Can I Wear Wide Fit Shoes With Normal Feet? || Best Guide In 2022

The answer is it depends on the type of the shoe you are looking forward to wear. Wearing wide shoes such as balance or hoka’s that have a wide Toe Box is going to let your feet spread out naturally.

If you are a player, play Sports like tennis, you need to run at high speed corners, and you have to perform technical trails, then I will recommend you to wear a Good wide feet shoe.

But when thinking about can I wear wide fit shoe with normal feet you need to keep in mind you need to secure your feet so that you do not lose your balance.

Why wide shoes?

People wear wide shoes because of different reasons. One of the topmost reasons is bunions. Bunions are bony protrusion on each side of the big toe joint.

These protrusions can make it challenging for you to fit inside a shoe and if you wear a tight shoe it might because you pain.

There are other reasons as well for example, people with obesity, pregnant women, for people with hereditary conditions such as, diabetes or arthritis develop mass and can also swell your feet.

People suffering with obesity have good chance that they increase their weight with age and so do their feet also get excessive mass. 

For such people fitting into the right size can become difficult and that is why they need to buy wide feet shoe because of their toes as they push too much against the shoe fabric and the shoe such as Tennis shoe, they might become irritating. Because of this you must wear shoe with wide toe box.

Is it better to wear wide shoe then the actual size?

Actual shoe size is very generic term. It depends on the shoes size you are talking about. For example, if you are making a comparison between casual sneakers or dress shoes with your tennis shoes or athlete sneakers then you can completely wear running tennis shoes of a bigger size.

One of the real users stated

“I used to wear a 9 regular shoe but I went from 10 to a 10.5 in my recent Nike tennis shoes. Now I don’t have a single blister or I haven’t lost any nail after my big game of tennis.”

Sometimes people could not find desired width in the models of the shoe they are concerned about because of which they have to go for a bigger shoe size. But in this case you have to make sure that you are comfortable with the bigger shoe size. If your arch support is correct your feet won’t slide inside the shoes.

As well as, you need to make sure that you don’t go beyond one size bigger than the actual shoe size.

If you ask me can I wear wide shoe with my normal feet in my tennis game, then my answer will be why not?

Tennis is a tough game and you need to keep on moving around almost whole day in your shoes. So if you wear one size up it can give more room to your feet can you can play your game easily.

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