Which Babolat Racquet Is Right For Me? Let’s Find Out Best In 2022

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When it comes to tennis, Babolat is one of the well-known brands in the market. When I decided to play tennis, my uncle gave me the Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex.

It is excellent as my first experience goes perfectly. But, when it’s time to upgrade to playing Professional, it isn’t easy to decide which Babolat racquet is right for me.

The Babolat racquets are great for all players to control the power and win the game. However, to increase your skills and level in playing, it is most tricky to choose the right Babolat.

But, don’t worry; here I will discuss the three families of the Babolat racquet so that you can choose the best one.😀

How To Choose The Right Babolat Racquet In Three Families

There are three most popular racquets of the Babolat racquets. All have different features, performance, and weight. Let’s discuss which one is perfect for you.

1. Pure Aero

Pure aero is one of the most familiar and popular among people. When it identifies, it designs with a yellow and black frame which looks cool and perfect.

The basic Pure Aero is a fantastic racquet with plenty of spin and strength, but it’s perfect for intermediate or advanced players.

However, if you are a beginner, I would recommend taking a look at pure aerolite. It is designed mainly for beginners, and it is more compatible with new levels of players.

Also, the pure aerolite is easy to handle and lighter to swing. But if you are an advanced level player, choose the pure aero or pure aero tour, which is slightly heavy but performs fastly.

Despite this, the pure aero tour can withstand the worst weather to shoot perfectly and on high feet.

The Pure Aero racquets have an aerodynamic beam, making them excellent for athletes wishing to add ferocious spin and power to the play.

2. Pure Strike

Another racquet from the Babolat is a pure strike. If you feel a little bit more feel or control, then the pure strike is the perfect option for you.


It is ideal for those who need to control their performance, power, spin, and feel while playing.

However, the pure strike is more flexible and compatible than the other two Babolat racquets.

Also, it is a perfect choice for beginners who want to look progressive in tennis games.

Because it designs with more accessible and lightweight materials that make it light and durable too.

Despite the fact of being lightweight and its durability, it is not suitable for advanced players. However, if you are a professional in the field, you can try Pure Aero and Pure Drive.

3. Pure Drive

Last but not least, the pure drive is trendy because of its range, spin, and speed for the modern game. It offers a wide range of weights for playing on the high feet transition.


Also, its color and design attract the human eye and develop more interest in the game.😃

People who want to look forward to their skills can develop more with the pure drive racquet.

It is not only user-friendly, but it is also the lighter choice for all the players. Thus, the player can easily and quickly play with this Racquet.

What Should You Choose Racquet If You Are A Beginner?

As a beginner, choosing the right Racquet is very necessary. Assume that if you choose the right Racquet at the initial level, your confidence might also develop an interest in the beginning level. But if you choose the wrong product, your interest may decrease.

As mentioned in my beginning experience above, Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex is the perfect choice for newbies. However, selecting the right size is also the main point before purchasing the racquets.

For maintaining balance and performance, the lighter and longer feature racquets will help. So, you can hit the zone over so long.

What Should You Choose If You Are An Intermediate Level Player?

Likewise, choosing the Rackets For Beginners is trickier; selecting for the intermediate is very easy.

You can choose the racquets suitable for you and the brand you have noticed in the previous game. A racket that you are comfortable with can relatively easily hit the target.

What Does VS Mean In Babolat Racquets?

Generally, VS is the abbreviation for Victor Superb. This is what the gut strings are indeed known as, and it’s what VS stands for. Victor, as Babolat indicated, was a separate corporation with no ties to Babolat.

What Racquet Does Rafael Nadal Use?

The Rafael Nadal Academy is a massive complex on the island of Mallorca that the man personally administers.

However, it plays with the Pure Aero, a stunning brilliant yellow, and has matured with him over his career.

Final Thoughts

So, lastly, I have decided on the next level of the Racquet for me, which is the Pure Aero. It means that the problem of which Babolat racquet is right for me is now solved.

If you are still worried about which Babolat racquet is right for you. Scroll up the article and read them all. I am definitely sure; your question will solve just like mine.

But, remember, choosing the suitable racquets is based on your skills and playing level. So always consider your level first, then go out to check for the Racquet!

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