What Do Tennis Sensors Do? {Info You Need To Know In 2022}

Technology changes the ways of playing the game, even in the tennis game. Since 2013, when the first commercial tennis sensors were designed, it has improved the game. 

However, Tennis sensors are designed in upgraded versions that play a vital role in the tennis game for the metrics. So, the players are playing more interestingly with this advanced system in the tennis game.

But, the main question is to ask about what do tennis sensors do

Let me tell you everything!😃

What Is A Smart Tennis Sensor?

Sensors known as inertial measurement units (IMUs) can attach to the body or athletic equipment to capture data such as accelerations, velocities, and angles, which can then be programmed. 

The purpose is to make the tennis sensor program to show the information in tennis games likewise; shot type, number of shots, spins, speed, etc. 

The Smart Tennis Sensor attaches to the bottom of a tennis racket and monitors all of your shots during a game or training session.

You may use the SDK to create apps that analyze and present data to attach with your smartphones.

Where Are The Tennis Sensors Located?

Tennis sensors are found in the tennis racket to see the metrics, speed, spins, etc. However, you can see the sensor into the bottom racket and can store it in wearable devices for the athlete.

These can integrate into the handle and within a noise dampener that connects between the chords of the racket. 
Following are the two locations where you can found the Best Tennis Sensor:

Inside The Handle

Since 2013/14, companies have originated the sensor inside the handle. However, it comes with three different models: pure drive lite, pure drive, and pure aero.

All these rackets offer functionality differently, but these all are lightweight.


Inside the handles, the racket has an innovative design and Incorporated to tackle the concerns of having a sensor located on the handle.

However, the cost price of these rackets is average, not too high, and not too low.

With Dampener

Another location of the sensors is found in the vibration dampener or shock. They are highly demandable among the people because they are relatively unobtrusive.

Besides, they are also for athletes who used dampeners in training or playing.

Most of the brands manufacture quality sensors to improve the game. Some of the most popular brands are Zepp sensor, Sony Smart Tennis Sensor, and Head Tennis sensors which are most popular.

Therefore, the player can monitor their skills by their metrics records in tennis sensors. For more details, scroll the page and learn more about tennis sensor brands.

Here are the following reasons why these brands are popular.😊 

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor


One of the top famous brands is the Sony smart tennis sensor. It is designed to make the perfect fit racket that can’t remove the end cap.

It’s inside the end cap has a mounting attachment which sits perfectly to secure the mounts by simply twist. If you are a professional, you can choose this professional tennis sensor.

Head Tennis Sensor 

Head tennis is another lightweight sensor that you can see on the bottom of the racket. Its originating company is Zepp that made the compatible rackets.


It can improve the performance of the playing skills and has compatibility to improve the experience. 

Its sensors may analyze the reading while you are playing or practising.

You can also connect its sensor with your smartphone and see it in your phone with 3D animation. However, it has a Bluetooth option that allows you to communicate while tracking.   

Qlipp Tennis Sensor


Another tennis sensor with a dampener reduces vibration and performance tracking. Qlipp Tennis sensor helps you to unlock the complete potential gameplay.

However, it is not able to control the vibration. You have different choices to choose the tennis sensors for playing infield.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Sensor Track?

Sensors offer information by tracking your athlete’s performance. It is very valuable to the players to see their performance likewise speed, spin, power, location, number of shots, etc.

Also, the sensors may track swing ball, live tracking, speedball speed, and many more. Most sensors offer to track live video performance, racket sewing tracking, swing speed, and ball spin.

What Type Of Sensor Is Better?

The sensor on the bottom cab of the racquet is superior to other sensors. The reason for this is that it is more precise and captures information about your swinging and manner.

Also, those sensors capable of performing a wide range of rackets are more capable in a single sensor.

The Closing Remarks

Lastly, sensors that support the playing field with accuracy increase the player’s interest. After researching the above data, we analyze the sensors should be lightweight with different monitor features.

However, it must behave as a connectivity feature with a Bluetooth device that allows attaching a smartphone. 

Once you use the tennis sensor in your training or playing, you will exactly feel the tennis sensors’ accuracy and performance.

Unless you are just reading or not practising with the tennis sensor, you will not realize the advancement, how accurate they are in performance. 

So, if you haven’t tried the tennis sensors before, buy them as I have also described the most popular brands above and play with the best

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