control that you could NOT easily exercise with facing the opponent.

Let’s get to know the few working methods to learn how to practice tennis alone.🙂

1- Train with Ball Machine

teenis practice with Train with Ball Machine

The first and the common tennis practice with your own is by using the ball machine that NOT serves the ball to you but with the required speed and the angle to face the ball to hit back.

With placing the ball machine away from the net or just a few feet from you.

It would work either way to practice you the tennis with the feeling that you got the professional Tennis Player in front of you serving the ball with the increased power just like the real person.

There got to be numerous features the tennis ball machine should hold. And here are a few of the throwing features to name where you can adjust accordingly;

  • Speed
  • Spin
  • Feed rate
  • Strenght
  • Timing
  • Angle

Just make sure you are well aware of the fact that the tennis ball machines would NOT let you practice the ball serving as it would only throw out the balls at you and cannot play/hit the balls back to you.

Once the ball is away and gone, the ball machine would not be able to touch it again, even if it is sent directly and make a direct hit back to the machine.

While you already have the hands-on information about what kind of features the ball machine should hold but the original features from the angel, timing, and speed are commons to consider when making the ball machine to throw the ball at your way.

Some of the latest ball machines are synced with smartphones so that you can conveniently adjust the settings right from your smartphone without walking to the ball machine every time.

2- Hit a wall in your garage

Unlike the ball machine if you cannot afford it and you are good at practicing the Tennis Ball at the shorter distance to hit with the excellent power; playing against the wall or the backboard placed in your garage can help you to practice good of it.

Even if you are worried about turning the wall dirty by continuously hitting with the ball and it would undoubtedly leave the ball’s marks over the time; you are good to install the backboard back on the wall to practice the tennis all alone without having the chance of turning the wall dirty over the time.

While you may draw the lines either with the broader tape to learn the accuracy and control to hit at your required target, so, the more you practice, the smaller you can draw your target area as you improve your efficiency.

With the higher power you hit back the tennis ball, the faster the ball would reach back to you to practice and improving your fist’s ability to turn to serve and hit the tennis ball just like a missile.

Hitting the ball against the wall or the backboard, that is an excellent method to learn the enhanced accuracy where you are advised to hit the same spot multiple times.

This way, you do not need to have to be present in the tennis court where you may hardly find any spot with the wall or the backboard, so utilize either your garage space or the backyard with a somewhat stable floor to make the ball bouncing.

3- Practice serving the ball

Though it sounds impossible but frankly speaking, it is not.

Playing and hitting back the ball with either the ball machine or through the garage’s wall let you develop the skill to gain better control and accuracy, but what about an important task that should be mastered by the tennis player to make a glimpse of how professional you are.

And the serving of the tennis ball is the first and foremost important element to get started with the right kind of playing the tennis, and that would ensure the ball is served right to maximize the chances of scoring a point.

To practice serving the ball all alone, you have a couple of ways to do so and effectively if you face the wall or a high ground.

Just keep the few balls at your disposal to hit the right serves. And if you are meant to master it, you must have a good time learning to serve the ball

To do that with much effectiveness, you can place the boxes in front of you from some distance with trying to hit them when the ball lands on the ground after the first serve to ensure you have good power as well as control to lead the ball hitting on the desired spot without minimizing the speed to let the opponent face the serve with greater difficulty.

Hit or miss, but that is quite the right way to practice the proper serving of the tennis ball to disturb the opponent when readying to play the real tennis game in the court!

Conclusion of how to practice tennis alone

There are a couple of sports that can be practiced all alone. And the good thing about tennis, it falls under the same category.

Still, most of the folks that are just entering into learning this one of the beautiful sports in the world, they are often misunderstood with the mechanism they can entirely use up themself to play the tennis.

For them to streamline the whole process, we come with three best ways to educate them as to how to practice tennis alone.

With that, they do NOT have to wait for a minute to get the real human helping to practice tennis and without visiting the real tennis court at all.

So, get these three ways sorted out and start practicing tennis on your own. 🙂

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