How To Choose A Tennis Racquet? {The Big Info In 2022}

How to choose a tennis racquet

The first thing first, how to choose a tennis racquet, involves a processes-long task to find the right one that fits your needs.

Taking the racquet selection just like an ordinary task, you are already doomed.

And then buying without knowing about what puts together the racquet, you would end up owning the worst always uttering the complaints about.

So, it is better to get prepared well before hitting the market to buy a racquet. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate tennis player growing to become professional soon, only the right racquet enables you to perform well and up your game.

Wanting to play tennis frequently, it is worth investing your time to understand the whole process of how to choose a tennis racquet.

And that includes several critical steps that you always look for before deciding to pick a tennis racquet.

But clear up one biggest misconception the people often get hit with, and that goes for the picking only the reputable brand to overweight and dominate your buying power where you blindly trust on the brands’ name, but in reality, all critical and vital rules to pick the best tennis racquet are bypassed.

Let’s take an overview of the steps that are involved in getting acquired with the right tennis racquet.

  • Head Size
  • Overall Racquet Weight
  • Length
  • Grip Size
  • Strung Pattern

1) Head Size

The bigger, the better, but that goes for the convenience to get played by the beginner and the hobbyist tennis players. 

Factors of choosing the right racquet

If you are a beginner, we urge you to go with the larger head size.

Head size for beginners: 106 to 118 square inches

Because the more significant and broader it is, the more power it will bring to you along with the increased forgiveness to hit the ball even from the off-center spots.

Head size for intermediate to pro players: 85 to 105 square inches 

It is (smaller head size) recommended for intermediate to pro tennis players. This increased skill level gives them the command to play without hesitation and achieving the best control of the ball.

2) Overall Racket Weight

And this portion directly depends on your proficiency in the skill and would hugely impact on your performance.

It proportionally depends on your game type. Whether you make a lot of doubles, the lightweight racquet would keep you swiftly rushing through the entire net while the heavier racket would give you an immense power to hit the ball swiping through the net and scoring even in single shots.

Again, it depends on how you play and goes with your personal preferences.

  • A lightweight racquet gives you reasonable control and allows you to maneuver around the net conveniently. 
  • While the heavier racquet excels the power due to increased mass to hit the ball.

3) Length

Size equals to height. And the racquet sizes vary from the age factor with the proposed height of the players who fall under the specified age brackets.

The higher is the length of the racquet, and it brings exceeding power, which you can feel at the time of serving the ball and playing the shots with increased swinging.

Let’s glance through the quick overview of how the length of the racquet translates in favor of the players’ height;

AgeBody HeightRacquet Length
4 years or less40 inches or less19 inches
4 to 5 years40 to 44 inches21 inches
6 to 8 years45 to 49 inches23 inches
9 to 10 years50 to 55 inches25 inches
10 years or older55 inches or more26 inches
AdultsAny height27 to 29 inches

4) Grip Size

Even though you got an excellent racquet with the ultimate size and length, there is still one important factor to consider.

And that is about the grip and its size. What you solely need is the appropriate grip size to make a good hold of the racquet without having it slipping off of your palm at a higher impact.

The larger grip can turn out to become a steep challenge for you as it would impose the unnecessary stress developing around the hand, wrist, and arm.

While the shorter grip would make it one hard task to adjust in your palm.

All you need is to get the right grip size to prevent you from getting stressed and minimizes the discomfort when making the runs up and down the net.

Tennis racquets’ grip sizes measured in the U.S.A.: 4.0 inches to 4-¾ inches, which make it to over seven different sizing classes. While in Europe, it goes from 0 to 6.

There are specific ways to identify the grip sizes, but the best method is, hold the racquet in your grip and see if it lands in your grip comfortably and securely.

5) Strung Pattern

Pre-strung or unstrung, and the choice is yours. But we would recommend going with the pre-strung racquet, and the reason is SIMPLE

The pre-strung racquet comes with the strings installed already. So, all you need is to enter into the net and start playing where you would not need to do anything.

And the unstrung racquets come down with the strings that require you to install the strings yourself, but not the beginner and the intermediate tennis players can do this task as well as the many pro players. 

For the advanced and professional players, prepping the racquet with their customized string patterns and relieving the tension required to match with their playing style ensures they know what they are doing; WIN the game ONLY!

Conclusion of how to choose a tennis racquet

For the best playing of tennis, you DO NOT only need the racquet but the right racquet to equip yourself.

Playing is NOT just a task. But playing to excel your game skill is vital and requires sufficient racquet to do that effectively!

So, these five elements make up how to choose a tennis racquet even though you do not know much about it already.

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