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Babolat not only has a huge list of popular Racquets but this should be kept in mind that they have been developing strings for a lot long time. In this way they were able to create their name in the market and they have been continuing creating some great things and brackets for people with different game plays.

The best strings for babolat pure drive come with different qualities and you will find many available in the market.

If you are looking for best of the best then find it difficult go through all the babolat options. Babolat offer different types of strings for every player but once you pick the wrong one you won’t be able to play as strong as you want to. You should always keep this in mind that your playability depends 50% on the string and 50% on the racket.

In this article you are going to find top 3 unbiased+ reviews of the best string for Babolat pure drive and the qualities of a good string.

Top 3 Best String for Babolat Pure Drive

Here are 3 strings for driving your Babolat pure drive crazy. You are going to love these strings and no matter you are a beginner or a professional player you can always use them. I have researched through out to bring up this list of super 3’s and I am sure you will love them.

1. Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16G Tennis String 

We all know that the face of the company is Rafael Nadal so you should not be surprised when you see quite a few strings that are built for spinning your game and matching your game with the modern age.

Pro Hurricane is a premium string that is only made for spin. The textured surface of the spring gives extra grip and with the right swing you can give many rotations on each shot.

The string is 16 gauges. It is suitable for the people who often break their strings. Many people consider that as thin string gives more span potential. The string is softer as compared to the other standard versions of the string that is why your arm will feel healthier. 

  • Good spin 
  • Great control 
  • Premium feel
  • Softer
  • Thin
  • Not suitable for beginners 

2. Babolat vs. touch natural gut string

If you are a player of babolat pure drive then you must be looking for best string. Babolat vs. natural gut string is the best thing for babolat pure drive. If you are looking for a very strong solution then it is a perfect blend of power and comfort. This string is perfect for the people who have arm problems and you are not going to sacrifice your power for any string.

This natural gut string has power. It is not only suitable for the pure drive but it is one of the best strings as compared to all other brands. This string will hold tension for you and is very durable. Some people might find it expensive but it is worth buying. Once you play with the string you will never choose any other.

  • All round playable string
  • Tension holder
  • Great power
  • Great for arm
  • Expensive 

3. RPM Blast Black 17g String

It is very hard to find a string that is pretty comfortable for almost all the players. But babolat has always thrilled us with its Technology.

That is why RPM blast black is one of the most demanding and best strings they have produced. They have not only used polyester for this string but they have made the spin of the string second to none.

Many people do not find polyester comfortable but this RPM blast has many variations and you are going to find a solution always that will make sense for your game.

You surely need to take a demo before you choose any other string then RPM. Some people might be resistant to polyester but once they try this they are not going to leave this string.

It is a very popular string and it comes with different versions for people to choose from. This helps the player in choosing the control, spin, and power without altercations.

  • Best string globally
  • Durable
  • Polyester made
  • Strong
  • Multi colour
  • Not for very hard hit

Factors necessary to choose best strings:

I have made lots of search for creating this list of attributes that you must look into the strings if you are looking for the right string for your babolat racket. The attributes for choosing best string for babolat pure drive are,

  • Power

Some tennis strings generate energy when you strike a ball and this helps in creating pace. If string is high power you will require less effort for increasing the speed of the ball, whereas if the string is low powered you need more efforts to put in the strike.

  • Spin

Speed of the head influences the spin of the racket and it is considered to be the number one factor. At the same time the string and the player racket also have a great impact. That is why some strings help in generating topspin for the players as compared to others.

With high spin strings you can create more topspin and with low spin string you will find less spin potential. But remember you can always create top spin with any tennis string.

  • Control

Control is the player ability to hit the ball accurately with confidence while making the significant cuts. Control and power are intertwined for example a string with low power provides more control and a high power string provides less control.

  • Touch

A touch of higher rating provides enhanced sense of command to the player over the ball. Reduced touch makes the game more challenging, you have to execute shots and require additional attention and focus.

  • Comfort

If you are tennis string absorbs the shock and reduces the vibration then you will feel more comfortable. Along with that your technique also brings you comfort.

  • Durability

The string should be capable of working through changes in temperature, moisture, debris, and should limit itself from wear and tear. The lifespan of the string should be durable.

  • Playability duration

The string should maintain its quality and tension through your long duration games and this is its playability duration. Some strings might be durable but still they need to be replaced because quality of string’s performance.

  • Movement

Swings having low scores move considerable and players have to straighten them again and again. The string should snap back into its place as soon as the ball is hit so that the players don’t have to keep on straightening them throughout the game.


Strings are the base of great rackets and good game. Good string for babolat pure drive must have great qualities such as power, control, spin, and durability.

The strings mentioned in the article are not only great for babolat pure drive but they are suitable for any racket. People who are looking for strings for linger use choose try out the strings mentioned above.

RPM, Hurricane, Natural gut many more and beautifully made by Babolat. Choose your string wisely because your game depends on your string and your racket.

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