What Are Tennis Strings Made Of – Complete Overview And Guide In 2022

What Are Tennis Strings Made Of

If you are a tennis lover, you might know that there are a plethora of several kinds of tennis strings available in the market.

One is fascinated by the composition of tennis racket strings, as tennis strings have a pretty good variety linked with them.

Hence, you should know the entire details of what Tennis Strings are made up of so that you can increase your knowledge.

History of the Tennis Strings

The tennis strings were first introduced by Pierre Babolat, known as the pioneer of tennis strings, and he came out with the first natural gut tennis string in 1875.

It was formed by the part of the cow intestine known as the serous membrane or serosa by drying its fibers with the chemical called collagen.

Besides, its function is to stretch and contract the intestine during digestion.😀

Types & Materials of Tennis Strings

The strings are the central part of your racquet, as they are the soul and life. If you search for a new set of strings, it is essential to know all about the strings of tennis gear.

Strings play an important role in determining how your racquet performs and feels. They are essential because they make direct contact with the ball for good hitting. There are many types of racquets, and the following are the details of a few of them.

1. Natural Gut Strings


When synthetic strings became available in the market, all other choices considered the alternative, inferior and cheap polyester strings became fashionable.

Natural gut offers excellent comfort and power, and that’s why great players like Federer and Djokovic made a part of their tennis string arsenal.

The natural gut strings do not perform well in damp and cold weather and are not so durable. It is a bit expensive for beginner players.

Pros Of Natural Gut Strings

  • Ideal for those players who like high tension in their rackets.
  • This material does not stiffen dramatically.
  • Natural strings offer more sacrifice power for getting high tension for increasing control.
  • Playstyles can be varied in your game.

Cons Of Natural Gut Strings

  • They are significantly challenging to make as compared to synthetic options.
  • They are less durable when the player hits the ball.

2. Synthetic Gut Strings


Although the sound of the synthetic gut strings is similar to the natural gut strings, it is made of nylon material. It typically offers some outer coatings for the improvement in the characteristics of play.

Synthetic strings are the cheap option, and some manufacturers provide their price to be up to 2$ per set. It is also a good selection for the starter players because it offers all-around playing properties at a very affordable price.

Pros Of Synthetic Gut Strings

  • They provide a good combination of durability and portability to beginners as well as to professional players.
  • These are the options liked by old players and the new ones also.
  • These are the wear-resistant multifilament strings that do not compromise on performance thus offer more durability.

Cons Of Synthetic Gut Strings

  • When there is terrific tension in the racquet, the loss of power occurs in them.

3. Multifilament Tennis strings


The multi Tennis strings cover the wide variety of tennis strings made by weaving of many fibers in trying to make something exceptional and superior compared to synthetic gut strings.

However, well-manufactured tennis string gives any player a good level of comfort, feel, control, and power.

The players who have suffered from tennis elbow must use the multifilament tennis strings because they are beneficial.

Pros of Multifilament strings

  • The multifilament string rackets are light in weight and easy to play with.
  • There is a vast range of price points in this option.
  • It replicates the natural gut option.
  • It is softer in the hands of players.
  • There is stellar tension maintenance.

Cons of multifilament strings

  • The multifilament strings are costly options.
  • These strings are less control-oriented.

4. Hybrid Tennis Strings


Most top tennis players like to use the different types of tennis strings in their rackets, expecting that their option will offer them a higher level of benefit and the best qualities of each element.

Hybrid tennis strings are made from polyester strings that are more durable and let the players enjoy the game with the proper technique to create a massive amount of spin in their game.

Pros Of Hybrid Strings

  • There is a lot of spin in these strings.
  • The players have a lot of control over the game while playing with hybrid strings.
  • The hybrid strings are durable.

Cons Of Hybrid Strings

  • The hybrid strings are harsher on the arms of the players.
  • These options are low-powered.
  • The hybrid strings can lose the tension quicker.

How To Choose The Right Strings For Play?

Many factors significantly impact your game and the way your racket feels while hitting the ball.

It includes how your tennis racket is made and its material, how fast your ball hits the racket, and how much spin you offer in the game.

Therefore, there are many aspects to keep in mind, but if you are out of budget and a big hitter, you will have to opt for a bit of option and select some polyester material in your bag of game.

To search for the best chance of strings, you must experiment with the different hybrid sets containing polyester material.

So if you are a beginner, you should opt for the synthetic option of string. Alternatively, if you are a good player, the multifilament will be the right choice for you.


To end the article, I suggest that there are so many better options and materials of good strings available in the market and the new and unique options coming in the competition, so you should not be scared of trying new materials.

I hope you will understand What tennis strings are made of. A better material of string will give you more benefit which you are searching for.

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