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How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Tennis Racket

If you are quite new to the tennis game, you may not know about the pricing of restring racquets. However, maybe you’re not even know how long tennis strings should change.

If you don’t know about anything, you don’t need to worry; because I analyzed the average cost of how much it cost to restring a tennis racket.

However, while playing the game, if you feel the strings of the tennis got loose. It means you should change the strings as quickly as possible because it reduces the concentration and the power of playing.

You may also get quality strings that will not break quickly from time to time.

Here is the average of the restring of a tennis racket!😀

Price Of Strings For A Tennis Racquet

It is not right to tell the exact prices of the restring tennis because prices are not exact at all the time. From time to time, it fluctuates with the quality manufacturer’s offer.

But, it is right to say that it depends on the quality and brand that you have used in tennis. Every brand offers different prices as they make the product with different features and quality.

You may also notice the brand of the racket you have. I have noticed, most of the brands offer prices between $10-20 if you are a routine player. However, if you go to the shop and change the restrings, the cost should be high.

Alternatively, if you purchase strings on the online store, you may save a bit of money. Something like 5$ to 50$ you can purchase the strings.

Again I am saying it all depends on the brand of the racket and the standard of the strings.

As I am a passionate player, I spend $35 to restrings the rackets myself at the club. It’s a bit on the pricey side, considering I paid $25 for the string (I might have got them online for $10).

Despite this, they charge $20 in labor which is the average price I have ever found. However, I definitely buy the string ahead for my next purchase just saving a few bucks.

And I thought it is right to purchase early ahead of the time of restringing tennis rackets.

How Much Does Labour Cost?

Paying the labour cost is also essential if you didn’t know how to restring a tennis racquet. But, the question is, how you should spend to pay for the labour to restrings the racquets.

Beginners’ rackets are not like the high quality and high maintenance, so they require a little attention to pay. However, most labour charges $5 to $10 for beginner rackets.

But, for the professional rackets, labourers are charged between $10-$20 for restringing.

This may be the average price because paying them much attention at the time of restrings requires more for the professional rackets.

So, when the player plays a game, they don’t disappoint the loose tensions and strings.

Would You String A Tennis Racquet Yourself?

If you do not have much money to give the labour for restringing, you can do it yourself. As restringing tennis is undoubtedly potential, it is not likely to buy the machine for restringing.

However, a tennis machine could cost between 300$ to 3000$ or more. Unless you are not a professional in the field, spending money to buy the stringing machine makes no sense.

Even if you are passionate like me, you can spend money to buy the tennis machine so that you can change the tensions and restrings the racquets at home.

Materials That You Might String A Racket At Home

  • Firstly, you need an excellent series which you want to play.
  • A restringing system that you can rent from local tennis shops or buy online or in stores when you really need it.
  • A tennis racquet that needs to be returned.
  • Pliers
  • A screwdriver for sewing the rackets.

When Should You Replace The Strings?

Replacing the strings depends on how frequently you play and how many times you play in a week.

If you are a passionate and professional player, I guess you play tennis three times a week.

It would help if you change the strings at least three times a year. Yet, checking the tension of the strings before playing the game should be necessary.

If the tension of the strings gets loose even after 6 months, try to change the strings after 6 months.

Besides, if you have polyester strings in your racket, you should replace them every 15 to 20 hours of play because the polyester strings have the worst tension.

When Stringing A Tennis Racquet, Wow Long Would It Take?

The average time to stringing rackets is 30 minutes by using a machine. As an expert’s labour has the skills to change it quickly, they string a racket for half-hour.

However, depending on how busy the shop is, you should anticipate waiting at least one day before receiving your racquet.

Quick Summary

As you can see, restringing the rackets is necessary for the tennis player. However, knowing how much it costs to restring a tennis racket is an essential point for everyone.

So, if you do not have enough budget, you can string a racket by yourself without spending much money. With the help of the above method, you can replace strings easily.

I hope you get a lot of information from this article about restringing a tennis racket.

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