Which Tennis String Holds Tension Best – Latest Guide In 2022

If you wish to get your racquet restrung, several options are now available to you. Often, players try out a few racquets and pick the one they like best, ignoring that the strings they choose should be appropriate for the frame.

We have outlined below the five main types of tennis string and some background on which string type is most suitable for a particular player.

Types Of Tennis String Holds Tension Best

1. Hybrid String:

You can combine two different string types within the same string job with hybrid strings.

String specialists used to make sure that natural gut strings lasted for as long as possible by coupling them with a kevlar or aramid string that is extremely strong.

In hybrid setups, Kevlar strings are still in use, but polyester Tennis strings are gradually replacing them.

Hybrid String

Kevlar is the same material used in body armor, so it is very strong, and it is not at all forgiving when it comes to injuries.

Tennis racket manufacturers are constantly innovating new string technologies and materials to enhance the performance of tennis rackets.

Top brands offer a variety of string shapes designed to provide better performance for consumers, such as matte, rough, textured, and different shapes in the shape of the string.

However, don’t forget that breaking strings is not a bad thing.

If your strings break, you are imparting spin and speed to your shots. If your strings keep breaking too often, try going with a thicker gauge first.

If you are still breaking strings too frequently, perhaps you should switch to a different construction.

2. Natural Gut String:

As its name suggests, a natural gut string has the highest quality among all the strings on the market.

In terms of tension maintenance and playability, it is considered the best string on the market at the moment.

The natural gut string holds tension better than any other segment of the string and lasts longer than any synthetic string.

Natural Gut String

The natural gut is blended with polyester monofilament for heavy spinners and string breakers to enhance durability.

Although natural gut strings are the most expensive strings, if you are not likely to break them frequently, you may want to consider them because their performance is not to be matched.

Natural gut is the only string on the market that gives you the best combination of power, comfort, resilience and feel without sacrificing any of those qualities.

3. Synthetic Gut String:

The definition of synthetic guts can often be difficult because of the wide range of materials and methods used to produce them.

The majority of synthetic guts consist of a core of solid material covered with a layer or two of filaments to enhance their responsiveness and durability.

Synthetic Gut String

A synthetic gut is generally less expensive than a natural gut, and they offer a good middle ground between natural gut firmness and co-polyester softness.

The construction of synthetic gut strings is often referred to as nylon strings.

Still, the actual building has become much more sophisticated over the years, as different materials have been used to improve the playing characteristics of the strings.

Strings made of the synthetic gut have a solid core, so they are more durable than multifilament or co-polyester strings and can hold tension better than these types of strings.

Some examples of synthetic guts include the HEAD Synthetic Gut and the Wilson Synthetic Gut Power.

In general, synthetic gut strings have been described by players as having a crisper feel than multifilament strings.

4. Multifilament String:

From a comfort point of view, the natural gut is the only one that has multiple threads that provide the best fit.

It is estimated that there are thousands, if not hundreds, of microfilaments contained in these strings.

Multifilament String

Polyurethane is used to manufacture these strings because of its outstanding elasticity and its ability to provide optimum control even at high tensions.

As a flexible material, multifilaments are an effective way to soften a stiff frame and provide power at lower pressures.

A multifilament can relieve tennis elbow and sore wrists after playing tennis.

As good as multifilaments are at absorbing shock and feeling, the downside is that they tend to fray and lose tension much faster than the natural guts of a horse.

5. Monofilament String:

Currently, there are quite a few different types of monofilament strings and co-polyester strings available on the market.

Unlike other strings, these strings have impressive durability for players who like to swing hard at the ball and break strings at an astounding rate.

The downside is that these strings may not be suitable for everyone.

Monofilament String

In many cases, the string material is very stiff, so it isn’t easy to get the strings to move unless you maintain a consistent racquet head speed.

Generally speaking, polyester isn’t going to be of any use to you if you aren’t able to move the strings.

One more thing to think about is that the strings’ inherent stiffness enables players to string them at lower tensions but still maintain control even at tensions as low as 40 pounds.

Co-polyester strings will not easily be broken, but they lose their tension faster than any other type of string. Therefore, just because they do not appear broken does not mean they do not need to be restrung.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the natural gut is the most premium string available on the market today.

It offers the best tension maintenance, but it is also the most playable string on the market.

Natural gut holds the tension better and lasts longer than any other string. And Second, in terms of comfort, only the natural gut is multifilament.

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