Why Do People Put Tennis Balls On Walkers? Methods In 2022

The purpose of tennis balls on walkers is to provide more traction and stability when moving around. There can be times when the regular rubber tips on the bottom of walkers are fragile and slippy.

The tennis ball can easily be replaced when it has worn too much to be a cheap solution. Because they are larger than the tips, they have more surface area and provide better traction.

Tennis Balls Are Beneficial For Walkers:

Tennis Balls Are Beneficial For Walkers

People of all ages can benefit significantly from tennis balls on a walker. This setup is so popular because people can slide instead of holding up part of the walker.

Particularly for older people with difficulty walking, this can be very frustrating.

Although Tennis Balls don’t have quite the same grip as tennis rackets, walking around doesn’t require them.

They would prefer something with a bit more surface area for easier picking up the place down. It should also be stable but also able to glide on certain surfaces.

Why Not Use Tennis Balls Instead Of Rubber Feet On Your Walker?

When a walker is used, it must be lifted, moved, and dropped, but most people drag it forward, which wears out the rubber more rapidly.

Most people use the tennis balls later because they have this option instead of replacing or repairing the rubber on the walker’s legs.

What Are Walker Balls?

When you don’t want to go through the whole process of choosing and buying old tennis balls, you can just buy a Walker ball and then use the above tools to make an X sign hole.

Tennis balls modified to fit your walker are known as walker tennis balls. They usually come in sets of two. The tennis balls for your walker can easily be connected and played.

Walker balls are available online from the following brands:

  • RMS Walker Glide
  • Star Top
  • Top Glides

The balls provide the same level of comfort as self-made tennis balls but with the added advantage of being perfectly fitted without making mistakes with cutting.

Additionally, you can choose from many different colors, including brown, gray, blue, green, pink, and many more.

More Efficient In Indoor:

Tennis balls with indoor tiles and coatings will be handy on some cement types. Untreated cement or floors will not allow tennis balls to slip, and some types of carpets make it difficult for them to slip.

The tennis balls are worth watching if you use your walker for sliding. If rubber gestures are treated in this way, they will disappear even if they are slippery.

The cost of replacing these tips can reach $ 20 or more, while a new tennis ball costs around $1.

Tennis balls of all price ranges can be adapted in many ways. They do not need to be brand new to accomplish their goal since they are going straight to the ground. Find the right amount of most needed items by asking around for donations.

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Are Tennis Balls On Walkers Are Safe?

Tennis balls are usually used under walkers to increase safety. A bad experience with their walker’s gesture in the past may have caused them to slide instead of the lift.

Are Tennis Balls On Walkers Are Safe?

The surface area of tennis balls is larger, and everything on the ball stays in place because of the felt. The person will most likely not glide properly if he uses another round object.

There is always a risk of tennis balls tearing or exploding, but they do last a long time. The problem occurs when a person tries to slip to a slightly rough level. People should only use the sliding aspect on certain surfaces.

An Argument Against Using Balls On Walker:

Tennis balls on walkers have been criticized for the last few years, as alternatives now enable more sliding.

The bottom of the walker can be stabilized by attaching a pair of tennis balls, but the balls may land in different spots if they come down before one another.

Many people are also against tennis balls at the bottom because they collect so many different germs. However, signs and wheels can become very dirty quickly, so it is worth considering.

An Argument Against Using Balls On Walker:

As long as you change them repeatedly, everything should be fine. It is still impossible to find a walker that does not collect germs, so if germs are an issue, clean it as much as possible.

Tennis balls are available at a brand new price or in large quantities at your local tennis center.

Tennis balls are usually thrown out anyway, so they will provide a lot of free ones. Taking their place repeatedly is never an excuse for someone not to do so.

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Tennis Balls For Walkers: Who Should Use Them?

If you have strong legs, you will find it easier to slide on your walkers than traditionally use them.

Sliding appeals to some people and not to others. Walking with a smooth walker requires less effort during the day, which is always a good thing.

Young children can also use them, enabling them to participate in more activities with their walkers. Traditional methods can still be used, but the glide factor also definitely impacts. Walkers should not restrict kids in any way. Generally, they feel more comfortable.

Children love to play with their walkers when they have this finishing touch. Their walkers are easy to maneuver, making it possible for them to play sports. Adding a little color to a walker may not seem like much, but it is a great way to make it unique.

Method For Attaching Tennis Balls To Walkers

At first, the process may appear complex, but once mastered, it can be done in just a few seconds by attaching a new set of tennis balls to the walker. Some people prefer to use a hammer and nail for initial drilling or a tool for extra stability.

Here are detailed instructions for preparing a tennis ball for use with a walker. It may not work for a particular walker, but you can try some minor variations.

Here Are 5 Steps For Attaching Tennis Balls To A Walker

  • Tennis balls should be strengthened so that they do not move. In the beginning, use a deputy or someone else if you’re not used to doing this. Start with your hands if you’re used to it, but it is recommended to use tools.
  • Make a hole in the ball with a knife or hammer and nail. There will need to be accurate cuts after this first step.
  • The hole is now ready for making an X with a knife. For the X to fit a standard walker, it should be about 2 inches wide with each cut. The tennis ball will have four holes, making it easy to attach to the walker.
  • When cutting the body, make sure you go through it. The tennis ball is exceptionally durable and rugged. This is excellent news when the knife is under a walker, but it can be challenging to use at first. Make sure it is swift, and be prepared to struggle at first.
  • Place the walker’s leg inside the ball by opening the flaps. Secure the flaps by pushing them upward. Some people may opt for extra tape or glue for a more secure fit, but this setup should be suitable.

Ball Cutter For Tennis?

The above procedure should work adequately to cut tennis balls, so it is not recommended because of the cost.

On the other hand, Tennis ball cutters are machines that make the same cut in a second as the machines we described above. The best way to get the perfect cut is to hold the tennis ball in place and rotate the handle once.

Things To Keep In Mind

Because they are attached to the lower part of the walker, gravity should keep them in good condition. They are easy to reattach if they slip. The next time, try cutting a little shorter lines on the X if they slip permanently.

Tennis balls can be made more durable with adhesive, but it usually doesn’t work the best. They must be turned on and off, not just for a change but also for specific conditions.

As an example, if you are going to be walking on cement a lot during the day, rubber ends may be a better option for you. Your feet will not slide around as much.


It is a great idea to add tennis balls to your walker to make it easier and more enjoyable. You will find a wide range of walker aids available that will help you reach your goal, no matter what motivates you.

Don’t forget to collect as many tennis balls as you can at the moment and from there. It would be best if you got a backup supply so that you can replace them before they accumulate too much hair, gum, dirt, and other debris.

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