How To Choose A Tennis Racket For Beginners – Top Tips And Buying Guide In 2022

The most common mistake beginner tennis players make is asking a pro for Racket suggestions. He can recommend a Racket based on his experience but, that doesn’t always go well.

A Racket made for an advanced player is not suitable for a beginner. Some factors vary from player to player. They can either make a player fell in love with playing tennis or just quitting it due to discomfort.

To start as a beginner, you need a Racket that can help you improve your game and make you win ultimately.

So, finding such a Racket requires a little research that is quite interesting and beneficial for a beginner.

We have listed some important factors which need to be checked when choosing a Tennis Racket for beginners.

  • Size of the racket
  • Weight of the racket
  • Balance
  • Grip size

Size Of The Racket

As a beginner you can’t have the precision level as same as a pro player. You need to rely on a large size racket that can give you more precision.

Generally, the tennis Rackets vary from 27-29 inches larger in size. The advanced players use a traditional racket, 27 inches large. As a beginner, you need a Racket that is 29 inches large.

A beginner can’t have the same power as a pro player. Therefore, a Racket with a larger size can compensate for the power gap.

The strength of the Racket also depends upon its design. A racket with a wider frame gives you more power.

Head size

You must be thinking what makes a large size racket more suitable for a beginner. A large head size provides a wide sweet spot that is the area which hits the ball during a shot.

So, the big sweet spot will provide a player with a chance for a precise shot. Besides the sweet spot, the string also affects the shot. A perfect tennis Racket for a beginner has a head size of 106-118 square inches.

Weight of the racket

Likewise, the size, the weight of tennis Rackets also differ from each other. A tennis player at the beginner level can’t have a stable swing with a heavy racket.

A pro player will go for a heavy Racket because he is powerful enough to control the Racket. For a beginner who wants a fast swing, the lightweight Racket could work without inflicting any harm.

The lightweight tennis Rackets weigh somewhere between (240-265grams) and heavyweight Rackets weigh more than 300grams.

For better control and energy, you can rely upon mid-weight Rackets (270-295grams). So, only you can choose the best suitable Rackets for you after analyzing your capability.

Therefore, it is suggested you must do some research to choose a tennis Racket for you instead of relying on any expert’s suggestion. You can advance to heavy Rackets when your swing gets better.


Balance of the Racket is another decisive factor for a fast swing. It depends upon your strength to maneuver the Racket.

If you have strong muscles that can provide enough power then you should go for a head-light Racket as it is easy to swing it.

The weight distribution across the whole Racket is very important to know for finding a suitable Racket. A Racket with a heavy head needs less power from the player.

If you are a beginner, I would suggest you try different Rackets first in a club to know which one is suitable for you.

Grip Size

When it comes to sports equipment, feeling comfortable is important. If you are not comfortable with the sports equipment then it is useless regardless of its quality.

The comfort in a tennis racket lies in its grip. So, you must be thinking about the suitable grip size for you! right?

A grip length that equals the gap between the second line on your palm and the tip of the curling figure is suitable for you.

Therefore, different grip size rackets are available in the market. A large or a small grip might cause an injury. You must test different rackets in the club to choose one with a comfortable grip as a personal tennis racket.

Final Worlds

The journey of moving from a beginner to a pro tennis player is hard. It requires careful selection of tennis racket, shoes, kit and other equipment.

If the equipment doesn’t make you feel comfortable then you might hate tennis. But we briefly explained the features of the Best Tennis Racket For The Beginner that can make tennis enjoyable and easy to play.

Our suggestion is a long head size racket with a perfect grip for a beginner to start. It can make training comfortable and appealing for you.

As a beginner, your investment of time and money for choosing the right tennis racket for yourself can prove to be a better decision in the longer run.

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