How To Power Serve In Wii Tennis – Tips, Hints & Significant In 2022

Tennis is a fun sport to play in reality and video games. The game seems quite simple to play, but only if you watch while sitting in the audience. Once you handle a racquet, you will surely know how hard it could be even to serve a player.

Tennis is a great athletic game, and you can also enjoy the same tennis Wii game as the original due to its realistic features and gameplay. Wii tennis is a game that can show you how hard it could be to handle a racquet, even in a video game. 

Wii Tennis is a realistic tennis game with the same shots, modes, and championships. If you love playing tennis, this game is a must-play, and if you are playing it, you should know how to power serve in Wii tennis.

Because this serve can provide first love points to an obvious note. Power serve is a serve with extra strength and getting the best racket power. And to provide this strength, you need to hit it perfectly at the sweet spot of the racket, the same as players hit on the tennis court. 

Wii Tennis Game Power Serve

Wii Tennis Game Power Serve

The game is competitive and provides high intense gameplays like real players. It provides the same emotion and pleasure as you play on the court.

If you know how to power serve, it could fetch match-winning points for you; moreover, if you know how to hit back a power serve, you can be a beast player to play within this game.

Most pro players use power serve whenever they need to get the necessary points on the table. Here are a few factors you can look for to get a perfect power serve out of a racket. 

Middle The Tennis Ball

Whenever you need to serve a perfect power ball, you have to get it in the middle of the racquet at the best of sweet spots. This will exert maximum power on your player and make it hard for the opponent console player or your friend to play it.

Middle The Tennis Ball

Power serves are hard to play because they go fast and bounce extra, so if you can hit the ball by the sweet spot, then for sure, it will go with pace and bounce, making it hard to receive. 

To serve a power serve, all you need is to time your shot according to green in meter with maximum power. It will assure the ball’s hit by the sweet spot of the racquet in the game.

When the Tennis Ball goes up in the air, be ready to hit the button. And when it slightly comes down, push the button to strike a power serve. 

How To Return A Power Serve?

Not every time you are the one serving a power serve to fetch a point. And if you have luck like mine for sure, it’s mostly the opponent winning the toss and choosing to serve first.

How To Return A Power Serve

So it is important to understand how to return power serve with perfection.

In this type of shot, timing is a must but in a lazy manner because if you try to react slowly, you will get it up in the air out of court.

But if you try fast, your racquet may not middle it and skid out of court.

So try a lazy shot, but with early timing, it means a bit of pace in the racquet with some swing can do the work for you.

In this way, you can return a power serve at a perfect angle and length without losing a point.

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