Why Is Tennis Scored 15 30 40 – Info You Need To Know In 2022

There is fun, and there are rules; this is what sports are all about. But sometimes, these rules can be unusual and different. Tennis is a worldwide sport, and people enjoy the smash and points from every side.

The one thing that concerns me in its rules is why is tennis scored 15 30 40 why not 45 after 30 or why not 10, 20,30.

Whenever watching a game more than a player’s performance, I was watching toward the points and thinking that I know the counting better.

I did some search and studied the pointing system of tennis and found it quite fascinating. It really does make sense in a way, but I cannot understand it. There is not a specific methodology behind this scoring system.

No theory defines this scoring system, and many love fantasies are based on the scores. But no one ever told me which points go from 15, 30 to 40.

Why Is Tennis Scored 15 30 40

Everyone follows the most common fact that it is based on a clockwise minutes-based system. In which a whole 60 minutes are covered in points like start from zero and then 15 to 30 but rather going to 45 it breaks on 40.

Because there could be a deuce in which players have to score two consecutive times to win the game. This theory does match the fact, but it is just a theory and never confirmed by anyone.

Tennis Scoring System

The Tennis Scoring system amazes me with its pointing method. Both players start with zero love points on the board. First of all, there is a toss, and the winning player serves the ball first.

And they have the chance to score first, which will be printed as 15 love, but if the opponent player scores, the service will change, but no point will be added.

Tennis Scoring System

 The play goes on from 15 love to 30 and then 40 after 40; the point is the winning point of a game, but if both players are at 40, it is called (DEUCE). If both players are at a deuce point, they have to score two consecutive times to win a game.

The story does not end here. Players play 6 games called a set, and one of the players has to win the game. The whole match can be best of three sets or best of five sets either any of its players with most sets wins can endure the victory.

History Of Tennis

I agree that the tennis scoring system is a bit weird, maybe more than just weird, but one fact that makes it amazing is that it is stable since this game is in play.

Tennis has a lot of matches in history, and one of its main footprints is matched with one of a medieval game known before tennis which was called Jeu De Paume . This was played by the palms of hand in the 12 century, and in the middle of the 16th-century, rackets were added.

According to Wilson, tennis is a fascinating game and has a unique style from its beginning. It has a strong resemblance to the pageant tradition of the French court.

 tennis which was called Jeu De Paume

There were more than 1000 courts in Paris in the 16th century within the next few years. The game took so much fame because this game was and still in play by royals (Henry VIII was a great tennis player with tactical skills).

This game was also played by commoners and monks, which added goodwill to people around this game.  


The Scoring system of tennis is a whole lot of mystery. No one ever certified anything in context to why tennis is scored 15, 30, 40. The methodology of the clock is the most matched and well-known figure for pointing.

And in my view, I do agree with this system. Because there always should be some difference between games and the scoring system is a break for players and audience, making them see this game as different from other games.

Wilson Quoted

(“That’s partly what makes tennis into a kind of romantic game because it had all this history that isn’t really history; it’s legend more than actual history. Some of the ideas about how it began are quite fanciful.”)

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