What Does 15 Love Mean In Tennis || Scoring in Tennis

Whether you are new to tennis or curious about its scoring terms, just give this article a quick read, and you will know what does15 love means in tennis. Tennis is a competitive sport with different rules and scoring systems.

 It sometimes feels like why and how this rule or scoring system is. The Scoring system of tennis goes from love to 15, then 30 to 40, and match point.

Love means zero, and 15 means 1 point so, if you are serving and win the first point, then the point board will show 15 love. This indicates that you have 1 point and your opponent is zero.

 Love is a tennis scoring system term that is used to show zero points. The tennis scoring system is a lot different from many sports, but one remarkable thing is that it has not changed since 1800.

This sport is familiar to almost every country on earth. However, still, people cannot get answers to related queries like what does 15 love means in tennis.

Why was it the word love in tennis score

Now you know what it meant, but don’t you think that okay it replaces zero. Why was it the word love? Why not any other word. 

Theory About Love In Tennis

There is no conclusion to this theory that describes this way, but still, two theories are well known in this context.

The first one is that the term love is from the French word  “l’oeuf,”  meaning the shape of an egg that indicates zero. Certainly, this could be the reason, but it is not certified that this is why it is indicated as love.

2nd theory is that this game is all about love and played for love, which is why love is stated for its point system, which indicates tennis as a love symbol game.

This is also just word of mouth not certified, but no one can stop someone from believing in something which does not have an origin.

tennis is such an enjoyable game

In-person this is a theory I also admire because tennis is such an enjoyable game and always played for the love of the game. So why not believe in a thing that makes us feel good positively. 

Tennis Scores In A Game

The tennis scoring system seems quite difficult to understand if you have a newly developed interest in this game. The game scoring system is a bit different from others, and the game starts from love all which means both players have zero points.

If serving players win the first serve point, then love changes to 15 love. 15 love means one player has 1 point and the opponent has zero points.

Tennis Scores In A Game

If the same player scores again, it will be 30 love, then 40 love, and the final point is match point which will be the end of a game. 

Example Of 15 Love Mean In Tennis

You served and scored against me in a tennis game, and the scoreboard will be like this:

  • 15: love 
  • Then 30: love
  • 40: love

And your victory, which is the last point.

Same if I also score in regular form, the match scoreboard will be like

First, serve you win score will be 15: love You again served, but I won the point would be 15 all. In this way the points follow on to 30 then 40. One more important thing is that if both players score a point at 40, the point is called deuce.

Both players have to score twice in a row to win a match. The first point after deuce is known as an ad point (advantage point), and a point after advantage point is the winning point of a tennis game.

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