Should I Size Up In Shoes If I Have Wide Feet? Updated Inf In 2022

Sizing is very subjective in the world of shoes. It is subjective because every brand has its own variation and it can be their sizing chart. That is why if a person is wearing size 6 in 1 brand the same person can wear size 7 in some other brand.

So the question here is should I size up in shoes if I have wide feet?

The answer can be a yes and a no at the same time. Because everything depends on your goal and the answer lies in if the shoe you are wearing is a size bigger or if the shoe you want to wear is fine with actual size. Top 10 Wide Feet shoes

So when to wear an upsize shoe?

Athletes like Tennis players would like to wear an upsize shoe because of many reasons. Only time they can wear a shoe bigger in size is the shoe they wear for their game.


  • They can be many reasons for example the second toe of the foot in some people is longer than the first toe. Thus the second toe keeps on struggling with the inside of the shoe and that is why many people wear a size up.
  • The other reason can be that the feet swell because of the fluid accumulates due to gravity when you prolong standing, play sports, move around more, and conduct weight barring activities.
    When you conduct any activity or exercise the heart pumps the blood the extremities.
    This gives smaller vessels more blood flow. You can notice this in winter that when you walk a little bit your hands start warming up same happens with your feet when you keep walking you will notice that your hand and feet are a bit swollen.
    When you buy a shoe that is slightly larger than the foot it allows better circulation and helps in minimizing the swelling.
  • Tight shoes can cause corns, calluses, and blisters. Especially the heel can be affected more because of the back and forth movement of the foot with every step.
    The constant rubbing of foot’s back against the shoe can not only make it annoying and painful but also provokes blisters. 
  • You can also face formation of hammer toes and bunions because of the repetitive Contracture of the toes. Wearing a Wrong Shoe can also lead to medical conditions such as Achilles tendonitis and neuromas.
  • One reason can be that few athletes have one foot slightly bigger than the other. Because of this they need to wear a size up but you can always take the help of the socks to keep the feet balanced.
  • By wearing a size up for your game your feet will get support, comfort, and unrestricting for your feet at the end of the day.

The shoe should support you.

Simple answer to the question: should I size up in the shoes if I have wide feet is yes if you play tennis then you should.

You are not the one who is going to support your shoes. You need a show in which you can walk and play properly and it should not affect your other body parts like neck, back, knees, ankle etc.

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