How Do You Use A Tennis Stringing Machine? [Updated 2022]

String machines minimize the cost of buying a racket again and again. It can be very helpful in the long term but there are some special techniques that you should know before using a stringing machine.

To perfectly operate a stringing machine you need to keep these points in mind:

  1. Type of stringing machine
  2. Clamps
  3. Speed
  4. Handling

Further, read the article to get to know all about the string and how to use it. Also, you will learn about the important features that are important for operating a stringing machine.

Types Of Stringing Machines

1. Crank Stringing Machine

There are two types of stringing machines that are manual crank and Electronic Stringing Machines. Both of them are operated in their own way.

Crank machines consist of a manual system that involves a crank, not a lever for achieving the correct tension.

2. How to use a crank-stringing machine?

First, a string is inserted into an appropriate device to tension the string.

After that turn the crank backward and then for adjusting the string tension you can turn the small wheel which is situated in the area of the crank.

3. Electronic Stringing Machine

Electronic stringing machines are the pulling system that consists of a computer electric motor for tensioning the string. This machine leads to a really fast stringing that provides perfection and accuracy.

Electronic stringing machine is the most reliable way which is the most popular option among the players.

4.How to use an electronic stringing machine?

Electronic tension mechanism has two types. One of them is the constant pull and the second one is the lockout. Constant pull machine pulls the string till the tension reaches a perfect level.

String stretching is observed carefully by making sure that the string tension remains constant all the time.

In a lockout system, the electric motor pulls the string till the string reaches the desired tension. After that, the string is disconnected from the motor and is kept upright by a brake.

Nowadays consists of touch screens that automatically adjust a certain size, height, and material.

Important features of a Stringing Machine

There are some features that you have to pay close attention to.

1. Clamps

Usually, two clamps are situated in a stringing machine that allows you to tighten the strings according to your need. These fixed clamps are firmly fixed on the rails of the machine. Allows a much larger range of motion and a fast speed.

2. Speed

During professional matches speed is very important otherwise you won’t be able to fix the strings quick enough.

You can save a lot of time with a fast stringing machine and avoid stringing machines with a drop weight as they are time-consuming.

3. Handling

Stringing machines that can be easily moved from one place to another and consist of simple construction is the best choice.

Built-in stands with the machines let you string while standing which is a very convenient way.


Perfect stringing machine saves a lot of player’s time by saving back and forth trips to the stringer. We have put down the types of stringing machines and how to use both of them, which are first of all crank stringing machines and the second one is the electronic machine.

Important features are also listed down that are mandatory for operating a stringing machine. Therefore, go through the article to make your life less hectic and convenient.

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